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Ticker Exchange Name
TGTXFRA11 88 0 Solutions AG
TGTDCHIX11 88 0 Solutions AG
0NXTXLON11 88 0 Solutions AG
SSIAXNAS1919 Socially Responsive Balanced A
SESLXNAS1919 Socially Responsive Balanced C
 ---1919 Socially Responsive Balanced FI
LMRNXNAS1919 Socially Responsive Balanced I
 ---1919 Socially Responsive Balanced R
SRCENAS1st Source Corp
SAFEXCNQ3 Sixty Risk Solutions Ltd
62P2XFRA3 Sixty Risk Solutions Ltd
SAYFFPINX3 Sixty Risk Solutions Ltd
DDDXASX3D Resources Ltd
DD5XBER3D Resources Ltd
FNRTSX49 North Resources Inc
O49XFRA49 North Resources Inc
FNINFGREY49 North Resources Inc
SXXXCNQ66 Resources Corp
HRPKXMUN7C Solarparken AG
0QV6XLON7C Solarparken AG
512161XBOM8K Miles Software Services Ltd
8KMILESXNSE8K Miles Software Services Ltd
AISTSXA I S Resources Ltd
A8SXFRAA I S Resources Ltd
AISSFPINXA I S Resources Ltd
ANSXPHSA. Soriano Corp
SRIOFPINXA. Soriano Corp
AYIXASXA1 Investments & Resources Ltd
542580XBOMAartech Solonics Ltd
MRKYXNASAB All Market Income Advisor
AMTYXNASAB All Market Real Return Advisor
ABWYXNASAB Balance Wealth Strategy Advisor
ABNYXNASAB Bond Inflation Strategy Advisor
WPSGXNASAB Concentrated Growth Advisor
ABPYXNASAB Conservative Wealth Strategy Advisor
ADGYXNASAB Core Opportunities Advisor
CHCYXNASAB Discovery Growth Advisor
ABYSXNASAB Discovery Value Advisor
EGPYXNASAB Emerging Markets Growth Advisor
ABYEXNASAB Emerging Markets Multi-Asset Advisor
AUIYXNASAB Equity Income Advisor
AFCVXNASAB Floating Rate Strategies Advisor
ANAYXNASAB Global Bond Advisor
GCEYXNASAB Global Core Equity Advisor
ARSYXNASAB Global Real Estate Investment Advisor
 ---AB Government Reserves Advisor
AGRYXNASAB Growth Advisor
AGDYXNASAB High Income Advisor
ABTYXNASAB High Income Municipal Advisor
HIYYXNASAB High Yield Advisor
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