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Ticker Exchange Name
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio A
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio Adv
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio C
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio ClscF
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio D
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio F
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio F6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio T5
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio T6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio T8
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port A
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port Adv
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port C
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port Clsc F
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port D
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port F
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port F6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port T6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Conservative Port T8
 ---BMO SelectTrust Equity Growth Port A
 ---BMO SelectTrust Equity Growth Port Adv
 ---BMO SelectTrust Equity Growth Port C
 ---BMO SelectTrust Equity Growth Port D
 ---BMO SelectTrust Equity Growth Port F
 ---BMO SelectTrust Equity Growth Port F6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Equity Growth Port T6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Fixed Income Port A
 ---BMO SelectTrust Fixed Income Port Adv
 ---BMO SelectTrust Fixed Income Port D
 ---BMO SelectTrust Fixed Income Port F
 ---BMO SelectTrust Fixed Income Port T6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Growth Portfolio A
 ---BMO SelectTrust Growth Portfolio Advisor
 ---BMO SelectTrust Growth Portfolio C
 ---BMO SelectTrust Growth Portfolio D
 ---BMO SelectTrust Growth Portfolio F
 ---BMO SelectTrust Growth Portfolio F6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Growth Portfolio T6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio A
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio Advisor
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio C
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio Clsc F
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio D
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio F
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio F6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio T5
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio T6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Income Portfolio T8
ELINXMILElettra Investimenti SpA
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