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Ticker Exchange Name
01CXWAR01Cyberaton SA
TGTXFRA11 88 0 Solutions AG
TLGAFPINX11 88 0 Solutions AG
11CXSTU11 bit studios SA
0RE0XLON11 bit studios SA
11BXWAR11 bit studios SA
TNFAXNAS1290 Convertible Securities A
TNFCXNAS1290 Convertible Securities C
TNFIXNAS1290 Convertible Securities I
TNFRXNAS1290 Convertible Securities R
TNVAXNAS1290 GAMCO Small/Mid Cap Value A
TNVCXNAS1290 GAMCO Small/Mid Cap Value C
TNVIXNAS1290 GAMCO Small/Mid Cap Value I
TNVRXNAS1290 GAMCO Small/Mid Cap Value R
TNYAXNAS1290 Global Talents A
 ---1290 Global Talents C
TNYFXNAS1290 Global Talents I
TNTRXNAS1290 Global Talents R
TNMAXNAS1290 Multi-Alternative Strategies A
TNMCXNAS1290 Multi-Alternative Strategies C
TNMIXNAS1290 Multi-Alternative Strategies I
TNMRXNAS1290 Multi-Alternative Strategies R
TNBAXNAS1290 SmartBeta Equity A
TNBCXNAS1290 SmartBeta Equity C
TNBIXNAS1290 SmartBeta Equity I
TNBRXNAS1290 SmartBeta Equity R
TNUAXNAS1290 Unconstrained Bond Managers A
TNUCXNAS1290 Unconstrained Bond Managers C
TNUIXNAS1290 Unconstrained Bond Managers I
TNURXNAS1290 Unconstrained Bond Managers R
 ---1-3 Month Enhanced Short Duration Mutual
ONTXASX1300 Smiles Ltd
AZ9XBER1300 Smiles Ltd
PIHNAS1347 Property Insurance Holdings Inc
DDDAXNAS13D Activist A
DDDCXNAS13D Activist C
DDDIXNAS13D Activist I Inc Inc
EFSHPINX1847 Holdings LLC
WFCLPINX1867 Western Financial Corp
SBFAXNAS1919 Financial Services A
SFSLXNAS1919 Financial Services C
 ---1919 Financial Services FI
LMRIXNAS1919 Financial Services I
 ---1919 Financial Services R
SSIAXNAS1919 Socially Responsive Balanced A
SESIXNAS1919 Socially Responsive Balanced B
SESLXNAS1919 Socially Responsive Balanced C
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