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Ticker Exchange Name
AVOIPINXAdvanced Voice Recognition Systems Inc
AEMXBUEAgnico Eagle Mines Ltd
AEMTSEAgnico Eagle Mines Ltd
AEMXSWXAgnico Eagle Mines Ltd
AE9XDUSAgnico Eagle Mines Ltd
AEMNYSEAgnico Eagle Mines Ltd
76924XLUXAgnite Education Ltd
UM2XMUNAS Latvijas kugnieciba
0O5ZXLONAS Latvijas kugnieciba
LSC1RXRISAS Latvijas kugnieciba
COGXLONCambridge Cognition Holdings PLC
JCAXSTUCDA (Compagnie des Alpes)
CDAXPARCDA (Compagnie des Alpes)
0N7NXLONCDA (Compagnie des Alpes)
EZQXMUNChina Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd
02319XHKGChina Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd
CIADFPINXChina Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd
CIADYPINXChina Mengniu Dairy Co Ltd
CIGNITITECXNSECigniti Technologies Ltd
534758XBOMCigniti Technologies Ltd
CIRXDUSCIR Compagnie Industriali Riunite SpA
0MHAXLONCIR Compagnie Industriali Riunite SpA
CIRXMILCIR Compagnie Industriali Riunite SpA
COGEXNASCognios Large Cap Growth Institutional
COGGXNASCognios Large Cap Growth Investor
COGVXNASCognios Large Cap Value Institutional
COGLXNASCognios Large Cap Value Investor
COGIXNASCognios Market Neutral Large Cap Instl
COGMXNASCognios Market Neutral Large Cap Inv
FWJXBERCognition Holdings Ltd
CGNXJSECognition Holdings Ltd
COGVPINXCognitiv Inc
CTSHXWBOCognizant Technology Solutions Corp
CTSH34XBSPCognizant Technology Solutions Corp
CTSHXSWXCognizant Technology Solutions Corp
COZXDUSCognizant Technology Solutions Corp
CTSHXMEXCognizant Technology Solutions Corp
CTSHNASCognizant Technology Solutions Corp
IAZXBERCompagnia Immobiliare Azionaria SpA
0DZ8XLONCompagnia Immobiliare Azionaria SpA
CIAXMILCompagnia Immobiliare Azionaria SpA
MLAAEXPARCompAGnie Aerienne Inter Regional Express
SGOXWBOCompagnie de Saint-Gobain SA
SGOXBRUCompagnie de Saint-Gobain SA
GOBXSWXCompagnie de Saint-Gobain SA
GOBXMUNCompagnie de Saint-Gobain SA
SGOXPARCompagnie de Saint-Gobain SA
CODXLONCompagnie de Saint-Gobain SA
SGOXMILCompagnie de Saint-Gobain SA
SGONXMEXCompagnie de Saint-Gobain SA
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