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Ticker Exchange Name
ABOTXKARAbbott Laboratories (Pakistan) Ltd
ADOSXKARAdos Pakistan Ltd
AKZOXKARAkzo Nobel Pakistan Ltd
ASENQPINXAmerican Standard Energy Corp
002760XSHEAnhui Fengxing Wear Resistant Materials Co Ltd
ARPLXKARArchroma Pakistan Ltd
00292XHKGAsia Standard Hotel Group Ltd
00129XHKGAsia Standard International Group Ltd
ASASFPINXAsia Standard International Group Ltd
 ---ASTRA Morgan Stanley Global Real Estate
ACPLXKARAttock Cement Pakistan Ltd
 ---AXA/Morgan Stanley Small Cap Growth IB
 ---AXA/Morgan Stanley Small Cap Growth K
 ---AZL Morgan Stanley Global Real Estate
 ---AZL Morgan Stanley Mid Cap Growth
BGLXKARBalochistan Glass Ltd
BPBLXKARBaluchistan Particle Board Ltd
BWHLXKARBaluchistan Wheels Ltd
BIPLXKARBank Islami Pakistan Ltd
BATAXKARBata Pakistan Ltd
BERGXKARBerger Paints Pakistan Ltd
BPLXKARBurshane LPG (Pakistan) Ltd
BYCOXKARBYCO Petroleum Pakistan Ltd
 ---CF Charles Stanley Equity Acc
 ---CF Charles Stanley Intl Growth Acc
 ---CF Charles Stanley Regular Hi Income Inc
CAYXLONCharles Stanley Group PLC
0CDAXSTUChina Distance Education Holdings Ltd
DLNYSEChina Distance Education Holdings Ltd
CLOVXKARClover Pakistan Ltd
COLGXKARColgate-Palmolive (Pakistan) Ltd
3CJXBERConstant Contact Inc
CTCTNASConstant Contact Inc
EV4XSTUConstantin Medien AG
0K77XLONConstantin Medien AG
CEMTSXConstantine Metal Resources Ltd
3CQXMUNConstantine Metal Resources Ltd
CNSNFPINXConstantine Metal Resources Ltd
CPSNYSECooper-Standard Holdings Inc
CSMXKARCrescent Standard Modaraba
DMREXSTUDEMIRE Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate AG
0KG2XLONDEMIRE Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate AG
MREOFPINXDEMIRE Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate AG
DHGAX.LWNASDreyfus/Standish Global Fixed Incom A LW
DHGAXNASDreyfus/Standish Global Fixed Income A
DHGCXNASDreyfus/Standish Global Fixed Income C
SDGIXNASDreyfus/Standish Global Fixed Income I
DSDYXNASDreyfus/Standish Global Fixed Income Y
DYNOXKARDynea Pakistan Ltd
6063XTKSEmergency Assistance Japan Co Ltd
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