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Ticker Exchange Name
 ---AXA/Invesco Strategic Allocation IB
 ---AZL Invesco Equity and Income
 ---AZL MVP Invesco Equity and Income
 ---CDSPI Global Real Estate (Invesco)
 ---Curian/Invesco Balanced-Risk Cmdts
 ---EQ/Invesco Comstock IA
 ---EQ/Invesco Comstock IB
 ---EQ/Invesco Comstock K
 ---Equitable Life Invesco Cdn Premier Gr B
 ---Equitable Life Invesco Cdn Premier Grth
 ---Equitable Life Invesco Intact Bal Gr Sel
 ---Equitable Life Invesco Intact Bal In Sel
MAVVXNASFDP BlackRock Invesco Value Instl
MDVVXNASFDP BlackRock Invesco Value Investor A
MCVVXNASFDP BlackRock Invesco Value Investor C
MXSVXNASGreat-West Invesco Small Cap Value Init
MXMYXNASGreat-West Invesco Small Cap Value Instl
 ---Great-West Invesco Small Cap Value L
VKIASEInvesco Adv Muni Inc II
 ---Invesco Advantage Bond A
 ---Invesco Advantage Bond F
 ---Invesco Advantage Bond PTF
CPNAXNASInvesco All Cap Market Neutral A
CPNCXNASInvesco All Cap Market Neutral C
CPNRXNASInvesco All Cap Market Neutral R
CPNFXNASInvesco All Cap Market Neutral R5
CPNSXNASInvesco All Cap Market Neutral R6
CPNYXNASInvesco All Cap Market Neutral Y
 ---Invesco Allocation Series A
 ---Invesco Allocation Series F
 ---Invesco Allocation Series SC
LQLAXNASInvesco Alternative Strategies A
LQLCXNASInvesco Alternative Strategies C
LQLRXNASInvesco Alternative Strategies R
LQLFXNASInvesco Alternative Strategies R5
LQLSXNASInvesco Alternative Strategies R6
LQLYXNASInvesco Alternative Strategies Y
VAFAXNASInvesco American Franchise A
VAFCXNASInvesco American Franchise C
 ---Invesco American Franchise F
VAFRXNASInvesco American Franchise R
VAFNXNASInvesco American Franchise R5
VAFFXNASInvesco American Franchise R6
 ---Invesco American Franchise T
VAFIXNASInvesco American Franchise Y
MSAVXNASInvesco American Value A
MSVCXNASInvesco American Value C
MSARXNASInvesco American Value R
MSAJXNASInvesco American Value R5
MSAFXNASInvesco American Value R6
MSAIXNASInvesco American Value Y
ASIAXNASInvesco Asia Pacific Growth A
ASICXNASInvesco Asia Pacific Growth C
ASIYXNASInvesco Asia Pacific Growth Y
 ---Invesco Balanced-Risk Agrsv Allc
ABRZXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Allc A
ABRCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Allc C
ABRRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Allc R
ABRIXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Allc R5
ALLFXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Allc R6
ABRYXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Allc Y
BRCNXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Cmdty Strat R5
BRCAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strat A
BRCCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strat C
BRCRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strat R
IBRFXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strat R6
BRCYXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Commodity Strat Y
AFTAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 A
VRCAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 AX
AFTCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 C
VRCCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 CX
ATFRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 R
AFTSXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 R5
VRCFXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 R6
VRCRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 RX
AFTYXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2020 Y
TNAAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 A
VREAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 AX
TNACXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 C
VRECXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 CX
TNARXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 R
TNAIXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 R5
TNAFXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 R6
VRERXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 RX
TNAYXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2030 Y
TNDAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 A
VRGAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 AX
TNDCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 C
VRGCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 CX
TNDRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 R
TNDIXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 R5
TNDFXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 R6
VRGRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 RX
TNDYXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2040 Y
TNEAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 A
VRIAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 AX
TNECXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 C
VRICXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 CX
TNERXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 R
TNEIXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 R5
TNEFXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 R6
VRIRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 RX
TNEYXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire 2050 Y
IANAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now A
VIRAXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now AX
IANCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now C
VIRCXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now CX
IANRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now R
IANIXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now R5
IANFXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now R6
VIRRXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now RX
IANYXNASInvesco Balanced-Risk Retire Now Y
VBFNYSEInvesco Bond Fund
CLFAXNASInvesco CA Tax-Free Income A
CLFCXNASInvesco CA Tax-Free Income C
CLFDXNASInvesco CA Tax-Free Income Y
VCVNYSEInvesco CA Value Muni Income
 ---Invesco Canada Money Market
 ---Invesco Canada Money Market DCA
 ---Invesco Canada Money Market DCA Heritage
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced D
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced F
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced P
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced PF
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced T4
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced T6
 ---Invesco Canadian Balanced T8
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond A
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond Class P
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond Class PF
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond Class PF4
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond Class PT4
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond D
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond F
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond P
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond PF
 ---Invesco Canadian Bond PTF
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Cl PTF
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class F
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class P
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class PF
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class T4
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class T6
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth Class T8
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth D
 ---Invesco Canadian Premier Growth F
CHTRXNASInvesco Charter A
CHTCXNASInvesco Charter C
CHRRXNASInvesco Charter R
CHTVXNASInvesco Charter R5
CHFTXNASInvesco Charter R6
CHRSXNASInvesco Charter S
CHTYXNASInvesco Charter Y
ACSTXNASInvesco Comstock A
ACSYXNASInvesco Comstock C
ACSRXNASInvesco Comstock R
ACSHXNASInvesco Comstock R5
ICSFXNASInvesco Comstock R6
ACSDXNASInvesco Comstock Y
CAAMXNASInvesco Conservative Allocation A
CACMXNASInvesco Conservative Allocation C
CMARXNASInvesco Conservative Allocation R
CMAIXNASInvesco Conservative Allocation R5
CMASXNASInvesco Conservative Allocation S
CAAYXNASInvesco Conservative Allocation Y
ICIFXNASInvesco Conservative Income Instl
CNSAXNASInvesco Convertible Securities A
CNSCXNASInvesco Convertible Securities C
CNSIXNASInvesco Convertible Securities R5
CNSFXNASInvesco Convertible Securities R6
CNSDXNASInvesco Convertible Securities Y
 ---Invesco Core Canadian Balanced Class
 ---Invesco Core Canadian Balanced Class F
 ---Invesco Core Canadian Balanced Class T4
 ---Invesco Core Canadian Balanced Class T6
ACPSXNASInvesco Core Plus Bond A
CPCFXNASInvesco Core Plus Bond C
CPBRXNASInvesco Core Plus Bond R
CPIIXNASInvesco Core Plus Bond R5
CPBFXNASInvesco Core Plus Bond R6
CPBYXNASInvesco Core Plus Bond Y
ACCBXNASInvesco Corporate Bond A
ACCEXNASInvesco Corporate Bond C
ACCZXNASInvesco Corporate Bond R
ACCWXNASInvesco Corporate Bond R5
ICBFXNASInvesco Corporate Bond R6
ACCHXNASInvesco Corporate Bond Y
GTDDXNASInvesco Developing Markets A
GTDCXNASInvesco Developing Markets C
GTDIXNASInvesco Developing Markets R5
GTDFXNASInvesco Developing Markets R6
GTDYXNASInvesco Developing Markets Y
LCEAXNASInvesco Diversified Dividend A
LCEVXNASInvesco Diversified Dividend C
LCEIXNASInvesco Diversified Dividend Investor
DDFRXNASInvesco Diversified Dividend R
DDFIXNASInvesco Diversified Dividend R5
LCEFXNASInvesco Diversified Dividend R6
LCEYXNASInvesco Diversified Dividend Y
IAUTXNASInvesco Dividend Income A
IUTCXNASInvesco Dividend Income C
FSTUXNASInvesco Dividend Income Investor
FSIUXNASInvesco Dividend Income R5
IFUTXNASInvesco Dividend Income R6
IAUYXNASInvesco Dividend Income Y
VTANYSEInvesco Dynamic Credit Opps
IEMAXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Equity A
IEMCXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Equity C
IEMRXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Equity R
IEMIXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Equity R5
EMEFXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Equity R6
IEMYXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Equity Y
IAEMXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Flexible Bd A
ICEMXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Flexible Bd C
IREMXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Flexible Bd R
IIEMXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Flexible Bd R5
IFEMXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Flexible Bd R6
IYEMXNASInvesco Emerging Markets Flexible Bd Y
ATDAXNASInvesco Endeavor A
ATDCXNASInvesco Endeavor C
ATDRXNASInvesco Endeavor R
ATDIXNASInvesco Endeavor R5
ATDFXNASInvesco Endeavor R6
ATDYXNASInvesco Endeavor Y
IENAXNASInvesco Energy A
IEFCXNASInvesco Energy C
FSTEXNASInvesco Energy Inv
IENIXNASInvesco Energy R5
IENYXNASInvesco Energy Y
VADAXNASInvesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 A
VADCXNASInvesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 C
VADRXNASInvesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 R
VADFXNASInvesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 R6
VADDXNASInvesco Equally-Wtd S&P 500 Y
ACEIXNASInvesco Equity and Income A
ACERXNASInvesco Equity and Income C
ACESXNASInvesco Equity and Income R
ACEKXNASInvesco Equity and Income R5
IEIFXNASInvesco Equity and Income R6
ACETXNASInvesco Equity and Income Y
AEDAXNASInvesco European Growth A
AEDCXNASInvesco European Growth C
 ---Invesco European Growth Class
 ---Invesco European Growth Class F
 ---Invesco European Growth Class P
 ---Invesco European Growth Class PF
 ---Invesco European Growth Class PTF
 ---Invesco European Growth Class Series PF6
EGINXNASInvesco European Growth Investor
AEDRXNASInvesco European Growth R
AEDYXNASInvesco European Growth Y
ESMAXNASInvesco European Small Company A
ESMCXNASInvesco European Small Company C
ESMYXNASInvesco European Small Company Y
ACEHXNASInvesco Exchange
AFRAXNASInvesco Floating Rate A
AFRCXNASInvesco Floating Rate C
 ---Invesco Floating Rate Income A
 ---Invesco Floating Rate Income D
 ---Invesco Floating Rate Income F
 ---Invesco Floating Rate Income P
 ---Invesco Floating Rate Income PF
 ---Invesco Floating Rate Income PTF
AFRRXNASInvesco Floating Rate R
AFRIXNASInvesco Floating Rate R5
AFRFXNASInvesco Floating Rate R6
AFRYXNASInvesco Floating Rate Y
 ---Invesco Global Bond Series A
 ---Invesco Global Bond Series F
 ---Invesco Global Bond Series P
 ---Invesco Global Bond Series PF
 ---Invesco Global Bond Series PTF
AWSAXNASInvesco Global Core Equity A
AWSCXNASInvesco Global Core Equity C
AWSRXNASInvesco Global Core Equity R
AWSIXNASInvesco Global Core Equity R5
AWSYXNASInvesco Global Core Equity Y
AGGAXNASInvesco Global Growth A
AGGCXNASInvesco Global Growth C
 ---Invesco Global Growth Class
 ---Invesco Global Growth Class D
 ---Invesco Global Growth Class F
 ---Invesco Global Growth Class P
 ---Invesco Global Growth Class PF
 ---Invesco Global Growth Class PTF
 ---Invesco Global Growth Class PTFU
GGAIXNASInvesco Global Growth R5
AGGFXNASInvesco Global Growth R6
AGGYXNASInvesco Global Growth Y
GGHCXNASInvesco Global Health Care A
GTHCXNASInvesco Global Health Care C
GTHIXNASInvesco Global Health Care Invstor
GGHYXNASInvesco Global Health Care Y
 ---Invesco Global High Yield Bond A
 ---Invesco Global High Yield Bond D
 ---Invesco Global High Yield Bond F
 ---Invesco Global High Yield Bond PTF
GIZAXNASInvesco Global Infrastructure A
GIZCXNASInvesco Global Infrastructure C
GIZRXNASInvesco Global Infrastructure R
GIZFXNASInvesco Global Infrastructure R5
GIZSXNASInvesco Global Infrastructure R6
GIZYXNASInvesco Global Infrastructure Y
GTNDXNASInvesco Global Low Volatility Eq Yld A
GNDCXNASInvesco Global Low Volatility Eq Yld C
GTNRXNASInvesco Global Low Volatility Eq Yld R
GNDIXNASInvesco Global Low Volatility Eq Yld R5
GTNYXNASInvesco Global Low Volatility Eq Yld Y
MKNAXNASInvesco Global Market Neutral A
MKNCXNASInvesco Global Market Neutral C
MKNRXNASInvesco Global Market Neutral R
MKNFXNASInvesco Global Market Neutral R5
MKNSXNASInvesco Global Market Neutral R6
MKNYXNASInvesco Global Market Neutral Y
IAOPXNASInvesco Global Opportunities A
ICOPXNASInvesco Global Opportunities C
IROPXNASInvesco Global Opportunities R
IIOPXNASInvesco Global Opportunities R5
IFOPXNASInvesco Global Opportunities R6
IYOPXNASInvesco Global Opportunities Y
 ---Invesco Global Real Estate
AGREXNASInvesco Global Real Estate A
CGREXNASInvesco Global Real Estate C
 ---Invesco Global Real Estate F
 ---Invesco Global Real Estate I
ASRAXNASInvesco Global Real Estate Income A
ASRCXNASInvesco Global Real Estate Income C
ASRIXNASInvesco Global Real Estate Income R5
ASRFXNASInvesco Global Real Estate Income R6
ASRYXNASInvesco Global Real Estate Income Y
RGREXNASInvesco Global Real Estate R
IGREXNASInvesco Global Real Estate R5
FGREXNASInvesco Global Real Estate R6
 ---Invesco Global Real Estate Series PTF
ARGYXNASInvesco Global Real Estate Y
VSQAXNASInvesco Global Responsibility Equity A
VSQCXNASInvesco Global Responsibility Equity C
VSQRXNASInvesco Global Responsibility Equity R
VSQFXNASInvesco Global Responsibility Equity R5
VSQSXNASInvesco Global Responsibility Equity R6
VSQYXNASInvesco Global Responsibility Equity Y
AGAAXNASInvesco Global Small & Mid Cap Gr A
AGACXNASInvesco Global Small & Mid Cap Gr C
GAIIXNASInvesco Global Small & Mid Cap Gr R5
AGAYXNASInvesco Global Small & Mid Cap Gr Y
 ---Invesco Global Targeted Rets Pool Ser F
GLTAXNASInvesco Global Targeted Returns A
GLTCXNASInvesco Global Targeted Returns C
GLTRXNASInvesco Global Targeted Returns R
GLTFXNASInvesco Global Targeted Returns R5
GLTSXNASInvesco Global Targeted Returns R6
GLTYXNASInvesco Global Targeted Returns Y
IGDAXNASInvesco Gold & Precious Metals A
IGDCXNASInvesco Gold & Precious Metals C
FGLDXNASInvesco Gold & Precious Metals Invstor
IGDYXNASInvesco Gold & Precious Metals Y
AACFXNASInvesco Greater China A
CACFXNASInvesco Greater China C
IACFXNASInvesco Greater China R5
AMCYXNASInvesco Greater China Y
AADAXNASInvesco Growth Allocation A
AADCXNASInvesco Growth Allocation C
AADRXNASInvesco Growth Allocation R
AADIXNASInvesco Growth Allocation R5
AADSXNASInvesco Growth Allocation S
AADYXNASInvesco Growth Allocation Y
ACGIXNASInvesco Growth and Income A
ACGKXNASInvesco Growth and Income C
ACGLXNASInvesco Growth and Income R
ACGQXNASInvesco Growth and Income R5
GIFFXNASInvesco Growth and Income R6
ACGMXNASInvesco Growth and Income Y
VLTNYSEInvesco High Income II
AMHYXNASInvesco High Yield A
AHYCXNASInvesco High Yield C
HYINXNASInvesco High Yield Investor
ACTHXNASInvesco High Yield Muni A
ACTFXNASInvesco High Yield Muni C
ACTNXNASInvesco High Yield Muni R5
ACTDXNASInvesco High Yield Muni Y
AHIYXNASInvesco High Yield R5
HYIFXNASInvesco High Yield R6
AHHYXNASInvesco High Yield Y
ALAAXNASInvesco Income Allocation A
CLIAXNASInvesco Income Allocation C
RLIAXNASInvesco Income Allocation R
ILAAXNASInvesco Income Allocation R5
ALAYXNASInvesco Income Allocation Y
 ---Invesco Indo-Pacific
 ---Invesco Indo-Pacific F
 ---Invesco Indo-Pacific Fund PTF
 ---Invesco Intactive 2023 Portfolio
 ---Invesco Intactive 2023 Portfolio F
 ---Invesco Intactive 2023 Portfolio P
 ---Invesco Intactive 2028 Portfolio
 ---Invesco Intactive 2028 Portfolio F
 ---Invesco Intactive 2028 Portfolio P
 ---Invesco Intactive 2033 Portfolio
 ---Invesco Intactive 2033 Portfolio F
 ---Invesco Intactive 2033 Portfolio P
 ---Invesco Intactive 2038 Portfolio
 ---Invesco Intactive 2038 Portfolio F
 ---Invesco Intactive 2038 Portfolio P
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr A
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr F
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr P
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr PT6
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Gr Port Cl Sr T8
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr A
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr F
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr F4
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr F6
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr P
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr PF4
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr PF6
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr PT4
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr PT6
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Bal Inc Port Cl Sr T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr Port
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr Port D
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr Port F
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr Port P
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr Port T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr Port T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Gr Port T8
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Inc PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Inc Port D
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Inc Port T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Inc Port T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Income Port
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Income Port F
 ---Invesco Intactive Balanced Income Port P
 ---Invesco Intactive Diver Inc Pt Cl Sr F4
 ---Invesco Intactive Diver Inc Pt Cl Sr F6
 ---Invesco Intactive Diver Inc Pt Cl Sr PF4
 ---Invesco Intactive Diver Inc Pt Cl Sr PF6
 ---Invesco Intactive Diver Inc Pt Cl Sr PT4
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Inc Pt Cl Sr A
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Inc Pt Cl Sr F
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Inc Pt Cl Sr P
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Inc Pt Cl Sr PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Inc Pt Cl Sr T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Inc Pt Cl Sr T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Inc Pt Cl SrPT6
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Income PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Income Port
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Income Port D
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Income Port F
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Income Port P
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Income Port T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Divers Income Port T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Port Cl Sr A
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Port Cl Sr F
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Port Cl Sr P
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Port Cl Sr PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Port Cl Sr PT6
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Port Cl Sr T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Port Cl Sr T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Portfolio
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Portfolio D
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Portfolio F
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Portfolio P
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Portfolio PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Portfolio T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Growth Portfolio T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Max Gr Port Cl Sr A
 ---Invesco Intactive Max Gr Port Cl Sr F
 ---Invesco Intactive Max Gr Port Cl Sr P
 ---Invesco Intactive Max Gr Port Cl Sr PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Max Gr Port Cl Sr PT6
 ---Invesco Intactive Max Gr Port Cl Sr T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Maximum Growth PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Maximum Growth Port
 ---Invesco Intactive Maximum Growth Port D
 ---Invesco Intactive Maximum Growth Port F
 ---Invesco Intactive Maximum Growth Port P
 ---Invesco Intactive Maximum Growth Port T6
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld A
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld D
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld F
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld F4
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld F6
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld P
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld PF
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld PT4
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld PT6
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld T4
 ---Invesco Intactive Strategic Yld T6
AINAXNASInvesco International Allocation A
INACXNASInvesco International Allocation C
RINAXNASInvesco International Allocation R
INAIXNASInvesco International Allocation R5
AINYXNASInvesco International Allocation Y
IZIAXNASInvesco International Companies A
IZICXNASInvesco International Companies C
IZIRXNASInvesco International Companies R
IZIFXNASInvesco International Companies R5
IZISXNASInvesco International Companies R6
IZIYXNASInvesco International Companies Y
 ---Invesco International Growth
AIIEXNASInvesco International Growth A
AIECXNASInvesco International Growth C
 ---Invesco International Growth Class
 ---Invesco International Growth Class F
 ---Invesco International Growth Class P
 ---Invesco International Growth Class PF
 ---Invesco International Growth Class PTF
 ---Invesco International Growth Class Sr FH
 ---Invesco International Growth Class Sr H
 ---Invesco International Growth Class Sr PH
 ---Invesco International Growth Class SrPFH
 ---Invesco International Growth D
 ---Invesco International Growth F
 ---Invesco International Growth I
AIERXNASInvesco International Growth R
AIEVXNASInvesco International Growth R5
IGFRXNASInvesco International Growth R6
AIIYXNASInvesco International Growth Y
IEGAXNASInvesco International Small Company A
IEGCXNASInvesco International Small Company C
IEGIXNASInvesco International Small Company R5
IEGFXNASInvesco International Small Company R6
IEGYXNASInvesco International Small Company Y
IBVAXNASInvesco Intl Core Equity A
IBVCXNASInvesco Intl Core Equity C
IIBCXNASInvesco Intl Core Equity Investor
IIBRXNASInvesco Intl Core Equity R
IBVIXNASInvesco Intl Core Equity R5
IBVFXNASInvesco Intl Core Equity R6
IBVYXNASInvesco Intl Core Equity Y
VKLMXNASInvesco Int-Term Muni Inc A
VKLCXNASInvesco Int-Term Muni Inc C
VKLIXNASInvesco Int-Term Muni Inc Y
ATFAXNASInvesco Limited Term Municipal Income A
AITFXNASInvesco Limited Term Municipal Income A2
ATFCXNASInvesco Limited Term Municipal Income C
ATFIXNASInvesco Limited Term Municipal Income R5
ATFYXNASInvesco Limited Term Municipal Income Y
LSQAXNASInvesco Long/Short Equity A
LSQCXNASInvesco Long/Short Equity C
LSQRXNASInvesco Long/Short Equity R
LSQFXNASInvesco Long/Short Equity R5
LSQSXNASInvesco Long/Short Equity R6
LSQYXNASInvesco Long/Short Equity Y
LVLAXNASInvesco Low Volatility Emerging Mkts A
LVLCXNASInvesco Low Volatility Emerging Mkts C
LVLRXNASInvesco Low Volatility Emerging Mkts R
LVLFXNASInvesco Low Volatility Emerging Mkts R5
LVLSXNASInvesco Low Volatility Emerging Mkts R6
LVLYXNASInvesco Low Volatility Emerging Mkts Y
SCAUXNASInvesco Low Volatility Equity Yield A
SCCUXNASInvesco Low Volatility Equity Yield C
SCNUXNASInvesco Low Volatility Equity Yield Inv
SCRUXNASInvesco Low Volatility Equity Yield R
SCIUXNASInvesco Low Volatility Equity Yield R5
SCAYXNASInvesco Low Volatility Equity Yield Y
3IWXMUNInvesco Ltd
IVZNYSEInvesco Ltd
GMSDXNASInvesco Macro Allocation Strategy A
GMSEXNASInvesco Macro Allocation Strategy C
GMSJXNASInvesco Macro Allocation Strategy R
GMSKXNASInvesco Macro Allocation Strategy R5
GMSLXNASInvesco Macro Allocation Strategy R6
GMSHXNASInvesco Macro Allocation Strategy Y
GTAGXNASInvesco Mid Cap Core Equity A
GTACXNASInvesco Mid Cap Core Equity C
GTARXNASInvesco Mid Cap Core Equity R
GTAVXNASInvesco Mid Cap Core Equity R5
GTAFXNASInvesco Mid Cap Core Equity R6
GTAYXNASInvesco Mid Cap Core Equity Y
VGRAXNASInvesco Mid Cap Growth A
VGRCXNASInvesco Mid Cap Growth C
VGRRXNASInvesco Mid Cap Growth R
VGRJXNASInvesco Mid Cap Growth R5
VGRFXNASInvesco Mid Cap Growth R6
VGRDXNASInvesco Mid Cap Growth Y
AMKAXNASInvesco Moderate Allocation A
AMKCXNASInvesco Moderate Allocation C
AMKRXNASInvesco Moderate Allocation R
AMLIXNASInvesco Moderate Allocation R5
AMKSXNASInvesco Moderate Allocation S
ABKYXNASInvesco Moderate Allocation Y
7M2XFRAInvesco Mortgage Capital Inc
IVRpANYSEInvesco Mortgage Capital Inc
IVRpBNYSEInvesco Mortgage Capital Inc
IVRpCNYSEInvesco Mortgage Capital Inc
IVRNYSEInvesco Mortgage Capital Inc
PIAFXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Income A
PICFXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Income C
PIRFXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Income R
IPNFXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Income R5
PIFFXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Income R6
PIYFXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Income Y
MIZAXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Inflation A
MIZCXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Inflation C
MIZRXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Inflation R
MIZFXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Inflation R5
MIZSXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Inflation R6
MIZYXNASInvesco Multi-Asset Inflation Y
OIANYSEInvesco Muni Income Opps Trust
VGMNYSEInvesco Muni Invst. Grade Trust
VMONYSEInvesco Muni Opps. Trust
VKMMXNASInvesco Municipal Income A
VMICXNASInvesco Municipal Income C
VMINXNASInvesco Municipal Income Investor
VMIIXNASInvesco Municipal Income Y
VKQNYSEInvesco Municipal Trust
 ---Invesco Natural Resources A
 ---Invesco Natural Resources B
 ---Invesco Natural Resources C
 ---Invesco Natural Resources Y
 ---Invesco NVIT Comstock Value I
 ---Invesco NVIT Comstock Value II
 ---Invesco NVIT Comstock Value IV
 ---Invesco NVIT Comstock Value Y
VNYAXNASInvesco NY Tax Free Inc A
VNYCXNASInvesco NY Tax Free Inc C
VNYYXNASInvesco NY Tax Free Inc Y
3298XTKSInvesco Office J-REIT Inc
VKMPXNASInvesco PA Tax Free Inc A
VKPCXNASInvesco PA Tax Free Inc C
VKPYXNASInvesco PA Tax Free Inc Y
VPVNYSEInvesco PA Value Muni Income Trust
TGRAXNASInvesco Pacific Growth A
TGRCXNASInvesco Pacific Growth C
TGRRXNASInvesco Pacific Growth R
TGRSXNASInvesco Pacific Growth R5
TGRDXNASInvesco Pacific Growth Y
 ---Invesco Perpetual Glb Balanced Index Acc
VKMGXNASInvesco Quality Income A
VUSCXNASInvesco Quality Income C
VUSJXNASInvesco Quality Income R5
VUSIXNASInvesco Quality Income Y
IQINYSEInvesco Quality Muni Income Trust
IARAXNASInvesco Real Estate A
IARCXNASInvesco Real Estate C
REINXNASInvesco Real Estate Investor
IARRXNASInvesco Real Estate R
IARIXNASInvesco Real Estate R5
IARFXNASInvesco Real Estate R6
IARYXNASInvesco Real Estate Y
SPIAXNASInvesco S&P 500 Index A
SPICXNASInvesco S&P 500 Index C
SPIDXNASInvesco S&P 500 Index Y
 ---Invesco Select Canadian Equity
 ---Invesco Select Canadian Equity F
 ---Invesco Select Canadian Equity T4
ATIAXNASInvesco Select Companies A
ATICXNASInvesco Select Companies C
ATIRXNASInvesco Select Companies R
ATIIXNASInvesco Select Companies R5
ATIYXNASInvesco Select Companies Y
IZSAXNASInvesco Select Opportunities A
IZSCXNASInvesco Select Opportunities C
IZSRXNASInvesco Select Opportunities R
IZSIXNASInvesco Select Opportunities R5
IZFSXNASInvesco Select Opportunities R6
IZSYXNASInvesco Select Opportunities Y
VVRNYSEInvesco Senior Income Trust
VSLAXNASInvesco Senior Loan A
VSLCXNASInvesco Senior Loan C
XPRTXNASInvesco Senior Loan IB
XSLCXNASInvesco Senior Loan IC
VSLYXNASInvesco Senior Loan Y
ISHAXNASInvesco Short Duration High Yld Muni A
ISHCXNASInvesco Short Duration High Yld Muni C
ISHFXNASInvesco Short Duration High Yld Muni R5
ISHYXNASInvesco Short Duration High Yld Muni Y
LMTAXNASInvesco Short Duration Inflation Prot A
SHTIXNASInvesco Short Duration Inflation Prot A2
ALMIXNASInvesco Short Duration Inflation Prot R5
SDPSXNASInvesco Short Duration Inflation Prot R6
LMTYXNASInvesco Short Duration Inflation Prot Y
STBAXNASInvesco Short Term Bond A
STBCXNASInvesco Short Term Bond C
STBRXNASInvesco Short Term Bond R
ISTBXNASInvesco Short Term Bond R5
ISTFXNASInvesco Short Term Bond R6
STBYXNASInvesco Short Term Bond Y
 ---Invesco Short-Term Bond A
 ---Invesco Short-Term Bond F
 ---Invesco Short-Term Income Class A
 ---Invesco Short-Term Income Class B
 ---Invesco Short-Term Income Class F
VASCXNASInvesco Small Cap Discovery A
VCSCXNASInvesco Small Cap Discovery C
VESCXNASInvesco Small Cap Discovery R5
VFSCXNASInvesco Small Cap Discovery R6
VISCXNASInvesco Small Cap Discovery Y
SMEAXNASInvesco Small Cap Equity A
SMECXNASInvesco Small Cap Equity C
SMERXNASInvesco Small Cap Equity R
SMEIXNASInvesco Small Cap Equity R5
SMEFXNASInvesco Small Cap Equity R6
SMEYXNASInvesco Small Cap Equity Y
GTSAXNASInvesco Small Cap Growth A
GTSDXNASInvesco Small Cap Growth C
GTSIXNASInvesco Small Cap Growth Inv
GTSRXNASInvesco Small Cap Growth R
GTSVXNASInvesco Small Cap Growth R5
GTSFXNASInvesco Small Cap Growth R6
GTSYXNASInvesco Small Cap Growth Y
 ---Invesco Small Cap Value R6
VSCAXNASInvesco SmallCapValue A
VSMCXNASInvesco SmallCapValue C
VSMIXNASInvesco SmallCapValue Y
 ---Invesco Sm-Md Spec Val R
 ---Invesco Sm-Md Spec Val W
SRRAXNASInvesco Strategic Real Return A
SRRCXNASInvesco Strategic Real Return C
SRRQXNASInvesco Strategic Real Return R
SRRFXNASInvesco Strategic Real Return R5
SRRSXNASInvesco Strategic Real Return R6
SRRYXNASInvesco Strategic Real Return Y
ASMMXNASInvesco Summit A
CSMMXNASInvesco Summit C
SMMIXNASInvesco Summit P
SMITXNASInvesco Summit R5
SMMSXNASInvesco Summit S
ASMYXNASInvesco Summit Y
ITYAXNASInvesco Technology A
ITHCXNASInvesco Technology C
FTCHXNASInvesco Technology Investor
FTPIXNASInvesco Technology R5
IFOAXNASInvesco Technology Sector A
IFOCXNASInvesco Technology Sector C
IFODXNASInvesco Technology Sector Y
ITYYXNASInvesco Technology Y
 ---Invesco Trimark Dialogue Alloc Core Sr F
VTNNYSEInvesco Trust NY Inv Grade Muni
AGOVXNASInvesco US Government A
AGVCXNASInvesco US Government C
AGIVXNASInvesco US Government Investor
AGVRXNASInvesco US Government R
AGOIXNASInvesco US Government R5
AGVYXNASInvesco US Government Y
IIMNYSEInvesco Value Muni Income Trust
VVOAXNASInvesco Value Opp A
VVOCXNASInvesco Value Opp C
VVORXNASInvesco Value Opp R
VVONXNASInvesco Value Opp R5
VVOIXNASInvesco Value Opp Y
 ---Invesco VI American Franchise I
 ---Invesco VI American Franchise II
UMCVXNASInvesco VI American Value I
UMCCXNASInvesco VI American Value II
 ---Invesco VI Balanced-Risk Allocation I
 ---Invesco VI Balanced-Risk Allocation II
 ---Invesco VI Comstock I
 ---Invesco VI Comstock II
 ---Invesco VI Core Equity I
 ---Invesco VI Core Equity II
 ---Invesco VI Diversified Dividend I
 ---Invesco VI Diversified Dividend II
 ---Invesco VI Diversified Income I
 ---Invesco VI Diversified Income II
 ---Invesco VI Equally Wtd S&P 500 I
 ---Invesco VI Equally Wtd S&P 500 II
 ---Invesco VI Equity and Income I
UEIIXNASInvesco VI Equity and Income II
UGEPXNASInvesco VI Global Core Equity I
 ---Invesco VI Global Core Equity II
 ---Invesco VI Global Health Care I
 ---Invesco VI Global Health Care II
 ---Invesco VI Global Real Estate I
 ---Invesco VI Global Real Estate II
 ---Invesco VI Government Securities I
 ---Invesco VI Government Securities II
 ---Invesco VI Growth and Income I
 ---Invesco VI Growth and Income II
 ---Invesco VI High Yield I
 ---Invesco VI High Yield II
 ---Invesco VI International Growth I
 ---Invesco VI International Growth II
 ---Invesco VI Managed Volatility I
 ---Invesco VI Managed Volatility II
 ---Invesco VI Mid Cap Core Equity I
 ---Invesco VI Mid Cap Core Equity II
 ---Invesco VI Mid Cap Growth I
 ---Invesco VI Mid Cap Growth II
 ---Invesco VI S&P 500 Index I
 ---Invesco VI S&P 500 Index II
 ---Invesco VI Small Cap Equity I
 ---Invesco VI Small Cap Equity II
 ---Invesco VI Technology I
 ---Invesco VI Technology II
 ---Invesco VI Value Opportunities I
 ---Invesco VI Value Opportunities II
AUBAXNASInvesco World Bond A
AUBCXNASInvesco World Bond C
AUBIXNASInvesco World Bond R5
AUBFXNASInvesco World Bond R6
AUBYXNASInvesco World Bond Y
 ---JNL/Invesco China-India A
 ---JNL/Invesco China-India B
 ---JNL/Invesco Global Real Estate A
 ---JNL/Invesco Global Real Estate B
 ---JNL/Invesco International Growth A
 ---JNL/Invesco International Growth B
 ---JNL/Invesco Mid Cap Value A
 ---JNL/Invesco Mid Cap Value B
 ---JNL/Invesco Small Cap Growth A
 ---JNL/Invesco Small Cap Growth B
 ---LVIP Invesco Diversified Eq-Inc RPM Std
 ---LVIP Invesco Diversified Eq-Inc RPM Svc
 ---LVIP Invesco V.I. Comstock RPM Service
 ---LVIP Invesco V.I. Comstock RPM Standard
 ---Manulife GIF 1 Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIF 1 Invesco Cdn Premier Gr Cl
 ---Manulife GIF 2 Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIF 2 Invesco Cdn Premier Gr Cl
 ---Manulife GIF CAP A Invesco Cdn Balancd
 ---Manulife GIF CAP A Invesco Cdn Prm Gr Cl
 ---Manulife GIF MLIA A Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIF MLIA A Invesco Cdn Prem Gr
 ---Manulife GIF MLIA B Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIF MLIA B Invesco Cdn Prm GrCl
 ---Manulife GIF MLIP A Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIF MLIP A Invesco Cdn Prm GrCl
 ---Manulife GIF MLIP B Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIF MLIP B Invesco Cdn Prm GrCl
 ---Manulife GIF Sel E Invesco Cdn Bal
 ---Manulife GIF Sel E Invesco Cdn Bal IncP
 ---Manulife GIF Sel E Invesco Cdn Prem Gr
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Eli Invesco Cdn Prem Gr
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Invesco Cdn Balanced
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Invesco Cdn Balanced F
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Invesco Cdn Prem Gr F
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Orig E Invesco Cdn Bal
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Orig E Invesco Cdn PrGr
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Orig Invesco Cdn Bal
 ---Manulife GIF Sel Orig Invesco Cdn PrGrCl
 ---Manulife GIF Select Elit Invesco Cdn Bal
 ---Manulife GIF Select Invesco Cdn Bal
 ---Manulife GIF Select Invesco Cdn Bal F Cl
 ---Manulife GIF Select Invesco Cdn Prem Gr
 ---Manulife GIFe 1 Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIFe 1 Invesco Cdn Prem Gr Cl
 ---Manulife GIFe 2 Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife GIFe 2 Invesco Cdn Prem Gr Cl
 ---Manulife Invesco Cdn Bal GIF Se IcP22ET
 ---Manulife Invesco Cdn Bal GIF Sel E IcP22
 ---Manulife Invesco Cdn Bal GIF Sel IcP 2.2
 ---Manulife Ser R A Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Manulife Ser R B Invesco Canadian Bal
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Bal-Risk Allc A
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Bal-Risk Allc B
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Bal-Risk Allc C
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Bal-Risk Allc E
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Comstock A
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Comstock B
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Mid Cap Value A
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Mid Cap Value B
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Mid Cap Value E
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Small Cap Gr A
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Small Cap Gr B
 ---Met Invt Ser Invesco Small Cap Gr E
GRENXIDXPT Evergreen Invesco Tbk
 ---VP Invesco International Gr 1
 ---VP Invesco International Gr 2
IVKAXNASVYŽ Invesco Comstock A
IVKIXNASVYŽ Invesco Comstock I
 ---VYŽ Invesco Comstock R6
IVKSXNASVYŽ Invesco Comstock S
IVKTXNASVYŽ Invesco Comstock S2
IUAAXNASVYŽ Invesco Equity and Income A
IUAIXNASVYŽ Invesco Equity and Income I
 ---VYŽ Invesco Equity and Income R6
IUASXNASVYŽ Invesco Equity and Income S
IVIPXNASVYŽ Invesco Equity and Income S2
IVGAXNASVYŽ Invesco Growth and Income A
IVGIXNASVYŽ Invesco Growth and Income I
 ---VYŽ Invesco Growth and Income R6
IVGSXNASVYŽ Invesco Growth and Income S
IVITXNASVYŽ Invesco Growth and Income S2
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