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Ticker Exchange Name
AAAXFRAA A A AG Allgemeine Anlageverwaltung
0KL8XLONA A A AG Allgemeine Anlageverwaltung
NMIXDUSAladdin Blockchain Technolgies
0IR7XLONAlfa Wood Bulgaria AD
ABLOXNASAlger Balanced I-2
ACAAXNASAlger Capital Appreciation A
ACAPXNASAlger Capital Appreciation B
ALCCXNASAlger Capital Appreciation C
ALAFXNASAlger Capital Appreciation Focus A
ALCFXNASAlger Capital Appreciation Focus C
ALGRXNASAlger Capital Appreciation Focus I
 ---Alger Capital Appreciation Focus T
 ---Alger Capital Appreciation Focus Y
ALZFXNASAlger Capital Appreciation Focus Z
ALARXNASAlger Capital Appreciation Instl I
ACARXNASAlger Capital Appreciation Instl R
 ---Alger Capital Appreciation Instl Y
ACIZXNASAlger Capital Appreciation Instl Z-2
ALVOXNASAlger Capital Appreciation Ptfl I-2
 ---Alger Capital Appreciation S
 ---Alger Capital Appreciation T
ACAZXNASAlger Capital Appreciation Z
SPEDXNASAlger Dynamic Opportunities A
ADOCXNASAlger Dynamic Opportunities C
ADOZXNASAlger Dynamic Opportunities Z
AAEMXNASAlger Emerging Markets A
ACEMXNASAlger Emerging Markets C
AIEMXNASAlger Emerging Markets I
AYEMXNASAlger Emerging Markets Y
AZEMXNASAlger Emerging Markets Z
CHUSXNASAlger Global Growth A
CHUCXNASAlger Global Growth C
AFGIXNASAlger Global Growth I
 ---Alger Global Growth T
AFGZXNASAlger Global Growth Z
ALBAXNASAlger Growth & Income A
ALBCXNASAlger Growth & Income C
AIGOXNASAlger Growth & Income I-2
 ---Alger Growth & Income T
AGIZXNASAlger Growth & Income Z
AHSAXNASAlger Health Sciences A
AHSCXNASAlger Health Sciences C
 ---Alger Health Sciences T
AHSZXNASAlger Health Sciences Z
ALGAXNASAlger International Growth A
 ---Alger International Growth A Inc
AFGPXNASAlger International Growth B
 ---Alger International Growth B Inc
ALGCXNASAlger International Growth C
AIGIXNASAlger International Growth I
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