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Ticker Exchange Name
RETCPINX12 Retech Corp
TNMAXNAS1290 Multi-Alternative Strategies A
TNMCXNAS1290 Multi-Alternative Strategies C
TNMIXNAS1290 Multi-Alternative Strategies I
TNMRXNAS1290 Multi-Alternative Strategies R
WFCLPINX1867 Western Financial Corp
 ---2060 Strategy Fund R1
 ---2060 Strategy Fund R4
 ---2060 Strategy Fund R5
601360XSHG360 Security Technology Inc
36LXSTU361 Degrees International Ltd
01361XHKG361 Degrees International Ltd
TSIOFPINX361 Degrees International Ltd
AGFZXNAS361 Global Counter-Trend I
AGFQXNAS361 Global Counter-Trend Inv
AMFZXNAS361 Managed Futures Strategy I
AMFQXNAS361 Managed Futures Strategy Inv
TTEZPINX3AM Technologies Inc
DPSMPINX3D Pioneer Systems Inc
DDDXWBO3D Systems Corp
DDDXSWX3D Systems Corp
SYVXSTU3D Systems Corp
0QYHXLON3D Systems Corp
DDDXMEX3D Systems Corp
DDDNYSE3D Systems Corp
532628XBOM3i Infotech Ltd
CATVPINX4Cable TV International Inc
531925XBOM52 Weeks Entertainment Ltd
BARZGREY5Barz International Inc
526881XBOM63 Moons Technologies Ltd
63MOONSXNSE63 Moons Technologies Ltd
SIXDGREY6D Global Technologies Inc
540874XBOM7Seas Entertainment Ltd
JFKKUNAS8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp
JFKNAS8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp
AZGXSES8Telecom International Holdings Co Ltd
9SPXASX9 Spokes International Ltd
538351XBOMA F Enterprises Ltd
LZNRXTAEA Luzon Real Estate & Finance Ltd
140910XKRXA Self-Administered Real Eestate Investment Trust Inc
MLATVXPARA Toute Vitesse
5391XTKSA&A Material Corp
0HYQXLONA&P (Andreou & Paraskevides) Enterprises PLC
539300XBOMA.K. Spintex Ltd
AZTSXA2Z Technologies Canada Corp
5A3XSTUA3 Allmanna IT- och Telekomaktiebolaget AB
0KUWXLONA3 Allmanna IT- och Telekomaktiebolaget AB
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