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Ticker Exchange Name
NBBXSTC577 Investment Corp
786XKAR786 Investments Ltd
140910XKRXA Self-Administered Real Eestate Investment Trust Inc
AYIXASXA1 Investments & Resources Ltd
542377XBOMAar Shyam India Investment Co Ltd
AREAXNASAB Global Real Estate Investment A
ARSYXNASAB Global Real Estate Investment Advisor
ARECXNASAB Global Real Estate Investment C
AEEIXNASAB Global Real Estate Investment I
ARIIXNASAB Global Real Estate Investment II I
ARRKXNASAB Global Real Estate Investment K
ARRRXNASAB Global Real Estate Investment R
ABIGXNGMAbelco Investment Group AB
E0GBR00UE4---Aberdeen New Thai Investment Trust
ABRDFOTUSAbtrust New Thai Investment
ACASXNASAccess Capital Community Investment A
ACCSXNASAccess Capital Community Investment I
538570XBOMAchal Investments Ltd
Z4RNXFRAAdd New Energy Investment Holdings Group Ltd
02623XHKGAdd New Energy Investment Holdings Group Ltd
ADGRXTAEAdgar Investments & Development Ltd
0RKNXLONAdiuvo Investments SA
ADVXWARAdiuvo Investments SA
3269XTKSAdvance Residence Investment Corp
ADZZFGREYAdvance Residence Investment Corp
3292XTKSAEON REIT Investment Corp
OAEXHAMaeris Private Investments SA
AFILXTAEAfrica Israel Investments Ltd
AFIMFGREYAfrica Israel Investments Ltd
SBKXBERAfrican Equity Empowerment Investments Ltd
AEEXJSEAfrican Equity Empowerment Investments Ltd
NXHAXFRAAfrican Phoenix Investments Ltd
AFRVFGREYAfrican Phoenix Investments Ltd
AXLXJSEAfrican Phoenix Investments Ltd
AILXJSEAfrican Rainbow Capital Investments Ltd
ACTXJSEAfrocentric Investment Corp Ltd
8AGXFRAAG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc
MITTNYSEAG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc
MITTpANYSEAG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc
MITTpCNYSEAG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc
MITTpBNYSEAG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc
4OQ1XBERAGNC Investment Corp
0H6EXLONAGNC Investment Corp
AGNCXMEXAGNC Investment Corp
AGNCMNASAGNC Investment Corp
AGNCNNASAGNC Investment Corp
AGNCONASAGNC Investment Corp
AGNCPNASAGNC Investment Corp
AGNCNASAGNC Investment Corp
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