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Ticker Exchange Name
TIXXASX360 Capital Industrial Fund
DDDXPINX3DX Industries Inc
AFSKXTAEA F SK Industries Ltd
532806XBOMA I Champdany Industries Ltd
AICHAMPXNSEA I Champdany Industries Ltd
530027XBOMAadi Industries Ltd
AACAXETRAalberts Industries NV
0NX1XLONAalberts Industries NV
AALBXAMSAalberts Industries NV
AAIDYPINXAalberts Industries NV
AALBFPINXAalberts Industries NV
AARTIINDXNSEAarti Industries Ltd
524208XBOMAarti Industries Ltd
IAFASEAberdeen Australia Equity
E0GBR00UE4---Aberdeen New Thai Investment Trust
ASCHXLONAberdeen Smaller Companies High Income Trust PLC
AUKTXLONAberdeen UK Tracker Trust PLC
AGIZXLONAberforth Geared Income Trust PLC
AGITXLONAberforth Geared Income Trust PLC
AB4XFRAABM Industries Inc
ABMNYSEABM Industries Inc
ABNPRENYSEABN AMRO Capital Funding Trust V
ARXPHSAbra Mining & Industrial Corp
ABRDFOTUSAbtrust New Thai Investment
AKGXASXAcademies Australasia Group Ltd
WX1XFRAAcadia Realty Trust
AKRNYSEAcadia Realty Trust
ALACIXPARAccès Industrie
526347XBOMAcclaim Industries Ltd
ADQUXSESAccordia Golf Trust
ACFFFPINXAccordia Golf Trust
AHHAPPINXAccredited Mortgage Loan REIT Trust
ACICOXDFMAcico Industries Co KSCC
530901XBOMAcil Cotton Industries Ltd
530043XBOMAcknit Industries Ltd
 ---Acorn Diversified Trust Class A
 ---Acorn Diversified Trust Class F
7120XKLSAcoustech Bhd
AFU.UNXTSEAcuity Focused Total Return Trust
AIG.UNXTSEAcuity Growth & Income Trust
AAUXASXAdcorp Australia Ltd
507852XBOMAddi Industries Ltd
ADPANPINXAdelphia Recovery Trust
ADPAJPINXAdelphia Recovery Trust
538365XBOMAdhunik Industries Ltd
ADKTPINXAdirondack Trust Co
 XTSEAdjustable Rate MBS Trust
AVXXSTUAdvanced Energy Industries Inc
AEISNASAdvanced Energy Industries Inc
PFR.UNXTSEAdvantaged Preferred Share Trust
 ---Advisor's Disciplined Trust 255
AYEXBERAEP Industries Inc
AEPINASAEP Industries Inc
2634XTAIAerospace Industrial Development Corp
AFIDXTAEAfrica Israel Industries Ltd
8AGXFRAAG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc
MITTPRANYSEAG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc
MITTPRBNYSEAG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc
MITTNYSEAG Mortgage Investment Trust Inc
AGARINDXNSEAgarwal Industrial Corp Ltd
531921XBOMAgarwal Industrial Corp Ltd
ACR.UNTSEAgellan Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust
ACRVFPINXAgellan Commercial Real Estate Investment Trust
AGFIOTUSAgFeed Industries
516020XBOMAgio Paper & Industries Ltd
AGILXKARAgri Autos Industries Ltd
AGJXASXAgricultural Land Trust
519281XBOMAgro Dutch Industries Ltd
AGRODUTCHXNSEAgro Dutch Industries Ltd
AGRIEXP AXMEXAgro Industrial Exportadora SA de CV
VT7NXBERAIMS-AMP Capital Industrial REIT
O5RUXSESAIMS-AMP Capital Industrial REIT
AIRIASEAir Industries Group
7283XTKSAisan Industry Co., Ltd.
538778XBOMAkashdeep Metal Industries Ltd
7238XTKSAkebono Brake Industry Co Ltd
AKBIYPINXAkebono Brake Industry Co Ltd
AKBIFPINXAkebono Brake Industry Co Ltd
AIQXBERAKM Industrial Co Ltd
01639XHKGAKM Industrial Co Ltd
AAIIQPINXAlabama Aircraft Industries Inc
ALKAXIDXAlakasa Industrindo Tbk
531517XBOMAlang Industrial Gases Ltd
FFEFXSTUAlapis Holding Industrial and Commercial SA
5116XKLSAl-Aqar Healthcare Real Estate Investment Trust
AFTSEAlarmForce Industries Inc
ARFCFPINXAlarmForce Industries Inc
AAVCXLONAlbion Venture Capital Trust PLC
531581XBOMAlka Diamond Industries Ltd
511088XBOMAll Metals Process Industries Ltd
ATSTXLONAlliance Trust PLC
ATTXLONAllianz Technology Trust PLC
ASUAXNASAllianzGI Global Sustainability A
ASUAX.LWNASAllianzGI Global Sustainability A LW
ASTNXNASAllianzGI Global Sustainability Instl
ASTPXNASAllianzGI Global Sustainability P
AP.UNTSEAllied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust
APYRFPINXAllied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust
AIITSXAlmonty Industries Inc
ALMTFPINXAlmonty Industries Inc
521070XBOMAlok Industries Ltd
ALOKTEXTXNSEAlok Industries Ltd
XXAAOPINXALP Liquidating Trust
ALPHXLONAlpha Pyrenees Trust Ltd
0Q9JXLONAlpha Trust Andromeda Investment Trust SA
ANDROXATHAlpha Trust Andromeda Investment Trust SA
519012XBOMAlpine Industries Ltd
ALPINEINDXNSEAlpine Industries Ltd
530715XBOMAlps Industries Ltd
ALPSINDUSXNSEAlps Industries Ltd
AIQXASXAlternative Investment Trust
ALTXPINXAltex Industries Inc
XQBXBERAltra Industrial Motion Corp
AIMCNASAltra Industrial Motion Corp
ATFSPINXAltrust Financial Services Inc
0IZVXLONAlumil Rom Industry S.A.
ALMIXIDXAlumindo Light Metal Industry Tbk
AM8XBERAMAG Austria Metall AG
2682XKLSAmalgamated Industrial Steel Bhd
5127XKLSAmanahraya Real Estate Investment Trust
AHREFPINXAmanahraya Real Estate Investment Trust
532335XBOMAmbica Agarbathies & Aroma Industries Ltd
AMBICAAGARXNSEAmbica Agarbathies & Aroma Industries Ltd
532828XBOMAMD Industries Ltd
AATNYSEAmerican Assets Trust Inc
AMBKPPINXAmerican Capital Trust I 6pc Convertable Preferred
AMINPINXAmerican International Industries Inc
A5EXFRAAmerican Railcar Industries Inc
ARIINASAmerican Railcar Industries Inc
1A0XFRAAmerican Realty Capital Healthcare Trust Inc
HCTNASAmerican Realty Capital Healthcare Trust Inc
ATAFXNASAmerican Trust Allegiance
5120XKLSAmFirst Real Estate Investment Trust
513117XBOMAmforge Industries Ltd
ASILXNSEAmit Spinning Industries Ltd
521076XBOMAmit Spinning Industries Ltd
531681XBOMAmradeep Industries Ltd
526241XBOMAmrapali Industries Ltd
AFNLPINXAmTrust Financial Corporation
AFGPPINXAmTrust Financial Group Inc
721XFRAAmTrust Financial Services Inc
AFSIPRBNYSEAmTrust Financial Services Inc
AFSIPRCNYSEAmTrust Financial Services Inc
AFSIPRANYSEAmTrust Financial Services Inc
AFSINASAmTrust Financial Services Inc
531127XBOMAnar Industries Ltd
1528XTAIAnderson Industrial Corp
530721XBOMANG Industries Ltd
ANGVYOTUSAnglo American Investment Trust (ADR)
AARXASXAnglo Australian Resources NL
A5KXBERAnglo Australian Resources NL
002136XSHEAnhui Annada Titanium Industry Co Ltd
000859XSHEAnhui Guofeng Plastic Industry Co Ltd
600444XSHGAnhui Guotong Hi-tech Pipes Industry Co Ltd
600971XSHGAnhui Hengyuan Coal Industry And Electricity Power Co Ltd
002226XSHEAnhui Jiangnan Chemical Industry Co Ltd
002597XSHEAnhui Jinhe Industrial Co Ltd
600567XSHGAnhui Shanying Paper Industry Co Ltd
002538XSHEAnhui Sierte Fertilizer Industry Co Ltd
600063XSHGAnhui Wanwei Updated High-tech Material Industry Co Ltd
ANIKINDSXNSEAnik Industries Ltd
519383XBOMAnik Industries Ltd
504629XBOMAnil Special Steel Industries Ltd
521131XBOMAnjani Dham Industries Ltd
531406XBOMANS Industries Ltd
600816XSHGAnxin Trust Co Ltd
600397XSHGAnyuan Coal Industry Group Co Ltd
APARINDSXNSEApar Industries Ltd
532259XBOMApar Industries Ltd
APCOTEXINDXNSEApcotex Industries Ltd
523694XBOMApcotex Industries Ltd
523537XBOMAPM Industries Ltd
APOIOTUSApollo Industries
AT4XFRAApplied Industrial Technologies Inc
AITNYSEApplied Industrial Technologies Inc
AZTFXNASAquila Tax-Free Trust of Arizona A
AZTFX.LWNASAquila Tax-Free Trust of Arizona A LW
AZTCXNASAquila Tax-Free Trust of Arizona C
AZTYXNASAquila Tax-Free Trust of Arizona Y
ORTFXNASAquila Tax-Free Trust of Oregon A
ORTFX.LWNASAquila Tax-Free Trust of Oregon A LW
ORTCXNASAquila Tax-Free Trust of Oregon C
ORTYXNASAquila Tax-Free Trust of Oregon Y
AHIXDFMArab Heavy Industries PJSC
ARADXTAEArad Investment & Industrial Development Ltd
4968XTKSArakawa Chemical Industries Ltd
ARAVALIINDXNSEAravali Industries Ltd
OWQXFRAArbor Realty Trust Inc
ABRPRCNYSEArbor Realty Trust Inc
ABRPRBNYSEArbor Realty Trust Inc
ABRPRANYSEArbor Realty Trust Inc
ABRNYSEArbor Realty Trust Inc
520121XBOMArcee Industries Ltd
532994XBOMArchidply Industries Ltd
ARCHIDPLYXNSEArchidply Industries Ltd
RONXSTUArena Agroindustrie Alimentari
0DLOXLONArena Agroindustrie Alimentari
AREXMILArena Agroindustrie Alimentari
ARETPINXArete Industries Inc
526851XBOMArex Industries Ltd
ARZZ3XBSPArezzo Industria E Comercio SA
ARGMXTAEArgaman Industries Ltd
AET.UNTSEArgent Energy Trust
ANGYFPINXArgent Energy Trust
ARTXJSEArgent Industrial Ltd
AKPIXIDXArgha Karya Prima Industry Tbk
ARAXASXAriadne Australia Ltd
91AXFRAArmstrong World Industries Inc
AWINYSEArmstrong World Industries Inc
AROGRANITEXNSEAro Granite Industries Ltd
513729XBOMAro Granite Industries Ltd
ATSXLONArtemis Alpha Trust PLC
AX.PR.ATSEArtis Real Estate Investment Trust
AX.PR.ETSEArtis Real Estate Investment Trust
AX.PR.UTSEArtis Real Estate Investment Trust
AX.UNTSEArtis Real Estate Investment Trust
ARESFPINXArtis Real Estate Investment Trust
ARUJXKARAruj Industries Ltd
ARYTEOTUSAryt Industries
ARYTXTAEAryt Industries Ltd
6140XTKSAsahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.
ADIMFPINXAsahi Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.
5456XTKSAsahi Industries Co Ltd
514482XBOMAsahi Industries Ltd
5962XTKSAsaka Industrial Co., Ltd.
ASAMXWBOAsamer Baustoffe AG
Q1PXSESAscendas Hospitality Trust
AHOSYPINXAscendas Hospitality Trust
3A8XBERAscendas India Trust
CY6UXSESAscendas India Trust
ACNDYPINXAscendas India Trust
ACNDFPINXAscendas India Trust
S3ZXBERAscendas Real Estate Inv Trust
A17UXSESAscendas Real Estate Inv Trust
ACDSFPINXAscendas Real Estate Inv Trust
A68UXSESAscott Residence Trust Management Ltd
ACTRFPINXAscott Residence Trust Management Ltd
531935XBOMAsean Industrial Structures Ltd
517565XBOMAshco Niulab Industries Ltd
ASHCONIULXNSEAshco Niulab Industries Ltd
161722XLUXAshco Niulab Industries Ltd
AHDXFRAAshford Hospitality Trust, Inc.
AHTPRDNYSEAshford Hospitality Trust, Inc.
AHTPRENYSEAshford Hospitality Trust, Inc.
AHTPRANYSEAshford Hospitality Trust, Inc.
AHTNYSEAshford Hospitality Trust, Inc.
519174XBOMAshiana Agro Industries Ltd
3526XTKSAshimori Industry Co Ltd
526847XBOMAshirwad Steels & Industries Ltd
ASHOXTAEAshot- Ashkelon Industries Ltd
ASAKFPINXAshot- Ashkelon Industries Ltd
ACRBPINXAsia Carbon Industries Inc
S7OUXSESAsian Pay Television Trust
530413XBOMAsian Vegpro Industries Ltd
APLIXIDXAsiaplast Industries Tbk
ASIAXPHSAsiatrust Development Bank Inc
9912XTAIAssociated Industries China Inc
502015XBOMAssociated Stone Industries (Kotah) Ltd
AI2XFRAAstec Industries Inc
ASTENASAstec Industries Inc
AKCPYOTUSAsustek Computer GDR
2357XTAIAsustek Computer Inc
ASUTZPINXAsustek Computer Inc
AKCPFPINXAsustek Computer Inc
ASUUYPINXAsustek Computer Inc
ATSXWBOAT&S Austria Tech & System AG
ATSXSWXAT&S Austria Tech & System AG
AUSXFRAAT&S Austria Tech & System AG
0O5CXLONAT&S Austria Tech & System AG
ATBXWBOATB Austria Antriebstechnik AG
AZ3AXSTUATB Austria Antriebstechnik AG
0DMXXLONATB Austria Antriebstechnik AG
0O4GXLONA-TEC Industries AG
ANL.HTSXAtlantic Industrial Minerals Inc
5130XKLSAtrium Real Estate Investment Trust
ARMVFPINXAtrium Real Estate Investment Trust
AUGXNZEAugusta Capital Ltd
AAOTSXAugusta Industries Inc
FBOPPINXAugusta Industries Inc
ABE1XDUSAugusta Technologie AG
0N5BXLONAugusta Technologie AG
WAWXCNQAugustine Ventures Inc
AUGUFPINXAugustine Ventures Inc
AURI BXCSEAuriga Industries A/S
0DNUXLONAuriga Industries A/S
AUPXASXAurora Property Buy-Write Income Trust
LX6XBERAustal Ltd
06118XHKGAustar Lifesciences Ltd
AUBXASXAustbrokers Holdings Ltd
A5HXBERAustbrokers Holdings Ltd
Z85XFRAAustevoll Seafood ASA
0DNWXLONAustevoll Seafood ASA
AUSSXOSLAustevoll Seafood ASA
AUSSOXSTOAustevoll Seafood ASA
ASTVFPINXAustevoll Seafood ASA
AOKXASXAustex Oil Ltd
ATOTSXAustex Oil Ltd
5A7XFRAAustex Oil Ltd
522005XBOMAustin Engineering Co Ltd
ANGXASXAustin Engineering Ltd
AUSTFPINXAustin Engineering Ltd
AKKXASXAustin Exploration
JUEXBERAustin Exploration
AUNXYPINXAustin Exploration
AUNXFPINXAustin Exploration
AUTTSXAustin Resources Ltd
ACKXASXAustock Group Ltd
5A9XBERAustock Group Ltd
APGXASXAustpac Resources NL
XPCXBERAustpac Resources NL
AUS.HTSXAustpro Energy Corp.
AGDXASXAustral Gold Ltd
AGLDFPINXAustral Gold Ltd
AUAOFPINXAustraland Property Group
ARHXASXAustralasian Resources Ltd
SF2XFRAAustralasian Resources Ltd
ANZ.PNYSEAustralia & New Zealand Banking (PN)
ANZXASXAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
ANB1XMUNAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
ANBXFRAAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
ANZXNZEAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
ANEWFPINXAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
ANZBYPINXAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd
AAKXASXAustralia China Holdings Ltd
HQQXMUNAustralia China Holdings Ltd
ANBXASXAustralia New Agribusiness & Chemical Group Ltd
5DGXFRAAustralia New Agribusiness & Chemical Group Ltd
8SAXASXAustralia Samly Holdings Group Ltd
AYMXASXAustralia United Mining Ltd
AACXASXAustralian Agricultural Co Ltd
AY5XSTUAustralian Agricultural Co Ltd
AAYYYPINXAustralian Agricultural Co Ltd
ASAGFPINXAustralian Agricultural Co Ltd
AAPXASXAustralian Agricultural Projects Ltd
AUI.UNTSEAustralian Banc Income Fund
ABXXASXAustralian Bauxite Ltd
A7BXFRAAustralian Bauxite Ltd
ACOXASXAustralian Careers Network Ltd
AHFXASXAustralian Dairy Farms Group
F9HXBERAustralian Dairy Farms Group
AYFXASXAustralian Enhanced Income Fund
AEFXASXAustralian Ethical Investment Ltd
AHCLFPINXAustralian Ethical Investment Ltd
AUSHYOTUSAustralian Hydrocarbons (ADR)
ANIXASXAustralian Industrial REIT
AUZXASXAustralian Mines Ltd
MJHXFRAAustralian Mines Ltd
ANNDYOTUSAustralian National Industries (ADR)
AYBXASXAustralian Natural Proteins Ltd
AOGCPINXAustralian Oil & Gas Corp
AOCXASXAustralian Oil Co Ltd
ATRLFPINXAustralian Oil Co Ltd
AQCXASXAustralian Pacific Coal Ltd
APIXASXAustralian Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd
HRR.UNTSEAustralian REIT Income Fund
ARWXASXAustralian Renewable Fuels Ltd
GNWKYPINXAustralian Renewable Fuels Ltd
ARCXASXAustralian Rural Capital Ltd
AVGXASXAustralian Vintage Ltd
MGEXFRAAustralian Vintage Ltd
AUVGFPINXAustralian Vintage Ltd
AZCXASXAustralian Zircon NL
AZCCAXASXAustralian Zircon NL
AUSTRALISXSGOAustralis Seafoods SA
AEMXWBOAustria Email AG
JPLXBERAustria Email AG
4A2XBERAustro Group Ltd
ENXXJSEAustro Group Ltd
AUTOINDXNSEAutoline Industries Ltd
532797XBOMAutoline Industries Ltd
AVPTSEAvcorp Industries Inc
DO9AXBERAvcorp Industries Inc
AVPFFPINXAvcorp Industries Inc
AVGLXTAEAvgol Industries 1953 Ltd
AVTXFRAAviChina Industry & Technology Co Ltd
02357XHKGAviChina Industry & Technology Co Ltd
AVIJFPINXAviChina Industry & Technology Co Ltd
AVIJYPINXAviChina Industry & Technology Co Ltd
512109XBOMAviva Industries Ltd
AVRT-MXTAEAvrot Industries Ltd
5106XKLSAxis Real Estate Investment Trust
523850XBOMAxtel Industries Ltd
 ---AZL MFS Investors Trust
7005XKLSB I G Industries Bhd
500032XBOMBajaj Hindusthan Ltd
BAJAJHINDXNSEBajaj Hindusthan Ltd
507944XBOMBajaj Steel Industries Ltd
BSRTXLONBaker Steel Resources Trust Ltd
514199XBOMBala Techno Industries Ltd
530205XBOMBalaji Galvanising Industries Ltd
500036XBOMBalaji Industrial Corp Ltd
502355XBOMBalkrishna Industries Ltd
BALKRISINDXNSEBalkrishna Industries Ltd
BALLARPURXNSEBallarpur Industries Ltd
500102XBOMBallarpur Industries Ltd
70806XLUXBallarpur Industries Ltd
519295XBOMBambino Agro Industries Ltd
BICB4XBSPBanco Industrial e Comercial S.A.
BICB3XBSPBanco Industrial e Comercial S.A.
5195XTKSBando Chemical Industries Ltd
BFIT-RXBKKBangkok First Invt & Trust Pub Co Ltd
BFIT-FXBKKBangkok First Invt & Trust Pub Co Ltd
BFITXBKKBangkok First Invt & Trust Pub Co Ltd
BNKRXLONBankers Investment Trust PLC
519353XBOMBansisons Tea Industries Ltd
002552XSHEBaoding Heavy Industry Co Ltd
600456XSHGBaoji Titanium Industry Co Ltd
600191XSHGBaotou Huazi Industry Co Ltd
BDLL4XBSPBardella SA Industrias Mecanicas
BDLL3XBSPBardella SA Industrias Mecanicas
BRNASEBarnwell Industries Inc
BS1XBERBassett Furniture Industries
BSETNASBassett Furniture Industries
1527XTAIBasso Industry Corp
BTYMOTUSBatteryMarch Trust
B8AXSTUBAVARIA Industries Group AG
524332XBOMBCL Industries & Infrastructures Ltd
524828XBOMBdh Industries Ltd
BSIBXFRABE Semiconductor Industries NV
0DQHXLONBE Semiconductor Industries NV
BESIXAMSBE Semiconductor Industries NV
BESIYPINXBE Semiconductor Industries NV
BESVFPINXBE Semiconductor Industries NV
BCNDPINXBeacon Redevelopment Industrial Corp
531937XBOMBeckons Industries Ltd
158401XLUXBeckons Industries Ltd
BEDMUTHAXNSEBedmutha Industries Ltd
533270XBOMBedmutha Industries Ltd
600538XSHGBeihai Gofar Marine Biological Industry Co Ltd
000806XSHEBeihai Yinhe Industry Investment Co Ltd
300344XSHEBeijing Taikong Panel Industry Corp
300231XSHEBeijing Trust&Far Technology Co Ltd
002439XSHEBeijing Venustech Inc Common Stock A
NFDXFRABeijingWest Industries International Ltd
02339XHKGBeijingWest Industries International Ltd
NFGRFPINXBeijingWest Industries International Ltd
507050XBOMBelapur Industries Ltd
BLLIPINXBell Industries Inc
BALXASXBellamy's Australia Ltd
BETWPINXBettwork Industries Inc
531719XBOMBhagiradha Chemicals & Industries Ltd
531029XBOMBharat Textiles & Proofing Industries Ltd
531178XBOMBhatia Industries & Infrastructure Ltd
7241XKLSBHS Industries Bhd
524725XBOMBhuvan Tripura Industries Ltd
513333XBOMBhuwalka Steel Industries Ltd
BIFOXKARBiafo Industries Ltd
32BXSTUBialetti Industriale
0GXBXLONBialetti Industriale
BIAXMILBialetti Industriale
2BLXFRABillion Industrial Holdings Ltd
02299XHKGBillion Industrial Holdings Ltd
BINANIINDXNSEBinani Industries Ltd
500059XBOMBinani Industries Ltd
KSAXSTCBinh Thuan Mineral Industry JSC
BIOMAXXBOGBiomax Biocombustibles SA
BRBXFRABiomax Rubber Industries Ltd
WX8XFRABioMed Realty Trust Inc
BMRNYSEBioMed Realty Trust Inc
BIOGXLONBiotech Growth Trust (The) PLC
BJCHI-RXBKKBJC Heavy Industries Public Company Ltd
BJCHI-FXBKKBJC Heavy Industries Public Company Ltd
BJCHIXBKKBJC Heavy Industries Public Company Ltd
514183XBOMBlack Rose Industries Ltd
BRCIXLONBlackRock Commodities Income Investment Trust PLC
BGTNYSEBlackRock Floating Rate Inc Trust
BRFIXLONBlackRock Frontiers Investment Trust PLC
BRGEXLONBlackRock Greater Europe Investment Trust PLC
BRGSXLONBlackRock Greater Europe Investment Trust PLC
BRIGXLONBlackRock Income and Growth Investment Trust PLC
BKTNYSEBlackRock Income Trust
BRLAXLONBlackRock Latin American Investment Trust PLC
MHEASEBlackRock Massachusetts Tax-Exempt Trust
BPKNYSEBlackRock Muni 2018 Term Trust
BAFNYSEBlackRock Muni Inc Inv Qty Trust
BYMNYSEBlackRock Muni Inc Qty Trust
BRNAXLONBlackRock North American Income Trust PLC
BRSCXLONBlackRock Smaller Companies Trust PLC
THRGXLONBlackRock Throgmorton Trust PLC
BUINYSEBlackRock Util & Infra Trust Common
BRWMXLONBlackRock World Mining Trust PLC
BXMTNYSEBlackstone Mortgage Trust Inc
BWRXASXBlackWall Property Trust
513422XBOMBloom Industries Ltd
506981XBOMBlue Chip Tex Industries Ltd
BLPXLONBlue Planet Investment Trust PLC
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Port A
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Port Adv
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Port F
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Port Series C
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Port T5
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Port T6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Port T8
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port A
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port Adv
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port F
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port Sr C
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port T5
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port T6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port T8
 ---BMO SelectTrust Equity Growth Port A
 ---BMO SelectTrust Equity Growth Port Adv
 ---BMO SelectTrust Equity Growth Port F
 ---BMO SelectTrust Equity Growth Port Sr C
 ---BMO SelectTrust Equity Growth Port T5
 ---BMO SelectTrust Equity Growth Port T6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Equity Growth Port T8
 ---BMO SelectTrust Fixed Income Port A
 ---BMO SelectTrust Fixed Income Port Adv
 ---BMO SelectTrust Fixed Income Port T6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Growth Port A
 ---BMO SelectTrust Growth Port Adv
 ---BMO SelectTrust Growth Port F
 ---BMO SelectTrust Growth Port Series C
 ---BMO SelectTrust Growth Port T5
 ---BMO SelectTrust Growth Port T6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Growth Port T8
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio A
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio Advisor
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio C
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio F
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio T5
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio T6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio T8
BEI.UNTSEBoardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust
BOWFFPINXBoardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust
000605XSHEBohai Water Industry Co Ltd
BOLLPINXBollinger Industries Inc
523133XBOMBonanza Industries Ltd
BTBFXNASBoston Trust Asset Management
BTEFXNASBoston Trust Equity
BTMFXNASBoston Trust Midcap
BOSOXNASBoston Trust Small Cap
BVD.UNTSXBoulevard Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust
BORKPINXBourque Industries Inc
8133XKLSBoustead Heavy Industries Corp Bhd
2771XKLSBoustead Holdings Berhad
BSTHYPINXBoustead Holdings Berhad
BSTHFPINXBoustead Holdings Berhad
5254XKLSBoustead Plantations Bhd
F9DXSESBoustead Singapore Ltd
BSTGFPINXBoustead Singapore Ltd
BMIXFRABP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust
BPTNYSEBP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust
BRAMXTAEBram Industries Ltd
BRNDXTAEBrand Industries Ltd
B2XXFRABrandywine Realty Trust
BDNPRENYSEBrandywine Realty Trust
BDNNYSEBrandywine Realty Trust
9938XKLSBright Packaging Industry Bhd
BRILXTAEBrill Shoe Industries Ltd
BCSXASXBrisConnections Unit Trusts
BRITANNIAXNSEBritannia Industries Ltd
500825XBOMBritannia Industries Ltd
BAFXLONBritish & American Investment Trust PLC
B08XSESBritish And Malayan Trustees Ltd
BSETXLONBritish Assets Trust PLC
BTEMXLONBritish Empire Securities & General Trust PLC
BV8XFRABritish Polythene Industries PLC
BPIXLONBritish Polythene Industries PLC
B69XSESBroadway Industrial Group Ltd
BSD.PR.ATSEBrookfield Soundvest Split Trust
BI5XFRABrother Industries Ltd
6448XTKSBrother Industries Ltd
BRTHYPINXBrother Industries Ltd
BRTHFPINXBrother Industries Ltd
BAWAXNASBrown Advisory Sustainable Growth Adv
BAFWXNASBrown Advisory Sustainable Growth I
BIAWXNASBrown Advisory Sustainable Growth Inv
44GLXLONBrunner Investment Trust (The) PLC
BUTXLONBrunner Investment Trust (The) PLC
BTB.UNTSEBTB Real Estate Investment Trust
BTBIFPINXBTB Real Estate Investment Trust
BUCNXSWXBucher Industries AG
BUHAXFRABucher Industries AG
0QQNXLONBucher Industries AG
BCHHFPINXBucher Industries AG
BUET4XBSPBuettner SA Industria e Comercio
BUET3XBSPBuettner SA Industria e Comercio
BUITSEBuhler Industries Inc
BHRBPINXBurke & Herbert Bank & Trust Co
011390XKRXBusan Industrial Co Ltd
CMERXTAEC Mer Industries Ltd
CABXASXCabcharge Australia Ltd
GK6XBERCabcharge Australia Ltd
CBRGFPINXCabcharge Australia Ltd
CGAAYPINXCabcharge Australia Ltd
A6CXFRACache Logistics Trust
K2LUXSESCache Logistics Trust
 ---Caldwell Growth Opportunities Trust
 ---Caldwell ICM Market Strategy Trust
CNNXLONCaledonian Trust PLC
CWT.UNTSECalloway Real Estate Investment Trust
C7JXFRACalloway Real Estate Investment Trust
CWYUFPINXCalloway Real Estate Investment Trust
CPISYOTUSCalpis Food Industry (ADR)
CTXXASXCaltex Australia Ltd
CLZXSTUCaltex Australia Ltd
CTXAFPINXCaltex Australia Ltd
CTXAYPINXCaltex Australia Ltd
J91UXSESCambridge Industrial Trust
CGIUFPINXCambridge Industrial Trust
CALXFRACamden Property Trust
CPTNYSECamden Property Trust
CAR.UNTSECanadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust
CDPYFPINXCanadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust
CSB.UNXTSECanadian Banc Capital Securities Trust
REF.UNTSECanadian Real Estate Investment Trust
C1UXFRACanadian Real Estate Investment Trust
CRXIFPINXCanadian Real Estate Investment Trust
C61UXSESCapitaCommercial Trust
CMIAFPINXCapitaCommercial Trust
CGTXLONCapital Gearing Trust PLC
511505XBOMCapital Trust Ltd
M3TXMUNCapitamall Trust
C38UXLONCapitamall Trust
C38UXSESCapitamall Trust
CPAMFPINXCapitamall Trust
5180XKLSCapitaMalls Malaysia Trust
AU8UXSESCapitaRetail China Trust
CPITFPINXCapitaRetail China Trust
VEG.HTSXCaptiva Verde Industries Ltd
ARDWFPINXCaptiva Verde Industries Ltd
538579XBOMCarewell Industries Ltd
CDPXASXCarindale Property Trust
CRMTXTAECarmit Candy Industries Ltd
530609XBOMCarnation Industries Ltd
1417XTAICarnival Industrial Corp
CARTNASCarolina Trust Bank
CRMXLONCarr's Milling Industries PLC
CMLZFPINXCarr's Milling Industries PLC
CAREPINXCarter Bank & Trust
REAXMCECartera Industrial Rea SA
AUC.HTSXCash Store Australia Holdings Inc
CTTNYSECatchMark Timber Trust Inc
01007TXTAICathay No.2 Real Estate Investment Trust Fund
CVCONASCavco Industries Inc
TCTXLONCayenne Trust (The) PLC
CBKXASXCB Australia Ltd
7076XKLSCB Industrial Product Holding Bhd
CIHPFPINXCB Industrial Product Holding Bhd
CBAFAXNZECBA Capital Australia Ltd
CBPJPINXCBP Carbon Industries Inc
CAWASECCA Industries Inc
CCL.BTSECCL Industries Inc
CCL.ATSECCL Industries Inc
1C9XFRACCL Industries Inc
CDHSYPINXCDL Hospitality Real Estate Investment Trust
J85XSESCDL Hospitality Trusts
CDHSFPINXCDL Hospitality Trusts
CDH1XFRACedar Realty Trust Inc
CDRPRBNYSECedar Realty Trust Inc
CDRNYSECedar Realty Trust Inc
514171XBOMCeeta Industries Ltd
522251XBOMCenlub Industries Ltd
YA3XFRACentral Australian Phosphate Ltd
GTUXASECentral GoldTrust
8052XKLSCentral Industrial Corp Bhd
CPICOXBKKCentral Paper Industry PLC
509499XBOMCentron Industrial Alliance Ltd
9958XTAICentury Iron And Steel Industrial Co Ltd
CENSXNASCentury Shares Trust Instl
CNTBXIDXCentury Textile Industry Tbk
CENTURYTEXXNSECentury Textiles & Industries Ltd
500040XBOMCentury Textiles & Industries Ltd
7600XLUXCentury Textiles & Industries Ltd
CTXTYPINXCentury Textiles & Industries Ltd
531473XBOMCethar Industries Ltd
C4FXFRACF Industries Holdings Inc
CFNYSECF Industries Holdings Inc
CFCXSTUCFC Industriebeteiligungen AG
CHMPPINXChampion Industries, Inc.
Q9SXBERChampion Real Estate Investment Trust
02778XHKGChampion Real Estate Investment Trust
CMPNFPINXChampion Real Estate Investment Trust
522292XBOMChandni Textiles Engineering Industries Ltd
1541XTAIChang Type Industrial Co Ltd
000661XSHEChangchun High & New Technology Industries Group
531327XBOMCharms Industries Ltd
I3NXBERChart Industries Inc
GTLSNASChart Industries Inc
CLDTNYSEChatham Lodging Trust
028260XKRXCheil Industries Inc
CGWXLONChelverton Growth Trust PLC
V1MXBERChemical Industries (Far East) Ltd
C05XSESChemical Industries (Far East) Ltd
CIPXPHSChemical Industries of the Philippines Inc
537326XBOMChemtech Industrial Valves Ltd
2392XTAICheng Uei Precision Industry Co Ltd
002651XSHEChengdu Leejun Industrial Co Ltd
002312XSHEChengdu Santai Electronics Industry
300362XSHEChengdu Tianbao Heavy Industry Co Ltd
3013XTAIChenming Mold Industrial Corp
002716XSHEChenzhou City Jingui Silver Industry Co Ltd
013720XKRXCheongbo Industrial Co Ltd
147830XKRXCheryong Industrial Co Ltd
CWGXFRAChesapeake Granite Wash Trust
CHKRNYSEChesapeake Granite Wash Trust
CHSPPRANYSEChesapeake Lodging Trust
CHSPNYSEChesapeake Lodging Trust
530495XBOMChhattisgarh Industries Ltd
1449XTAIChia Her Industrial Co Ltd
531185XBOMChicAGo Software Industries Ltd
2024XTAIChih Lien Industrial Co Ltd
003780XKRXChin Yang Industry Co Ltd
IHAXFRAChina Agri-Industries Holdings Ltd
00606XHKGChina Agri-Industries Holdings Ltd
CIDHYPINXChina Agri-Industries Holdings Ltd
CIDHFPINXChina Agri-Industries Holdings Ltd
600195XSHGChina Animal Husbandry Industry Co Ltd
601268XSHGChina Erzhong Group (Deyang) Heavy Industries C o Ltd
601106XSHGChina First Heavy Industries Co Ltd
MLCFIXPARChina Forest Industry Holdings Ltd
CGREPINXChina Green Energy Industries Inc
08128XHKGChina Ground Source Energy Industry Group Ltd
601118XSHGChina Hainan Rubber Industry Group Co Ltd
CHHEPINXChina Health Industries Holdings Inc
CINDEOTUSChina Industrial Group
CINDPINXChina Industrial Group
CDNNPINXChina Industrial Steel Inc
CIWTPINXChina Industrial Waste Management Inc
600877XSHGChina Jialing Industrial Co Ltd
00419XHKGChina Jiuhao Health Industry Corp Ltd
CTXIFPINXChina Linen Textile Industry Ltd
000758XSHEChina Nonferrous Metal Industry's Foreign Engineering And Construction Co
00611XHKGChina Nuclear Industry 23 International Corp Ltd
WNZ7XMUNChina Ocean Shipbuilding Industry Group Ltd
00651XHKGChina Ocean Shipbuilding Industry Group Ltd
XYTXBERChina Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Holdings Ltd
01101XHKGChina Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Holdings Ltd
CGVYYPINXChina Rongsheng Heavy Industries Group Holdings Ltd
601989XSHGChina Shipbuilding Industry Corp
600158XSHGChina Sports Industry Group Co Ltd
06166XHKGChina VAST Industrial Urban Development Co Ltd
HAU2XSTUChina Water Industry Group Ltd
01129XHKGChina Water Industry Group Ltd
002630XSHEChina Western Power Industrial Co Ltd
XCXTSXChinook Tyee Industry Ltd
GRWIFPINXChinook Tyee Industry Ltd
2355XTAIChin-Poon Industrial Co Ltd
CHP.UNTSEChoice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust
PPRQFPINXChoice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust
600565XSHGChongqing Dima Industry Co Ltd
600452XSHGChongqing Fuling Electric Power Industrial Co Ltd
600129XSHGChongqing Taiji Industry Group
5797XKLSChoo Bee Metal Industries Bhd
CHOW-RXBKKChow Steel Industries PLC
CHOW-FXBKKChow Steel Industries PLC
CHOWXBKKChow Steel Industries PLC
FOGXBERCHTC Fong''s Industries Co Ltd
00641XHKGCHTC Fong''s Industries Co Ltd
CPI-RXBKKChumporn Palm Oil Industry PLC
CPI-FXBKKChumporn Palm Oil Industry PLC
CPIXBKKChumporn Palm Oil Industry PLC
2010XTAIChun Yuan Steel Industry Co Ltd
1727XTAIChung Hwa Chemical Industrial Works Ltd
1971XTKSChuo Build Industry Co Ltd
CUTBFOTUSChuo Mitsui Trust & Bank
3952XNGOChuoh Pack Industry
1439XTAIChuwa Wool Industry Co (Taiwan) Ltd
CATA4XBSPCIA Industrial Cataguases
CATA3XBSPCIA Industrial Cataguases
SCLO4XBSPCIA Industrial Schlosser SA
SCLO3XBSPCIA Industrial Schlosser SA
PRVI3XBSPCIA Providencia Industria E Comercio
CCXPARCIC (Crédit Industriel et Commercial)
0IQ8XLONCIC (Crédit Industriel et Commercial)
CNBXASXCIC Australia Ltd
7460XLUXCIE De L'Occident Pour La Finance & L'Industrie COFI SA
WY51XFRACIM Commercial Trust Corp
CMCTNASCIM Commercial Trust Corp
CNMA.LXTAECinema Trusts investments in movies - Limited Partnership
CPNXLISCIPAN Companhia Industrial Produtora De Antibioticos SA
CIRXETRCir-Compagnie Industriali Riunite
0MHAXLONCir-Compagnie Industriali Riunite
CIRXMILCir-Compagnie Industriali Riunite
CIRKITXBKKCircuit Electronic Industries PLC
CIRKIT-FXBKKCircuit Electronic Industries PLC
 ---Citadel Diversified Investment Trust
CTTHXIDXCitatah Industri Marmer Tbk
PAHFFPINXCitatah Industri Marmer Tbk
000839XSHECitic Guoan Information Industry Co Ltd
601608XSHGCITIC Heavy Industries Co Ltd
CZECOTUSCitizens Trust
CMHYXLONCity Merchants High Yield Trust Ltd
CYNXLONCity Natural Resources High Yield Trust PLC
A7RUXSESCitySpring Infrastructure Trust
CYPUYPINXCitySpring Infrastructure Trust
CYPUFPINXCitySpring Infrastructure Trust
CBIXTAEClal Biotechnology Industries Ltd
CLALFPINXClal Biotechnology Industries Ltd
 ---Clarica SF CI Value Trust Corporate Cl
 ---Clarica SF CI Value Trust Corporate Cl A
 ---Clarica SF Premier CI Val Trust Corp Cl
CLAN4XBSPClarion SA Agroindustrial
CLAN3XBSPClarion SA Agroindustrial
4CCXFRAClearSign Combustion Corp
CLIRNASClearSign Combustion Corp
1C7XBERClover Industries Ltd
CLOVYPINXClover Industries Ltd
CLRXJSEClover Industries Ltd
4240XTKSCluster Technology Co., Ltd.
CYDNYOTUSClyde Industries (ADR)
37CXFRACNH Industrial NV
508571XBOMCochin Malabar Estates & Industries Ltd
CDEVXTAECohen Development & Industrial Buildings Ltd
CCPTPINXCole Credit Property Trust IV Inc
CXPNYSEColumbia Property Trust, Inc.
CMUTSXComet Industries Ltd
CUF.UNTSECominar Real Estate Investment Trust
CMLEFPINXCominar Real Estate Investment Trust
00286XHKGCommon Splendor International Health Industry Group Ltd
GPRHFPINXCommon Splendor International Health Industry Group Ltd
CNZLXNASCommonwealth Australia/New Zealand
CBAXASXCommonwealth Bank of Australia
CBAXSWXCommonwealth Bank of Australia
CWWXFRACommonwealth Bank of Australia
CBAUFPINXCommonwealth Bank of Australia
CBAUYPINXCommonwealth Bank of Australia
CMWAYPINXCommonwealth Bank of Australia
ESXBNASCommunity Bankers Trust Corp
CTBINASCommunity Trust Bancorp Inc
T4EXSESCompact Metal Industries Ltd
INFEXPARCompagnie Industrielle et Financière d Entreprises
0OC6XLONCompagnie Industrielle et Financière d Entreprises
CVZA5XBUECompania Industrial Cervecera SA
CVZAXBUECompania Industrial Cervecera SA
VOLCANXSGOCompania Industrial El Volcan SA
VOLCAN-SDXSGOCompania Industrial El Volcan SA
CTI-SDXSGOCompania Tecno Industrial SA
CEI-RXBKKCompass East Industry (Thailand) PLC
CEIXBKKCompass East Industry (Thailand) PLC
CNINPINXConbraco Industries Inc
CICXPHSConcepcion Industrial Corp
CAIRPOTUSConquest Industries (PN)
CNRDPINXConrad Industries Inc
CVIIPINXConversion Industries Inc
CONVERAXMEXConvertidora Industrial SAB de CV
CORDSCABLEXNSECords Cable Industries Ltd
532941XBOMCords Cable Industries Ltd
CDD.UNTSECore Canadian Dividend Trust Units
YJEXBERCorEnergy Infrastructure Trust Inc
CORRNYSECorEnergy Infrastructure Trust Inc
WAFRPINXCOREwafer Industries Inc
WX7XFRACorporate Office Properties Trust Inc
OFCPRLNYSECorporate Office Properties Trust Inc
OFCNYSECorporate Office Properties Trust Inc
CORR4XBSPCorrea Ribeiro SA Comercio e Industria
CORR3XBSPCorrea Ribeiro SA Comercio e Industria
CSAN3XBSPCosan SA Industria e Comercio
530859XBOMCosboard Industries Limtied
3607XTAICoxon Precise Industrial Co Ltd
CPR-RXBKKCPR Gomu Industrial PLC
CPR-FXBKKCPR Gomu Industrial PLC
CPRXBKKCPR Gomu Industrial PLC
530423XBOMCrb Share Custodian Services Ltd
CCRSXNASCredit Suisse Trust Commodity Return St
KWH.UNTSECrius Energy Trust
CRIUFPINXCrius Energy Trust
S6NUXSESCroesus Retail Trust
CRORFPINXCroesus Retail Trust
CRR.UNTSECrombie Real Estate Investment Trust
CROMFPINXCrombie Real Estate Investment Trust
CRHXASXCrowe Horwath Australasia
CYKIFPINXCryopak Industries Inc
CSSNYSECSS Industries Inc
CRT.UNTSECT Real Estate Investment Trust
VCTXBERCTI Industries Corp
CTIBNASCTI Industries Corp
CCIXSTCCuchi Commercial And Industrial Developing Invesment JSC
 ---CurrencyShares Hong Kong Dollar Trust
 ---CurrencyShares South African Rand Trust
FXAARCXCurrencyShares® Australian Dollar ETF
LBRXMUNCustodia Holding AG
0NCSXLONCustodia Holding AG
CUSTODYINSXNSACustodian & Allied Insurance PLC
CPYJPINXCustom Designed Compressor Systems Inc
ALSOLXPARCustom Solutions
CUBINASCustomers Bancorp Inc
531472XBOMCybele Industries Ltd
CZMXBERCytec Industries Inc
CYTNYSECytec Industries Inc
DMDCXTAED Medical Industries Ltd
DMEDFPINXD Medical Industries Ltd
DSILXKARD S Industries Ltd
DNLXPHSD&L Industries Inc
DBCIXKARDadabhoy Cement Industries Ltd
000490XKRXDae Dong Industrial Co Ltd
012800XKRXDaechang Industrial
000210XKRXDaelim Industrial Co Ltd
128820XKRXDaesung Industrial
900951XSHGDahua Group Dalian Chemical Industry Co Ltd
8125XKLSDaibochi Plastic & Packaging Industry Bhd
5702XTKSDaiki Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd.
DKIXDUSDaikin Industries Ltd
6367XTKSDaikin Industries Ltd
DKILFPINXDaikin Industries Ltd
DKILYPINXDaikin Industries Ltd
DGW1XDUSDaily Mail and General Trust PLC
DMGTXLONDaily Mail and General Trust PLC
DMTGYPINXDaily Mail and General Trust PLC
DMTGFPINXDaily Mail and General Trust PLC
4D7XFRADaito Trust Construction Co Ltd.
1878XNGODaito Trust Construction Co Ltd.
DITTFPINXDaito Trust Construction Co Ltd.
DIFTYPINXDaito Trust Construction Co Ltd.
5610XTKSDaiwa Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.
DWHXDUSDaiwa House Industry Co Ltd
1925XTKSDaiwa House Industry Co Ltd
DWAHYPINXDaiwa House Industry Co Ltd
DWAHFPINXDaiwa House Industry Co Ltd
6459XTKSDaiwa Industries Ltd.
DAWIFPINXDaiwa Industries Ltd.
002487XSHEDajin Heavy Industry Corp
002204XSHEDalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co Ltd
002354XSHEDalian Kemian Wood Industry Co Ltd
DALMIASUGXNSEDalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd
500097XBOMDalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd
DALTPINXDalton Industries Inc
521220XBOMDamodar Industries Ltd
601001XSHGDatong Coal Industry Co Ltd
9DBXBERDave & Buster's Entertainment Inc
PLAYNASDave & Buster's Entertainment Inc
DVFLPINXDavis Trust Financial Corp.
603019XSHGDawning Information Industry Co Ltd
523369XBOMDCM Shriram Industries Ltd
DCF1XBERDCT Industrial Trust Inc
DCTNYSEDCT Industrial Trust Inc
1464XTAIDe Licacy Industrial Co Ltd
DCMTXNSADeap Capital Management And Trust PLC
DEEPINDXNSEDeep Industries Ltd
532760XBOMDeep Industries Ltd
DFNSPINXDefense Industries International Inc
HBSXBERDelfingen Industry
ALDELXPARDelfingen Industry
0OD4XLONDelfingen Industry
DEGA1XTAEDelta Galil Industries Ltd
DELTYPINXDelta Galil Industries Ltd
DELTFPINXDelta Galil Industries Ltd
8176XKLSDenko Industrial Corp Bhd
6605XTAIDepo Auto Parts Industrial Co Ltd
DW2XFRADeswell Industries Inc
DSWLNASDeswell Industries Inc
DTTNYSEDeutsche Bank Capital Funding Trust IX
DUANYSEDeutsche Bank Capital Funding Trust VIII
DCENYSEDeutsche Bank Capital Funding Trust X
DXBNYSEDeutsche Bank Contingent Capital Trust II
DTKNYSEDeutsche Bank Contingent Capital Trust III
KHINYSEDeutsche High Income Trust
DITXASXDeutsche Industrial Trust
DOTXASXDeutsche Office Trust
DFSPXNASDFA Intl Sustainability Core 1
 ---DFA Intl Sustainability Core 1 R25
DFSIXNASDFA US Sustainability Core 1
 ---DFA US Sustainability Core 1 R25
DSFIXIDXDharma Samudera Fishing Industries Tbk
519134XBOMDharnendra Industries Ltd
DHBI4XBSPDHB Industria e Comercio SA
DHBI3XBSPDHB Industria e Comercio SA
526971XBOMDhoot Industrial Finance Ltd
523862XBOMDhoot Industries Ltd
DIILXKARDiamond Industries Ltd
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