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Ticker Exchange Name
3750XTKSFractale Corp
F31XSESFragrance Group Ltd
FPPXLONFragrant Prosperity Holdings Ltd
RCFA11XBSPFram Capital Gestão de Ativos Ltda
 XSTOFram Skandinavien AB
7840XTKSFrance Bed Holdings Co Ltd
MLFSGXPARFrance Soir Groupe
MLFTIXPARFrance Tourisme Immobilier SA
6FCNXBERFrancescas Holdings Corp
FRANNASFrancescas Holdings Corp
FRANXLONFranchise Brands PLC
FRGNASFranchise Group Inc
FNHIPINXFranchise Holdings International Inc
FMTYFOTUSFranchise Master Tech
FNVTSEFranco-Nevada Corp
3FOXSTUFranco-Nevada Corp
0QYZXLONFranco-Nevada Corp
FNVXMEXFranco-Nevada Corp
FNVNYSEFranco-Nevada Corp
FFM1XHAMFranconofurt AG
FPHXETRFrancotyp-Postalia Holding AG
0NACXLONFrancotyp-Postalia Holding AG
FTYPFGREYFrancotyp-Postalia Holding AG
FNKIXNASFrank Value Instl
FRNKXNASFrank Value Inv
FISAXNASFranklin Adjustable US Govt Secs A
FAUGXNASFranklin Adjustable US Govt Secs A1
FAUZXNASFranklin Adjustable US Govt Secs Adv
FCSCXNASFranklin Adjustable US Govt Secs C
 ---Franklin Adjustable US Govt Secs R6
FRALXNASFranklin AL Tax-Free Income A
FALEXNASFranklin AL Tax-Free Income C
FALZXNASFranklin Alabama Tax Free Income Advisor
FTAZXNASFranklin AZ Tax-Free Income A
FAZZXNASFranklin AZ Tax-Free Income Adv
FAZIXNASFranklin AZ Tax-Free Income C
FRBSXNASFranklin Balance Sheet Investment A
FBSAXNASFranklin Balance Sheet Investment Adv
FCBSXNASFranklin Balance Sheet Investment C
 ---Franklin Balance Sheet Investment Fund A
FBSRXNASFranklin Balance Sheet Investment R
FBSIXNASFranklin Balance Sheet Investment R6
FBLAXNASFranklin Balanced A
FBFZXNASFranklin Balanced Adv
FBMCXNASFranklin Balanced C
 ---Franklin Balanced R
FBFRXNASFranklin Balanced R6
FBDIXNASFranklin Biotechnology Discovery A
FTDZXNASFranklin Biotechnology Discovery Adv
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