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Ticker Exchange Name
OXBCPINXOxford Bank Corp
OXOXSTUOxford BioMedica PLC
OXBXLONOxford BioMedica PLC
OXFOPINXOxford Capital Corp
OXFCPINXOxford City Football Club Inc
OGSIYOTUSOxford GlycoSciences PLC
OXFDNASOxford Immunotec Global PLC
OXDXFRAOxford Industries Inc
OXMNYSEOxford Industries Inc
514414XBOMOxford Industries Ltd
OX3XFRAOxford Instruments PLC
OXIGXLONOxford Instruments PLC
OXGGYPINXOxford Instruments PLC
OXINFPINXOxford Instruments PLC
OJNXBEROxford Investments Holdings Inc
OXIHFPINXOxford Investments Holdings Inc
OXLCNNASOxford Lane Capital
OXLCONASOxford Lane Capital
OXLCNASOxford Lane Capital Corp
OXPXLONOxford Pharmascience Group PLC
OXFSFPINXOxford Pharmascience Group PLC
OXI.HTSXOxford Resources Inc
OXHXLONOxford Technology 2 Venture Capital Trust PLC
OTTXLONOxford Technology 3 Venture Capital Trust PLC
OXFXLONOxford Technology 4 Venture Capital Trust PLC
OXTXLONOxford Technology Venture Capital Trust PLC
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