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Ticker Exchange Name
11CXSTU11 bit studios SA
0RE0XLON11 bit studios SA
11BXWAR11 bit studios SA
1JBXFRA1st Constitution Bancorp
FCCYNAS1st Constitution Bancorp
22NXSTU22nd Century Group Inc
0LHJXLON22nd Century Group Inc
XXIIASE22nd Century Group Inc
TDIXASX360 Capital Digital Infrastructure Fund
TOTXASX360 Capital Total Return Fund
AMFZXNAS361 Managed Futures Strategy I
AMFQXNAS361 Managed Futures Strategy Inv
FFNTXCNQ4Front Ventures Corp
FFNTFPINX4Front Ventures Corp
AAAXFRAA A A AG Allgemeine Anlageverwaltung
0KL8XLONA A A AG Allgemeine Anlageverwaltung
539620XBOMA Infrastructure Ltd
531611XBOMAadhaar Ventures India Ltd
 ---AB All Market Alternative Return I
 ---AB All Market Alternative Return K
 ---AB All Market Alternative Return R
 ---AB All Market Alternative Return Z
AMTOXNASAB All Market Real Return 1
AMTTXNASAB All Market Real Return 2
AMTAXNASAB All Market Real Return A
AMTYXNASAB All Market Real Return Advisor
ACMTXNASAB All Market Real Return C
AMTIXNASAB All Market Real Return I
AMTKXNASAB All Market Real Return K
AMTRXNASAB All Market Real Return R
AMTZXNASAB All Market Real Return Z
ADGAXNASAB Core Opportunities A
ADGYXNASAB Core Opportunities Advisor
ADGCXNASAB Core Opportunities C
ADGIXNASAB Core Opportunities I
ADGKXNASAB Core Opportunities K
ADGRXNASAB Core Opportunities R
ADGZXNASAB Core Opportunities Z
 ---AB Mortgage Opportunities A
 ---AB Mortgage Opportunities Adv
 ---AB Mortgage Opportunities C
 ---AB Mortgage Opportunities I
 ---AB Mortgage Opportunities K
 ---AB Mortgage Opportunities R
 ---AB Mortgage Opportunities Z
ABYAXNASAbbey Capital Futures Strategy A
ABYCXNASAbbey Capital Futures Strategy C
ABYIXNASAbbey Capital Futures Strategy I
GOPAXNASAberdeen China Opportunities A
GOPCXNASAberdeen China Opportunities C
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