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Ticker Exchange Name
 ---AXA/Invesco Strategic Allocation IB
 ---AZL Invesco Equity and Income
 ---AZL MVP Invesco Equity and Income
 ---CDSPI Global Real Estate (Invesco)
 ---Curian/Invesco Balanced-Risk Cmdts
 ---EQ/Invesco Comstock IA
 ---EQ/Invesco Comstock IB
 ---EQ/Invesco Comstock K
 ---Equitable Life Invesco Cdn Premier Gr B
 ---Equitable Life Invesco Cdn Premier Grth
 ---Equitable Life Invesco Intact Bal Gr Sel
 ---Equitable Life Invesco Intact Bal In Sel
MAVVXNASFDP BlackRock Invesco Value Instl
MDVVXNASFDP BlackRock Invesco Value Investor A
MCVVXNASFDP BlackRock Invesco Value Investor C
MXSVXNASGreat-West Invesco Small Cap Value Init
MXMYXNASGreat-West Invesco Small Cap Value Instl
 ---Great-West Invesco Small Cap Value L
 ---IA Balanced-Risk Allocation (Invesco)
 ---IA Canadian Resources (Invesco)
 ---IA Global Equity Mid Cap (Invesco)
VKIASEInvesco Adv Muni Inc II
 ---Invesco Advantage Bond A
 ---Invesco Advantage Bond F
 ---Invesco Advantage Bond PTF
CPNAXNASInvesco All Cap Market Neutral A
CPNCXNASInvesco All Cap Market Neutral C
CPNRXNASInvesco All Cap Market Neutral R
CPNFXNASInvesco All Cap Market Neutral R5
CPNSXNASInvesco All Cap Market Neutral R6
CPNYXNASInvesco All Cap Market Neutral Y
 ---Invesco Allocation Series A
 ---Invesco Allocation Series F
 ---Invesco Allocation Series SC
LQLAXNASInvesco Alternative Strategies A
LQLCXNASInvesco Alternative Strategies C
LQLRXNASInvesco Alternative Strategies R
LQLFXNASInvesco Alternative Strategies R5
LQLSXNASInvesco Alternative Strategies R6
LQLYXNASInvesco Alternative Strategies Y
VAFAXNASInvesco American Franchise A
VAFBXNASInvesco American Franchise B
VAFCXNASInvesco American Franchise C
 ---Invesco American Franchise F
VAFRXNASInvesco American Franchise R
VAFNXNASInvesco American Franchise R5
VAFFXNASInvesco American Franchise R6
 ---Invesco American Franchise T
VAFIXNASInvesco American Franchise Y
MSAVXNASInvesco American Value A
MGAVXNASInvesco American Value B
MSVCXNASInvesco American Value C
MSARXNASInvesco American Value R
MSAJXNASInvesco American Value R5
MSAFXNASInvesco American Value R6
MSAIXNASInvesco American Value Y
ASIAXNASInvesco Asia Pacific Growth A
ASIBXNASInvesco Asia Pacific Growth B
ASICXNASInvesco Asia Pacific Growth C
ASIYXNASInvesco Asia Pacific Growth Y
IATXLONInvesco Asia Trust PLC
 ---Invesco Balanced-Risk Agrsv Allc
ABRZXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Allc A
ABRBXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Allc B
ABRCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Allc C
ABRRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Allc R
ABRIXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Allc R5
ALLFXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Allc R6
ABRYXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Allc Y
BRCNXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Cmdty Strat R5
BRCAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strat A
BRCBXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strat B
BRCCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strat C
BRCRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strat R
IBRFXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strat R6
BRCYXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strat Y
AFTAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 A
VRCAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 AX
AFTBXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 B
AFTCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 C
VRCCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 CX
ATFRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 R
AFTSXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 R5
VRCFXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 R6
VRCRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 RX
AFTYXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 Y
TNAAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 A
VREAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 AX
TNABXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 B
TNACXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 C
VRECXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 CX
TNARXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 R
TNAIXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 R5
TNAFXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 R6
VRERXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 RX
TNAYXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 Y
TNDAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 A
VRGAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 AX
TNDBXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 B
TNDCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 C
VRGCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 CX
TNDRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 R
TNDIXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 R5
TNDFXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 R6
VRGRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 RX
TNDYXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 Y
TNEAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 A
VRIAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 AX
TNEBXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 B
TNECXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 C
VRICXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 CX
TNERXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 R
TNEIXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 R5
TNEFXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 R6
VRIRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 RX
TNEYXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 Y
IANAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now A
VIRAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now AX
IANBXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now B
IANCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now C
VIRCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now CX
IANRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now R
IANIXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now R5
IANFXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now R6
VIRRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now RX
IANYXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now Y
VBFNYSEInvesco Bond Fund
CLFAXNASInvesco CA Tax-Free Income A
CLFBXNASInvesco CA Tax-Free Income B
CLFCXNASInvesco CA Tax-Free Income C
CLFDXNASInvesco CA Tax-Free Income Y
VCVNYSEInvesco CA Value Muni Income
 ---Invesco Canada Money Market
 ---Invesco Canada Money Market DCA
 ---Invesco Canada Money Market DCA Heritage
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced D
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced F
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced P
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced PF
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced T4
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced T6
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced T8
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond A
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond Class P
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond Class PF
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond Class PF4
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond Class PT4
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond D
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond F
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond P
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond PF
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond PTF
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Cl PTF
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class F
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class P
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class PF
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class T4
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class T6
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class T8
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth D
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth F
CHTRXNASInvesco Charter A
BCHTXNASInvesco Charter B
CHTCXNASInvesco Charter C
CHRRXNASInvesco Charter R
CHTVXNASInvesco Charter R5
CHFTXNASInvesco Charter R6
CHRSXNASInvesco Charter S
CHTYXNASInvesco Charter Y
ACSTXNASInvesco Comstock A
ACSWXNASInvesco Comstock B
ACSYXNASInvesco Comstock C
ACSRXNASInvesco Comstock R
ACSHXNASInvesco Comstock R5
ICSFXNASInvesco Comstock R6
ACSDXNASInvesco Comstock Y
CAAMXNASInvesco Conservative Allocation A
CMBAXNASInvesco Conservative Allocation B
CACMXNASInvesco Conservative Allocation C
CMARXNASInvesco Conservative Allocation R
CMAIXNASInvesco Conservative Allocation R5
CMASXNASInvesco Conservative Allocation S
CAAYXNASInvesco Conservative Allocation Y
ICIFXNASInvesco Conservative Income Instl
CNSAXNASInvesco Convertible Securities A
CNSBXNASInvesco Convertible Securities B
CNSCXNASInvesco Convertible Securities C
CNSIXNASInvesco Convertible Securities R5
CNSFXNASInvesco Convertible Securities R6
CNSDXNASInvesco Convertible Securities Y
 ---Invesco Core Canadian Balanced Class
 ---Invesco Core Canadian Balanced Class F
 ---Invesco Core Canadian Balanced Class T4
 ---Invesco Core Canadian Balanced Class T6
ACPSXNASInvesco Core Plus Bond A
CPBBXNASInvesco Core Plus Bond B
CPCFXNASInvesco Core Plus Bond C
CPBRXNASInvesco Core Plus Bond R
CPIIXNASInvesco Core Plus Bond R5
CPBFXNASInvesco Core Plus Bond R6
CPBYXNASInvesco Core Plus Bond Y
ACCBXNASInvesco Corporate Bond A
ACCDXNASInvesco Corporate Bond B
ACCEXNASInvesco Corporate Bond C
ACCZXNASInvesco Corporate Bond R
ACCWXNASInvesco Corporate Bond R5
ICBFXNASInvesco Corporate Bond R6
ACCHXNASInvesco Corporate Bond Y
GTDDXNASInvesco Developing Markets A
GTDBXNASInvesco Developing Markets B
GTDCXNASInvesco Developing Markets C
GTDIXNASInvesco Developing Markets R5
GTDFXNASInvesco Developing Markets R6
GTDYXNASInvesco Developing Markets Y
LCEAXNASInvesco Diversified Dividend A
LCEDXNASInvesco Diversified Dividend B
LCEVXNASInvesco Diversified Dividend C
LCEIXNASInvesco Diversified Dividend Investor
DDFRXNASInvesco Diversified Dividend R
DDFIXNASInvesco Diversified Dividend R5
LCEFXNASInvesco Diversified Dividend R6
LCEYXNASInvesco Diversified Dividend Y
IAUTXNASInvesco Dividend Income A
IBUTXNASInvesco Dividend Income B
IUTCXNASInvesco Dividend Income C
FSTUXNASInvesco Dividend Income Investor
FSIUXNASInvesco Dividend Income R5
IFUTXNASInvesco Dividend Income R6
IAUYXNASInvesco Dividend Income Y
VTANYSEInvesco Dynamic Credit Opps
IEMAXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Equity A
IEMCXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Equity C
IEMRXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Equity R
IEMIXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Equity R5
EMEFXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Equity R6
IEMYXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Equity Y
IAEMXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Flexible Bd A
IBEMXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Flexible Bd B
ICEMXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Flexible Bd C
IREMXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Flexible Bd R
IIEMXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Flexible Bd R5
IFEMXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Flexible Bd R6
IYEMXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Flexible Bd Y
ATDAXNASInvesco Endeavor A
ATDBXNASInvesco Endeavor B
ATDCXNASInvesco Endeavor C
ATDRXNASInvesco Endeavor R
ATDIXNASInvesco Endeavor R5
ATDFXNASInvesco Endeavor R6
ATDYXNASInvesco Endeavor Y
IENAXNASInvesco Energy A
IENBXNASInvesco Energy B
IEFCXNASInvesco Energy C
FSTEXNASInvesco Energy Inv
IENIXNASInvesco Energy R5
IENYXNASInvesco Energy Y
VADAXNASInvesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 A
VADBXNASInvesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 B
VADCXNASInvesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 C
VADRXNASInvesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 R
VADFXNASInvesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 R6
VADDXNASInvesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 Y
ACEIXNASInvesco Equity and Income A
ACEQXNASInvesco Equity and Income B
ACERXNASInvesco Equity and Income C
ACESXNASInvesco Equity and Income R
ACEKXNASInvesco Equity and Income R5
IEIFXNASInvesco Equity and Income R6
ACETXNASInvesco Equity and Income Y
AEDAXNASInvesco European Growth A
AEDBXNASInvesco European Growth B
AEDCXNASInvesco European Growth C
 ---Invesco European Growth Class
 ---Invesco European Growth Class F
 ---Invesco European Growth Class P
 ---Invesco European Growth Class PF
 ---Invesco European Growth Class PTF
 ---Invesco European Growth Class Series PF6
EGINXNASInvesco European Growth Investor
AEDRXNASInvesco European Growth R
AEDYXNASInvesco European Growth Y
ESMAXNASInvesco European Small Company A
ESMBXNASInvesco European Small Company B
ESMCXNASInvesco European Small Company C
ESMYXNASInvesco European Small Company Y
ACEHXNASInvesco Exchange
AFRAXNASInvesco Floating Rate A
AFRCXNASInvesco Floating Rate C
 ---Invesco Floating Rate Income A
 ---Invesco Floating Rate Income D
 ---Invesco Floating Rate Income F
 ---Invesco Floating Rate Income P
 ---Invesco Floating Rate Income PF
 ---Invesco Floating Rate Income PTF
AFRRXNASInvesco Floating Rate R
AFRIXNASInvesco Floating Rate R5
AFRFXNASInvesco Floating Rate R6
AFRYXNASInvesco Floating Rate Y
 ---Invesco Global Bond Series A
 ---Invesco Global Bond Series F
 ---Invesco Global Bond Series P
 ---Invesco Global Bond Series PF
 ---Invesco Global Bond Series PTF
AWSAXNASInvesco Global Core Equity A
AWSBXNASInvesco Global Core Equity B
AWSCXNASInvesco Global Core Equity C
AWSRXNASInvesco Global Core Equity R
AWSIXNASInvesco Global Core Equity R5
AWSYXNASInvesco Global Core Equity Y
AGGAXNASInvesco Global Growth A
AGGBXNASInvesco Global Growth B
AGGCXNASInvesco Global Growth C
 ---Invesco Global Growth Class
 ---Invesco Global Growth Class D
 ---Invesco Global Growth Class F
 ---Invesco Global Growth Class P
 ---Invesco Global Growth Class PF
 ---Invesco Global Growth Class PTF
 ---Invesco Global Growth Class PTFU
GGAIXNASInvesco Global Growth R5
AGGFXNASInvesco Global Growth R6
AGGYXNASInvesco Global Growth Y
GGHCXNASInvesco Global Health Care A
GTHBXNASInvesco Global Health Care B
GTHCXNASInvesco Global Health Care C
GTHIXNASInvesco Global Health Care Invstor
GGHYXNASInvesco Global Health Care Y
 ---Invesco Global High Yield Bond A
 ---Invesco Global High Yield Bond D
 ---Invesco Global High Yield Bond F
 ---Invesco Global High Yield Bond PTF
GIZAXNASInvesco Global Infrastructure A
GIZCXNASInvesco Global Infrastructure C
GIZRXNASInvesco Global Infrastructure R
GIZFXNASInvesco Global Infrastructure R5
GIZSXNASInvesco Global Infrastructure R6
GIZYXNASInvesco Global Infrastructure Y
GTNDXNASInvesco Global Low Volatility Eq Yld A
GNDBXNASInvesco Global Low Volatility Eq Yld B
GNDCXNASInvesco Global Low Volatility Eq Yld C
GTNRXNASInvesco Global Low Volatility Eq Yld R
GNDIXNASInvesco Global Low Volatility Eq Yld R5
GTNYXNASInvesco Global Low Volatility Eq Yld Y
MKNAXNASInvesco Global Market Neutral A
MKNCXNASInvesco Global Market Neutral C
MKNRXNASInvesco Global Market Neutral R
MKNFXNASInvesco Global Market Neutral R5
MKNSXNASInvesco Global Market Neutral R6
MKNYXNASInvesco Global Market Neutral Y
IAOPXNASInvesco Global Opportunities A
ICOPXNASInvesco Global Opportunities C
IROPXNASInvesco Global Opportunities R
IIOPXNASInvesco Global Opportunities R5
IFOPXNASInvesco Global Opportunities R6
IYOPXNASInvesco Global Opportunities Y
 ---Invesco Global Real Estate
AGREXNASInvesco Global Real Estate A
BGREXNASInvesco Global Real Estate B
CGREXNASInvesco Global Real Estate C
 ---Invesco Global Real Estate F
 ---Invesco Global Real Estate I
ASRAXNASInvesco Global Real Estate Income A
SARBXNASInvesco Global Real Estate Income B
ASRCXNASInvesco Global Real Estate Income C
ASRIXNASInvesco Global Real Estate Income R5
ASRFXNASInvesco Global Real Estate Income R6
ASRYXNASInvesco Global Real Estate Income Y
RGREXNASInvesco Global Real Estate R
IGREXNASInvesco Global Real Estate R5
FGREXNASInvesco Global Real Estate R6
 ---Invesco Global Real Estate Series PTF
ARGYXNASInvesco Global Real Estate Y
VSQAXNASInvesco Global Responsibility Equity A
VSQCXNASInvesco Global Responsibility Equity C
VSQRXNASInvesco Global Responsibility Equity R
VSQFXNASInvesco Global Responsibility Equity R5
VSQSXNASInvesco Global Responsibility Equity R6
VSQYXNASInvesco Global Responsibility Equity Y
AGAAXNASInvesco Global Small & Mid Cap Gr A
AGABXNASInvesco Global Small & Mid Cap Gr B
AGACXNASInvesco Global Small & Mid Cap Gr C
GAIIXNASInvesco Global Small & Mid Cap Gr R5
AGAYXNASInvesco Global Small & Mid Cap Gr Y
 ---Invesco Global Targeted Rets Pool Ser F
GLTAXNASInvesco Global Targeted Returns A
GLTCXNASInvesco Global Targeted Returns C
GLTRXNASInvesco Global Targeted Returns R
GLTFXNASInvesco Global Targeted Returns R5
GLTSXNASInvesco Global Targeted Returns R6
GLTYXNASInvesco Global Targeted Returns Y
IGDAXNASInvesco Gold & Precious Metals A
IGDBXNASInvesco Gold & Precious Metals B
IGDCXNASInvesco Gold & Precious Metals C
FGLDXNASInvesco Gold & Precious Metals Invstor
IGDYXNASInvesco Gold & Precious Metals Y
AACFXNASInvesco Greater China A
ABCFXNASInvesco Greater China B
CACFXNASInvesco Greater China C
IACFXNASInvesco Greater China R5
AMCYXNASInvesco Greater China Y
AADAXNASInvesco Growth Allocation A
AAEBXNASInvesco Growth Allocation B
AADCXNASInvesco Growth Allocation C
AADRXNASInvesco Growth Allocation R
AADIXNASInvesco Growth Allocation R5
AADSXNASInvesco Growth Allocation S
AADYXNASInvesco Growth Allocation Y
ACGIXNASInvesco Growth and Income A
ACGJXNASInvesco Growth and Income B
ACGKXNASInvesco Growth and Income C
ACGLXNASInvesco Growth and Income R
ACGQXNASInvesco Growth and Income R5
GIFFXNASInvesco Growth and Income R6
ACGMXNASInvesco Growth and Income Y
VLTNYSEInvesco High Income II
AMHYXNASInvesco High Yield A
AHYBXNASInvesco High Yield B
AHYCXNASInvesco High Yield C
HYINXNASInvesco High Yield Investor
ACTHXNASInvesco High Yield Muni A
ACTGXNASInvesco High Yield Muni B
ACTFXNASInvesco High Yield Muni C
ACTNXNASInvesco High Yield Muni R5
ACTDXNASInvesco High Yield Muni Y
AHIYXNASInvesco High Yield R5
HYIFXNASInvesco High Yield R6
AHHYXNASInvesco High Yield Y
ALAAXNASInvesco Income Allocation A
BLIAXNASInvesco Income Allocation B
CLIAXNASInvesco Income Allocation C
RLIAXNASInvesco Income Allocation R
ILAAXNASInvesco Income Allocation R5
ALAYXNASInvesco Income Allocation Y
IVIXLONInvesco Income Growth Trust PLC
 ---Invesco Indo-Pacific
 ---Invesco Indo-Pacific F
 ---Invesco Indo-Pacific Fund PTF
 ---Invesco Intactive 2023 Portfolio
 ---Invesco Intactive 2023 Portfolio F
 ---Invesco Intactive 2023 Portfolio P
 ---Invesco Intactive 2028 Portfolio
 ---Invesco Intactive 2028 Portfolio F
 ---Invesco Intactive 2028 Portfolio P
 ---Invesco Intactive 2033 Portfolio
 ---Invesco Intactive 2033 Portfolio F
 ---Invesco Intactive 2033 Portfolio P
 ---Invesco Intactive 2038 Portfolio
 ---Invesco Intactive 2038 Portfolio F
 ---Invesco Intactive 2038 Portfolio P
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr A
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr F
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr P
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr PT6
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr T8
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr A
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr F
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr F4
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr F6
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr P
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr PF4
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr PF6
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr PT4
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr PT6
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr Port
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr Port D
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr Port F
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr Port P
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr Port T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr Port T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr Port T8
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Inc PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Inc Port D
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Inc Port T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Inc Port T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Income Port
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Income Port F
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Income Port P
 ---Invesco Intactive Diver Inc Pt Cl Sr F4
 ---Invesco Intactive Diver Inc Pt Cl Sr F6
 ---Invesco Intactive Diver Inc Pt Cl Sr PF4
 ---Invesco Intactive Diver Inc Pt Cl Sr PF6
 ---Invesco Intactive Diver Inc Pt Cl Sr PT4
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Inc Pt Cl Sr A
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Inc Pt Cl Sr F
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Inc Pt Cl Sr P
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Inc Pt Cl Sr PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Inc Pt Cl Sr T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Inc Pt Cl Sr T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Inc Pt Cl SrPT6
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Income PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Income Port
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Income Port D
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Income Port F
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Income Port P
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Income Port T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Income Port T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Port Cl Sr A
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Port Cl Sr F
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Port Cl Sr P
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Port Cl Sr PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Port Cl Sr PT6
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Port Cl Sr T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Port Cl Sr T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Portfolio
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Portfolio D
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Portfolio F
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Portfolio P
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Portfolio PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Portfolio T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Portfolio T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Max Gr Port Cl Sr A
 ---Invesco Intactive Max Gr Port Cl Sr F
 ---Invesco Intactive Max Gr Port Cl Sr P
 ---Invesco Intactive Max Gr Port Cl Sr PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Max Gr Port Cl Sr PT6
 ---Invesco Intactive Max Gr Port Cl Sr T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Maximum Growth PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Maximum Growth Port
 ---Invesco Intactive Maximum Growth Port D
 ---Invesco Intactive Maximum Growth Port F
 ---Invesco Intactive Maximum Growth Port P
 ---Invesco Intactive Maximum Growth Port T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld A
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld D
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld F
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld F4
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld F6
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld P
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld PT4
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld PT6
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld T6
AINAXNASInvesco International Allocation A
INABXNASInvesco International Allocation B
INACXNASInvesco International Allocation C
RINAXNASInvesco International Allocation R
INAIXNASInvesco International Allocation R5
AINYXNASInvesco International Allocation Y
IZIAXNASInvesco International Companies A
IZICXNASInvesco International Companies C
IZIRXNASInvesco International Companies R
IZIFXNASInvesco International Companies R5
IZISXNASInvesco International Companies R6
IZIYXNASInvesco International Companies Y
 ---Invesco International Growth
AIIEXNASInvesco International Growth A
AIEBXNASInvesco International Growth B
AIECXNASInvesco International Growth C
 ---Invesco International Growth Class
 ---Invesco International Growth Class F
 ---Invesco International Growth Class P
 ---Invesco International Growth Class PF
 ---Invesco International Growth Class PTF
 ---Invesco International Growth Class Sr FH
 ---Invesco International Growth Class Sr H
 ---Invesco International Growth Class Sr PH
 ---Invesco International Growth Class SrPFH
 ---Invesco International Growth D
 ---Invesco International Growth F
 ---Invesco International Growth I
AIERXNASInvesco International Growth R
AIEVXNASInvesco International Growth R5
IGFRXNASInvesco International Growth R6
AIIYXNASInvesco International Growth Y
IEGAXNASInvesco International Small Company A
IEGBXNASInvesco International Small Company B
IEGCXNASInvesco International Small Company C
IEGIXNASInvesco International Small Company R5
IEGFXNASInvesco International Small Company R6
IEGYXNASInvesco International Small Company Y
IBVAXNASInvesco Intl Core Equity A
IBVBXNASInvesco Intl Core Equity B
IBVCXNASInvesco Intl Core Equity C
IIBCXNASInvesco Intl Core Equity Investor
IIBRXNASInvesco Intl Core Equity R
IBVIXNASInvesco Intl Core Equity R5
IBVFXNASInvesco Intl Core Equity R6
IBVYXNASInvesco Intl Core Equity Y
VKLMXNASInvesco Int-Term Muni Inc A
VKLBXNASInvesco Int-Term Muni Inc B
VKLCXNASInvesco Int-Term Muni Inc C
VKLIXNASInvesco Int-Term Muni Inc Y
ATFAXNASInvesco Limited Term Municipal Income A
AITFXNASInvesco Limited Term Municipal Income A2
ATFCXNASInvesco Limited Term Municipal Income C
ATFIXNASInvesco Limited Term Municipal Income R5
ATFYXNASInvesco Limited Term Municipal Income Y
LSQAXNASInvesco Long/Short Equity A
LSQCXNASInvesco Long/Short Equity C
LSQRXNASInvesco Long/Short Equity R
LSQFXNASInvesco Long/Short Equity R5
LSQSXNASInvesco Long/Short Equity R6
LSQYXNASInvesco Long/Short Equity Y
LVLAXNASInvesco Low Volatility Emerging Mkts A
LVLCXNASInvesco Low Volatility Emerging Mkts C
LVLRXNASInvesco Low Volatility Emerging Mkts R
LVLFXNASInvesco Low Volatility Emerging Mkts R5
LVLSXNASInvesco Low Volatility Emerging Mkts R6
LVLYXNASInvesco Low Volatility Emerging Mkts Y
SCAUXNASInvesco Low Volatility Equity Yield A
SBCUXNASInvesco Low Volatility Equity Yield B
SCCUXNASInvesco Low Volatility Equity Yield C
SCNUXNASInvesco Low Volatility Equity Yield Inv
SCRUXNASInvesco Low Volatility Equity Yield R
SCIUXNASInvesco Low Volatility Equity Yield R5
SCAYXNASInvesco Low Volatility Equity Yield Y
3IWXDUSInvesco Ltd
IVZNYSEInvesco Ltd
GMSDXNASInvesco Macro Allocation Strategy A
GMSEXNASInvesco Macro Allocation Strategy C
GMSJXNASInvesco Macro Allocation Strategy R
GMSKXNASInvesco Macro Allocation Strategy R5
GMSLXNASInvesco Macro Allocation Strategy R6
GMSHXNASInvesco Macro Allocation Strategy Y
GTAGXNASInvesco Mid Cap Core Equity A
GTABXNASInvesco Mid Cap Core Equity B
GTACXNASInvesco Mid Cap Core Equity C
GTARXNASInvesco Mid Cap Core Equity R
GTAVXNASInvesco Mid Cap Core Equity R5
GTAFXNASInvesco Mid Cap Core Equity R6
GTAYXNASInvesco Mid Cap Core Equity Y
VGRAXNASInvesco Mid Cap Growth A
VGRBXNASInvesco Mid Cap Growth B
VGRCXNASInvesco Mid Cap Growth C
VGRRXNASInvesco Mid Cap Growth R
VGRJXNASInvesco Mid Cap Growth R5
VGRFXNASInvesco Mid Cap Growth R6
VGRDXNASInvesco Mid Cap Growth Y
AMKAXNASInvesco Moderate Allocation A
AMKBXNASInvesco Moderate Allocation B
AMKCXNASInvesco Moderate Allocation C
AMKRXNASInvesco Moderate Allocation R
AMLIXNASInvesco Moderate Allocation R5
AMKSXNASInvesco Moderate Allocation S
ABKYXNASInvesco Moderate Allocation Y
7M2XBERInvesco Mortgage Capital Inc
IVRPRANYSEInvesco Mortgage Capital Inc
IVSOPPINXInvesco Mortgage Capital Inc
IVRPRBNYSEInvesco Mortgage Capital Inc
IVRNYSEInvesco Mortgage Capital Inc
PIAFXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Income A
PICFXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Income C
PIRFXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Income R
IPNFXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Income R5
PIFFXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Income R6
PIYFXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Income Y
MIZAXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Inflation A
MIZCXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Inflation C
MIZRXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Inflation R
MIZFXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Inflation R5
MIZSXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Inflation R6
MIZYXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Inflation Y
OIANYSEInvesco Muni Income Opps Trust
VGMNYSEInvesco Muni Invst. Grade Trust
VMONYSEInvesco Muni Opps. Trust
VKMMXNASInvesco Municipal Income A
VMIBXNASInvesco Municipal Income B
VMICXNASInvesco Municipal Income C
VMINXNASInvesco Municipal Income Investor
VMIIXNASInvesco Municipal Income Y
VKQNYSEInvesco Municipal Trust
 ---Invesco Natural Resources A
 ---Invesco Natural Resources B
 ---Invesco Natural Resources C
 ---Invesco Natural Resources Y
 ---Invesco NVIT Comstock Value I
 ---Invesco NVIT Comstock Value II
 ---Invesco NVIT Comstock Value IV
 ---Invesco NVIT Comstock Value Y
VNYAXNASInvesco NY Tax Free Inc A
VBNYXNASInvesco NY Tax Free Inc B
VNYCXNASInvesco NY Tax Free Inc C
VNYYXNASInvesco NY Tax Free Inc Y
3298XTKSInvesco Office J-REIT Inc
VKMPXNASInvesco PA Tax Free Inc A
VKPAXNASInvesco PA Tax Free Inc B
VKPCXNASInvesco PA Tax Free Inc C
VKPYXNASInvesco PA Tax Free Inc Y
VPVNYSEInvesco PA Value Muni Income Trust
TGRAXNASInvesco Pacific Growth A
TGRBXNASInvesco Pacific Growth B
TGRCXNASInvesco Pacific Growth C
TGRRXNASInvesco Pacific Growth R
TGRSXNASInvesco Pacific Growth R5
TGRDXNASInvesco Pacific Growth Y
 ---Invesco Perpetual Glb Balanced Index Acc
IVPUXLONInvesco Perpetual Select Trust PLC
IVPBXLONInvesco Perpetual Select Trust PLC
IVPGXLONInvesco Perpetual Select Trust PLC
IVPMXLONInvesco Perpetual Select Trust PLC
IPUXLONInvesco Perpetual UK Smaller Companies Inv Tst PLC
VKMGXNASInvesco Quality Income A
VUSBXNASInvesco Quality Income B
VUSCXNASInvesco Quality Income C
VUSJXNASInvesco Quality Income R5
VUSIXNASInvesco Quality Income Y
IQINYSEInvesco Quality Muni Income Trust
IARAXNASInvesco Real Estate A
AARBXNASInvesco Real Estate B
IARCXNASInvesco Real Estate C
REINXNASInvesco Real Estate Investor
IARRXNASInvesco Real Estate R
IARIXNASInvesco Real Estate R5
IARFXNASInvesco Real Estate R6
IARYXNASInvesco Real Estate Y
SPIAXNASInvesco S&P 500 Index A
SPIBXNASInvesco S&P 500 Index B
SPICXNASInvesco S&P 500 Index C
SPIDXNASInvesco S&P 500 Index Y
 ---Invesco Select Canadian Equity
 ---Invesco Select Canadian Equity F
 ---Invesco Select Canadian Equity T4
ATIAXNASInvesco Select Companies A
ATIBXNASInvesco Select Companies B
ATICXNASInvesco Select Companies C
ATIRXNASInvesco Select Companies R
ATIIXNASInvesco Select Companies R5
ATIYXNASInvesco Select Companies Y
IZSAXNASInvesco Select Opportunities A
IZSCXNASInvesco Select Opportunities C
IZSRXNASInvesco Select Opportunities R
IZSIXNASInvesco Select Opportunities R5
IZFSXNASInvesco Select Opportunities R6
IZSYXNASInvesco Select Opportunities Y
VVRNYSEInvesco Senior Income Trust
VSLAXNASInvesco Senior Loan A
VSLBXNASInvesco Senior Loan B
VSLCXNASInvesco Senior Loan C
XPRTXNASInvesco Senior Loan IB
XSLCXNASInvesco Senior Loan IC
VSLYXNASInvesco Senior Loan Y
ISHAXNASInvesco Short Duration High Yld Muni A
ISHCXNASInvesco Short Duration High Yld Muni C
ISHFXNASInvesco Short Duration High Yld Muni R5
ISHYXNASInvesco Short Duration High Yld Muni Y
LMTAXNASInvesco Short Duration Inflation Prot A
SHTIXNASInvesco Short Duration Inflation Prot A2
ALMIXNASInvesco Short Duration Inflation Prot R5
SDPSXNASInvesco Short Duration Inflation Prot R6
LMTYXNASInvesco Short Duration Inflation Prot Y
STBAXNASInvesco Short Term Bond A
STBCXNASInvesco Short Term Bond C
STBRXNASInvesco Short Term Bond R
ISTBXNASInvesco Short Term Bond R5
ISTFXNASInvesco Short Term Bond R6
STBYXNASInvesco Short Term Bond Y
 ---Invesco Short-Term Bond A
 ---Invesco Short-Term Bond F
 ---Invesco Short-Term Income Class A
 ---Invesco Short-Term Income Class B
 ---Invesco Short-Term Income Class F
VASCXNASInvesco Small Cap Discovery A
VBSCXNASInvesco Small Cap Discovery B
VCSCXNASInvesco Small Cap Discovery C
VESCXNASInvesco Small Cap Discovery R5
VFSCXNASInvesco Small Cap Discovery R6
VISCXNASInvesco Small Cap Discovery Y
SMEAXNASInvesco Small Cap Equity A
SMEBXNASInvesco Small Cap Equity B
SMECXNASInvesco Small Cap Equity C
SMERXNASInvesco Small Cap Equity R
SMEIXNASInvesco Small Cap Equity R5
SMEFXNASInvesco Small Cap Equity R6
SMEYXNASInvesco Small Cap Equity Y
GTSAXNASInvesco Small Cap Growth A
GTSBXNASInvesco Small Cap Growth B
GTSDXNASInvesco Small Cap Growth C
GTSIXNASInvesco Small Cap Growth Inv
GTSRXNASInvesco Small Cap Growth R
GTSVXNASInvesco Small Cap Growth R5
GTSFXNASInvesco Small Cap Growth R6
GTSYXNASInvesco Small Cap Growth Y
 ---Invesco Small Cap Value R6
VSCAXNASInvesco SmallCapValue A
VSMBXNASInvesco SmallCapValue B
VSMCXNASInvesco SmallCapValue C
VSMIXNASInvesco SmallCapValue Y
 ---Invesco Sm-Md Spec Val R
 ---Invesco Sm-Md Spec Val W
SRRAXNASInvesco Strategic Real Return A
SRRCXNASInvesco Strategic Real Return C
SRRQXNASInvesco Strategic Real Return R
SRRFXNASInvesco Strategic Real Return R5
SRRSXNASInvesco Strategic Real Return R6
SRRYXNASInvesco Strategic Real Return Y
ASMMXNASInvesco Summit A
BSMMXNASInvesco Summit B
CSMMXNASInvesco Summit C
SMMIXNASInvesco Summit P
SMITXNASInvesco Summit R5
SMMSXNASInvesco Summit S
ASMYXNASInvesco Summit Y
ITYAXNASInvesco Technology A
ITYBXNASInvesco Technology B
ITHCXNASInvesco Technology C
FTCHXNASInvesco Technology Investor
FTPIXNASInvesco Technology R5
IFOAXNASInvesco Technology Sector A
IFOBXNASInvesco Technology Sector B
IFOCXNASInvesco Technology Sector C
IFODXNASInvesco Technology Sector Y
ITYYXNASInvesco Technology Y
 ---Invesco Trimark Dialogue Alloc Core Sr F
VTNNYSEInvesco Trust NY Inv Grade Muni
AGOVXNASInvesco US Government A
AGVBXNASInvesco US Government B
AGVCXNASInvesco US Government C
AGIVXNASInvesco US Government Investor
AGVRXNASInvesco US Government R
AGOIXNASInvesco US Government R5
AGVYXNASInvesco US Government Y
IIMNYSEInvesco Value Muni Income Trust
VVOAXNASInvesco Value Opp A
VVOBXNASInvesco Value Opp B
VVOCXNASInvesco Value Opp C
VVORXNASInvesco Value Opp R
VVONXNASInvesco Value Opp R5
VVOIXNASInvesco Value Opp Y
 ---Invesco VI American Franchise I
 ---Invesco VI American Franchise II
UMCVXNASInvesco VI American Value I
UMCCXNASInvesco VI American Value II
 ---Invesco VI Balanced-Risk Allocation I
 ---Invesco VI Balanced-Risk Allocation II
 ---Invesco VI Comstock I
 ---Invesco VI Comstock II
 ---Invesco VI Core Equity I
 ---Invesco VI Core Equity II
 ---Invesco VI Diversified Dividend I
 ---Invesco VI Diversified Dividend II
 ---Invesco VI Diversified Income I
 ---Invesco VI Diversified Income II
 ---Invesco VI Equally Wtd S&P 500 I
 ---Invesco VI Equally Wtd S&P 500 II
 ---Invesco VI Equity and Income I
UEIIXNASInvesco VI Equity and Income II
UGEPXNASInvesco VI Global Core Equity I
 ---Invesco VI Global Core Equity II
 ---Invesco VI Global Health Care I
 ---Invesco VI Global Health Care II
 ---Invesco VI Global Real Estate I
 ---Invesco VI Global Real Estate II
 ---Invesco VI Government Securities I
 ---Invesco VI Government Securities II
 ---Invesco VI Growth and Income I
 ---Invesco VI Growth and Income II
 ---Invesco VI High Yield I
 ---Invesco VI High Yield II
 ---Invesco VI International Growth I
 ---Invesco VI International Growth II
 ---Invesco VI Managed Volatility I
 ---Invesco VI Managed Volatility II
 ---Invesco VI Mid Cap Core Equity I
 ---Invesco VI Mid Cap Core Equity II
 ---Invesco VI Mid Cap Growth I
 ---Invesco VI Mid Cap Growth II
 ---Invesco VI S&P 500 Index I
 ---Invesco VI S&P 500 Index II
 ---Invesco VI Small Cap Equity I
 ---Invesco VI Small Cap Equity II
 ---Invesco VI Technology I
 ---Invesco VI Technology II
 ---Invesco VI Value Opportunities I
 ---Invesco VI Value Opportunities II
AUBAXNASInvesco World Bond A
AUBBXNASInvesco World Bond B
AUBCXNASInvesco World Bond C
AUBIXNASInvesco World Bond R5
AUBFXNASInvesco World Bond R6
AUBYXNASInvesco World Bond Y
 ---JNL/Invesco China-India A
 ---JNL/Invesco China-India B
 ---JNL/Invesco Global Real Estate A
 ---JNL/Invesco Global Real Estate B
 ---JNL/Invesco International Growth A
 ---JNL/Invesco International Growth B
 ---JNL/Invesco Mid Cap Value A
 ---JNL/Invesco Mid Cap Value B
 ---JNL/Invesco Small Cap Growth A
 ---JNL/Invesco Small Cap Growth B
 ---LVIP Invesco Diversified Eq-Inc RPM Std
 ---LVIP Invesco Diversified Eq-Inc RPM Svc
 ---LVIP Invesco V.I. Comstock RPM Service
 ---LVIP Invesco V.I. Comstock RPM Standard
 ---Manulife GIF 1 Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIF 1 Invesco Cdn Premier Gr Cl
 ---Manulife GIF 2 Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIF 2 Invesco Cdn Premier Gr Cl
 ---Manulife GIF CAP A Invesco Cdn Balancd
 ---Manulife GIF CAP A Invesco Cdn Prm Gr Cl
 ---Manulife GIF MLIA A Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIF MLIA A Invesco Cdn Prem Gr
 ---Manulife GIF MLIA B Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIF MLIA B Invesco Cdn Prm GrCl
 ---Manulife GIF MLIP A Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIF MLIP A Invesco Cdn Prm GrCl
 ---Manulife GIF MLIP B Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIF MLIP B Invesco Cdn Prm GrCl
 ---Manulife GIF Sel E Invesco Cdn Bal
 ---Manulife GIF Sel E Invesco Cdn Bal IncP
 ---Manulife GIF Sel E Invesco Cdn Prem Gr
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Eli Invesco Cdn Prem Gr
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Invesco Cdn Balanced
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Invesco Cdn Balanced F
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Invesco Cdn Prem Gr F
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Orig E Invesco Cdn Bal
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Orig E Invesco Cdn PrGr
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Orig Invesco Cdn Bal
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Orig Invesco Cdn PrGrCl
 ---Manulife GIF Select Elit Invesco Cdn Bal
 ---Manulife GIF Select Invesco Cdn Bal
 ---Manulife GIF Select Invesco Cdn Bal F Cl
 ---Manulife GIF Select Invesco Cdn Prem Gr
 ---Manulife GIFe 1 Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIFe 1 Invesco Cdn Prem Gr Cl
 ---Manulife GIFe 2 Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIFe 2 Invesco Cdn Prem Gr Cl
 ---Manulife Invesco Cdn Bal GIF Se IcP22ET
 ---Manulife Invesco Cdn Bal GIF Sel E IcP22
 ---Manulife Invesco Cdn Bal GIF Sel IcP 2.2
 ---Manulife Ser R A Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife Ser R B Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Bal-Risk Allc A
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Bal-Risk Allc B
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Bal-Risk Allc C
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Bal-Risk Allc E
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Comstock A
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Comstock B
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Mid Cap Value A
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Mid Cap Value B
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Mid Cap Value E
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Small Cap Gr A
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Small Cap Gr B
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Small Cap Gr E
GRENXIDXPT Evergreen Invesco Tbk
 ---VP Invesco International Gr 1
 ---VP Invesco International Gr 2
IVKAXNASVYŽ Invesco Comstock A
IVKIXNASVYŽ Invesco Comstock I
 ---VYŽ Invesco Comstock R6
IVKSXNASVYŽ Invesco Comstock S
IVKTXNASVYŽ Invesco Comstock S2
IUAAXNASVYŽ Invesco Equity and Income A
IUAIXNASVYŽ Invesco Equity and Income I
 ---VYŽ Invesco Equity and Income R6
IUASXNASVYŽ Invesco Equity and Income S
IVIPXNASVYŽ Invesco Equity and Income S2
IVGAXNASVYŽ Invesco Growth and Income A
IVGIXNASVYŽ Invesco Growth and Income I
 ---VYŽ Invesco Growth and Income R6
IVGSXNASVYŽ Invesco Growth and Income S
IVITXNASVYŽ Invesco Growth and Income S2
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