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Ticker Exchange Name
TNFAXNAS1290 Convertible Securities A
TNFCXNAS1290 Convertible Securities C
TNFIXNAS1290 Convertible Securities I
TNFRXNAS1290 Convertible Securities R
TNVAXNAS1290 GAMCO Small/Mid Cap Value A
TNVCXNAS1290 GAMCO Small/Mid Cap Value C
TNVIXNAS1290 GAMCO Small/Mid Cap Value I
TNVRXNAS1290 GAMCO Small/Mid Cap Value R
TNMAXNAS1290 Multi-Alternative Strategies A
TNMCXNAS1290 Multi-Alternative Strategies C
TNMIXNAS1290 Multi-Alternative Strategies I
TNMRXNAS1290 Multi-Alternative Strategies R
DDDAXNAS13D Activist A
DDDCXNAS13D Activist C
DDDIXNAS13D Activist I
SBFAXNAS1919 Financial Services A
SFSLXNAS1919 Financial Services C
 ---1919 Financial Services FI
LMRIXNAS1919 Financial Services I
 ---1919 Financial Services R
SSIAXNAS1919 Socially Responsive Balanced A
SESLXNAS1919 Socially Responsive Balanced C
 ---1919 Socially Responsive Balanced FI
LMRNXNAS1919 Socially Responsive Balanced I
 ---1919 Socially Responsive Balanced R
247XSAT24SevenOffice Scandinavia AB
ADMQXNAS361 Domestic Long/Short Equity Investor
AGFQXNAS361 Global Counter-Trend Inv
AGAQXNAS361 Global Long/Short Equity Investor
 ---361 Long/Short Credit Investor
AGMQXNAS361 Macro Opportunity Inv
AMFQXNAS361 Managed Futures Strategy Inv
ASFQXNAS361 US Small Cap Equity Inv
 ---3Twelve Total Bondô
CATVPINX4Cable TV International Inc
FFNTXCNQ4Front Ventures Corp
FFNTFPINX4Front Ventures Corp
NBBXSTC577 Investment Corp
5AHXWAR5th Avenue Holding SA
786XKAR786 Investments Ltd
5250XKLS7-Eleven Malaysia Holdings Bhd
 ---7Twelve Balanced 1
 ---7Twelve Balanced 2
 ---7Twelve Balanced 3
 ---7Twelve Balanced 4
512161XBOM8K Miles Software Services Ltd
8KMILESXNSE8K Miles Software Services Ltd
8VIXASX8VIC Holdings Ltd
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