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Ticker Exchange Name
0AWXBERAir Water Inc
4088XSAPAir Water Inc
AWNICXADSAl Wathba National Insurance Co PJSC
WTERTSXAlkaline Water Co Inc
AWJAXSTUAlkaline Water Co Inc
WTERNASAlkaline Water Co Inc
AWTAXNASAllianzGI Global Water A
AWTCXNASAllianzGI Global Water C
AWTIXNASAllianzGI Global Water Institutional
AWTPXNASAllianzGI Global Water P
 ---AllianzGI Global Water T
AWWIPINXAlpha Wastewater Inc
AWGIPINXAmbient Water Corp
HIPHPINXAmerican Premium Water Corp
FDKXMUNAmerican States Water Co
AWRNYSEAmerican States Water Co
AWKXWBOAmerican Water Works Co Inc
AWCXSTUAmerican Water Works Co Inc
0HEWXLONAmerican Water Works Co Inc
AWKNYSEAmerican Water Works Co Inc
A5FXFRAAmiad Water Systems Ltd
AFSXLONAmiad Water Systems Ltd
AFSLFGREYAmiad Water Systems Ltd
600502XSHGAnhui Water Resources Development Co Ltd
EYPXBERAthens Water Supply & Sewerage Co
0EEZXLONAthens Water Supply & Sewerage Co
EYDAPXATHAthens Water Supply & Sewerage Co
AHWSFPINXAthens Water Supply & Sewerage Co
BWTXPINXBakken Water Transfer Services Inc
8345XTKSBank of Iwate Ltd
BKIWFGREYBank of Iwate Ltd
HUN2XFRABeijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd
00371XHKGBeijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd
BJWTYGREYBeijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd
BJWTFPINXBeijing Enterprises Water Group Ltd
002271XSHEBeijing Oriental Yuhong Waterproof Technology Co Ltd
300070XSHEBeijing Originwater Technology Co Ltd
300055XSHEBeijing Water Business Doctor Co Ltd
300324XSHEBeijing Watertek Information Technology Co Ltd
BTWHSTCBen Thanh Water Supply JSC
504646XBOMBhagwati Autocast Ltd
509449XBOMBhagwati Oxygen Ltd
BWEXSTCBinh Duong Water Environment JSC
BSHFGREYBioshaft Water Tech Inc
BLUUPINXBlue Water Global Group Inc
BWPCPINXBlue Water Petroleum Corp
BWVIPINXBlue Water Ventures International Inc
BAQ.PTSXBluewater Acquisition Corp
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