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Ticker Exchange Name
36LXBER361 Degrees International Ltd
01361XHKG361 Degrees International Ltd
TSIOYPINX361 Degrees International Ltd
TSIOFPINX361 Degrees International Ltd
AGFZXNAS361 Global Managed Futures Strategy I
AGFQXNAS361 Global Managed Futures Strategy Inv
AMFZXNAS361 Managed Futures Strategy I
AMFQXNAS361 Managed Futures Strategy Inv
N3LXSTU3Legs Resources PLC
3LEGXLON3Legs Resources PLC
LTAAXNASAB 2000 Retirement Strategy A
LTAAX.LWNASAB 2000 Retirement Strategy A LW
LTAVXNASAB 2000 Retirement Strategy Advisor
LTABXNASAB 2000 Retirement Strategy B
LTACXNASAB 2000 Retirement Strategy C
LTAIXNASAB 2000 Retirement Strategy I
LTAKXNASAB 2000 Retirement Strategy K
LTARXNASAB 2000 Retirement Strategy R
LTBAXNASAB 2005 Retirement Strategy A
LTBAX.LWNASAB 2005 Retirement Strategy A LW
LTBVXNASAB 2005 Retirement Strategy Advisor
LTCBXNASAB 2005 Retirement Strategy B
LTSCXNASAB 2005 Retirement Strategy C
LTBIXNASAB 2005 Retirement Strategy I
LTBKXNASAB 2005 Retirement Strategy K
LTBRXNASAB 2005 Retirement Strategy R
LTDAXNASAB 2010 Retirement Strategy A
LTDAX.LWNASAB 2010 Retirement Strategy A LW
LTDVXNASAB 2010 Retirement Strategy Advisor
LTDBXNASAB 2010 Retirement Strategy B
LTDCXNASAB 2010 Retirement Strategy C
LTDIXNASAB 2010 Retirement Strategy I
LTDKXNASAB 2010 Retirement Strategy K
LTDRXNASAB 2010 Retirement Strategy R
LTEAXNASAB 2015 Retirement Strategy A
LTEAX.LWNASAB 2015 Retirement Strategy A LW
LTEVXNASAB 2015 Retirement Strategy Advisor
LTGBXNASAB 2015 Retirement Strategy B
LTECXNASAB 2015 Retirement Strategy C
LTEIXNASAB 2015 Retirement Strategy I
LTEKXNASAB 2015 Retirement Strategy K
LTERXNASAB 2015 Retirement Strategy R
LTHAXNASAB 2020 Retirement Strategy A
LTHAX.LWNASAB 2020 Retirement Strategy A LW
LTHVXNASAB 2020 Retirement Strategy Advisor
LTHBXNASAB 2020 Retirement Strategy B
LTHCXNASAB 2020 Retirement Strategy C
LTHIXNASAB 2020 Retirement Strategy I
LTHKXNASAB 2020 Retirement Strategy K
LTHRXNASAB 2020 Retirement Strategy R
LTIAXNASAB 2025 Retirement Strategy A
LTIAX.LWNASAB 2025 Retirement Strategy A LW
LTIVXNASAB 2025 Retirement Strategy Advisor
LTIBXNASAB 2025 Retirement Strategy B
LTICXNASAB 2025 Retirement Strategy C
LTJIXNASAB 2025 Retirement Strategy I
LTJKXNASAB 2025 Retirement Strategy K
LTJRXNASAB 2025 Retirement Strategy R
LTJAXNASAB 2030 Retirement Strategy A
LTJAX.LWNASAB 2030 Retirement Strategy A LW
LTJVXNASAB 2030 Retirement Strategy Advisor
LTJBXNASAB 2030 Retirement Strategy B
LTJCXNASAB 2030 Retirement Strategy C
LTKIXNASAB 2030 Retirement Strategy I
LTKKXNASAB 2030 Retirement Strategy K
LTKRXNASAB 2030 Retirement Strategy R
LTKAXNASAB 2035 Retirement Strategy A
LTKAX.LWNASAB 2035 Retirement Strategy A LW
LTKVXNASAB 2035 Retirement Strategy Advisor
LTKBXNASAB 2035 Retirement Strategy B
LTKCXNASAB 2035 Retirement Strategy C
LTLIXNASAB 2035 Retirement Strategy I
LTLKXNASAB 2035 Retirement Strategy K
LTLRXNASAB 2035 Retirement Strategy R
LTLAXNASAB 2040 Retirement Strategy A
LTLAX.LWNASAB 2040 Retirement Strategy A LW
LTLVXNASAB 2040 Retirement Strategy Advisor
LTLBXNASAB 2040 Retirement Strategy B
LTLCXNASAB 2040 Retirement Strategy C
LTSIXNASAB 2040 Retirement Strategy I
LTSKXNASAB 2040 Retirement Strategy K
LTSRXNASAB 2040 Retirement Strategy R
LTPAXNASAB 2045 Retirement Strategy A
LTPAX.LWNASAB 2045 Retirement Strategy A LW
LTPVXNASAB 2045 Retirement Strategy Advisor
LTPBXNASAB 2045 Retirement Strategy B
LTPCXNASAB 2045 Retirement Strategy C
LTPIXNASAB 2045 Retirement Strategy I
LTPKXNASAB 2045 Retirement Strategy K
LTPRXNASAB 2045 Retirement Strategy R
LTQAXNASAB 2050 Retirement Strategy A
LTQAX.LWNASAB 2050 Retirement Strategy A LW
LTQVXNASAB 2050 Retirement Strategy Advisor
LTQBXNASAB 2050 Retirement Strategy B
LTQCXNASAB 2050 Retirement Strategy C
LTQIXNASAB 2050 Retirement Strategy I
LTQKXNASAB 2050 Retirement Strategy K
LTQRXNASAB 2050 Retirement Strategy R
LTWAXNASAB 2055 Retirement Strategy A
LTWAX.LWNASAB 2055 Retirement Strategy A LW
LTWVXNASAB 2055 Retirement Strategy Advisor
LTWBXNASAB 2055 Retirement Strategy B
LTWCXNASAB 2055 Retirement Strategy C
LTWIXNASAB 2055 Retirement Strategy I
LTWKXNASAB 2055 Retirement Strategy K
LTWRXNASAB 2055 Retirement Strategy R
ABWAXNASAB Balance Wealth Strategy A
ABWAX.LWNASAB Balance Wealth Strategy A LW
ABWYXNASAB Balance Wealth Strategy Advisor
ABWBXNASAB Balance Wealth Strategy B
ABWCXNASAB Balance Wealth Strategy C
ABWIXNASAB Balance Wealth Strategy I
ABWKXNASAB Balance Wealth Strategy K
ABWRXNASAB Balance Wealth Strategy R
ABNOXNASAB Bond Inflation Strategy 1
ABNTXNASAB Bond Inflation Strategy 2
ABNAXNASAB Bond Inflation Strategy A
ABNAX.LWNASAB Bond Inflation Strategy A LW
ABNYXNASAB Bond Inflation Strategy Advisor
ABNCXNASAB Bond Inflation Strategy C
ANBIXNASAB Bond Inflation Strategy I
ABNKXNASAB Bond Inflation Strategy K
ABNRXNASAB Bond Inflation Strategy R
ABNZXNASAB Bond Inflation Strategy Z
ABPAXNASAB Conservative Wealth Strategy A
ABPAX.LWNASAB Conservative Wealth Strategy A LW
ABPYXNASAB Conservative Wealth Strategy Advisor
ABPBXNASAB Conservative Wealth Strategy B
ABPCXNASAB Conservative Wealth Strategy C
APWIXNASAB Conservative Wealth Strategy I
APWKXNASAB Conservative Wealth Strategy K
APPRXNASAB Conservative Wealth Strategy R
AFCAXNASAB Floating Rate Strategies A
AFCVXNASAB Floating Rate Strategies Advisor
AFCCXNASAB Floating Rate Strategies C
AFCIXNASAB Floating Rate Strategies I
AFCKXNASAB Floating Rate Strategies K
AFCRXNASAB Floating Rate Strategies R
AFCZXNASAB Floating Rate Strategies Z
AMUAXNASAB Market Neutral Strategy US A
AMUAX.LWNASAB Market Neutral Strategy US A LW
AMUYXNASAB Market Neutral Strategy US Advisor
AMCUXNASAB Market Neutral Strategy US C
AMUIXNASAB Market Neutral Strategy US I
AMUKXNASAB Market Neutral Strategy US K
AMURXNASAB Market Neutral Strategy US R
AUNAX.LWNASAB Municipal Bond Inflation Strateg A LW
AUNOXNASAB Municipal Bond Inflation Strategy 1
AUNTXNASAB Municipal Bond Inflation Strategy 2
AUNAXNASAB Municipal Bond Inflation Strategy A
AUNYXNASAB Municipal Bond Inflation Strategy Adv
AUNCXNASAB Municipal Bond Inflation Strategy C
AWAAXNASAB Wealth Appreciation Strategy A
AWAAX.LWNASAB Wealth Appreciation Strategy A LW
AWAYXNASAB Wealth Appreciation Strategy Advisor
AWABXNASAB Wealth Appreciation Strategy B
AWACXNASAB Wealth Appreciation Strategy C
AWAIXNASAB Wealth Appreciation Strategy I
AWAKXNASAB Wealth Appreciation Strategy K
AWARXNASAB Wealth Appreciation Strategy R
ABYAXNASAbbey Capital Futures Strategy A
ABYAX.LWNASAbbey Capital Futures Strategy A LW
 ---Abbey Capital Futures Strategy C
ABYIXNASAbbey Capital Futures Strategy I
7086XKLSAbleGroup Bhd
ASFIXNASAbsolute Strategies I
ASFAXNASAbsolute Strategies R
 ---AC Alternatives Multi-Strategy A
 ---AC Alternatives Multi-Strategy C
 ---AC Alternatives Multi-Strategy Instl
 ---AC Alternatives Multi-Strategy Investor
 ---AC Alternatives Multi-Strategy R
 ---AC Alternatives Multi-Strategy R6
MQRAX.LWNASACR Multi-Strategy Quality Ret (MQR A LW
MQRAXNASACR Multi-Strategy Quality Ret (MQR) A
MQRIXNASACR Multi-Strategy Quality Ret (MQR) I
CPASXNASActive PortŪ Multi-Mgr Alt Strategies A International Inc
A54XSESADV Integrated MFG Corp Ltd
ASWXASXAdvanced Share Registry Ltd
A77XBERAdvanced Share Registry Ltd
VSDIXNASAdvantus Strategic Dividend Income Instl
ASDNXNASAdvantus Strategic Dividend Income Inv
ADVNXNASAdvisory Research Strategic Income
32AXSTUAegean Airlines SA
0OHYXLONAegean Airlines SA
AEGNXATHAegean Airlines SA
AGZNFPINXAegean Airlines SA
4AEXFRAAegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc
ANWNYSEAegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc
KYEXSTUAegerion Pharmaceuticals Inc
AEGRNASAegerion Pharmaceuticals Inc
IT3AXBERAegion Corp
AEGNNASAegion Corp
AHYAXNASAegis High Yield A
AHYFXNASAegis High Yield I
AEGISCHEMXNSEAegis Logistics Ltd
500003XBOMAegis Logistics Ltd
AVFAX.LWNASAegis Value A Load Waived
 ---AEGON/TA Trans Strategic Selection Init
AFRIPRUDXNSAAfrica Prudential Registrars PLC
 ---Aftershock Strategies A
 ---Aftershock Strategies C
SHKIXNASAftershock Strategies I
SHKNXNASAftershock Strategies N
 ---AGF Global Aggregate Bond MF Series
 ---AGF Global Aggregate Bond Series F
AMPHXLONAggregated Micro Power Holdings PLC
DASAXNASAIP Dynamic Alternative Strategies A
DASAX.LWNASAIP Dynamic Alternative Strategies A LW
DACSXNASAIP Dynamic Alternative Strategies C
DASIXNASAIP Dynamic Alternative Strategies I
DAISXNASAIP Dynamic Alternative Strategies IS
ALJJPINXALJ Regional Holdings Inc
AGAXBERAlleghany Corp
YNYSEAlleghany Corp
ALGYPINXAlleghany Pharmacal Corp
AWRYPINXAllegheny & Western Railway
ALEPFOTUSAllegheny Mines
ATDXBERAllegheny Technologies Inc
ATINYSEAllegheny Technologies Inc
AVLYPINXAllegheny Valley Bancorp Inc
ABPAPINXAllegiance Bank Of Na Pa
AHQXASXAllegiance Coal Ltd
 ---Allegiant Multi-Factor Sm Cap Core R
APROPINXAllegiant Professional Business Services Inc
AGHXFRAAllegiant Travel Co LLC
ALGTNASAllegiant Travel Co LLC
60AXBERAllegion PLC
AMTXASXAllegra Orthopaedics Ltd
5A6XBERAllegra Orthopaedics Ltd
 ---Allegro Aggressive Canada Foc Port J DSC
 ---Allegro Aggressive Canada Foc Port J NL
 ---Allegro Aggressive Canada Focus Port A
 ---Allegro Aggressive Canada Focus Port B
 ---Allegro Aggressive Canada Focus Port C
 ---Allegro Aggressive Canada Focus Port U
 ---Allegro Aggressive Portfolio A
 ---Allegro Aggressive Portfolio A-RDSP
 ---Allegro Aggressive Portfolio B
 ---Allegro Aggressive Portfolio B-RDSP
 ---Allegro Aggressive Portfolio C
 ---Allegro Aggressive Portfolio J DSC
 ---Allegro Aggressive Portfolio J NL
 ---Allegro Aggressive Portfolio U
 ---Allegro Bal Gro Cda Focus Port Cl A
 ---Allegro Bal Gro Cda Focus Port Cl B
 ---Allegro Bal Gro Cda Focus Port Cl J DSC
 ---Allegro Bal Gro Cda Focus Port Cl J NL
 ---Allegro Bal Gro Cda Focus Port Cl TJ DSC
 ---Allegro Bal Gro Cda Focus Port Cl TJ NL
 ---Allegro Bal Gro Cda Focus Port Cl TU
 ---Allegro Bal Gro Cda Focus Port Cl U
 ---Allegro Bal Gro Cda Focus Port T DSC
 ---Allegro Bal Gro Cda Focus Port T NL
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Cl J DSC
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Cl J NL
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Cl TJ DSC
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Cl TJ NL
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Class A
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Class B
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Class T DSC
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Class T NL
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Class TU
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Class U
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class A
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class B
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class J DSC
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class J NL
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class T DSC
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class T NL
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class TJ DSC
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class TJ NL
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class TU
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class U
 ---Allegro Conservative Portfolio A
 ---Allegro Conservative Portfolio A-RDSP
 ---Allegro Conservative Portfolio B
 ---Allegro Conservative Portfolio B-RDSP
 ---Allegro Conservative Portfolio C
 ---Allegro Conservative Portfolio J DSC
 ---Allegro Conservative Portfolio J NL
 ---Allegro Conservative Portfolio U
 ---Allegro Growth Cda Focus Port Cl J DSC
 ---Allegro Growth Cda Focus Port Cl J NL
 ---Allegro Growth Cda Focus Port Class A
 ---Allegro Growth Cda Focus Port Class B
 ---Allegro Growth Cda Focus Port Class U
 ---Allegro Growth Portfolio Class A
 ---Allegro Growth Portfolio Class B
 ---Allegro Growth Portfolio Class J DSC
 ---Allegro Growth Portfolio Class J NL
 ---Allegro Growth Portfolio Class U
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Cl TJ DSC
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Class A
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Class B
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Class J DSC
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Class J NL
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Class TDSC
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Class TJ NL
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Class TNL
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Class TU
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Class U
 ---Allegro Moderate Agg Cda Foc Port J DSC
 ---Allegro Moderate Agg Cda Foc Port J NL
 ---Allegro Moderate Aggressive Port A-RDSP
 ---Allegro Moderate Aggressive Port B-RDSP
 ---Allegro Moderate Aggressive Port J DSC
 ---Allegro Moderate Aggressive Port J NL
 ---Allegro Moderate Aggressive Portfolio A
 ---Allegro Moderate Aggressive Portfolio B
 ---Allegro Moderate Aggressive Portfolio C
 ---Allegro Moderate Aggressive Portfolio U
 ---Allegro Moderate Agrsv Canada Foc Port A
 ---Allegro Moderate Agrsv Canada Foc Port B
 ---Allegro Moderate Agrsv Canada Foc Port C
 ---Allegro Moderate Agrsv Canada Foc Port U
 ---Allegro Moderate Cnsrv Port A-RDSP
 ---Allegro Moderate Cnsrv Port B-RDSP
 ---Allegro Moderate Conservative Port A
 ---Allegro Moderate Conservative Port B
 ---Allegro Moderate Conservative Port C
 ---Allegro Moderate Conservative Port J DSC
 ---Allegro Moderate Conservative Port J NL
 ---Allegro Moderate Conservative Port U
 ---Allegro Moderate Portfolio A
 ---Allegro Moderate Portfolio A-RDSP
 ---Allegro Moderate Portfolio B
 ---Allegro Moderate Portfolio B-RDSP
 ---Allegro Moderate Portfolio C
 ---Allegro Moderate Portfolio J DSC
 ---Allegro Moderate Portfolio J NL
 ---Allegro Moderate Portfolio U
534064XBOMAlliance Integrated Metaliks Ltd
GMTFXNASAllianzGI Global Megatrends A
GMTFX.LWNASAllianzGI Global Megatrends A LW
GMTIXNASAllianzGI Global Megatrends Instl
GMTPXNASAllianzGI Global Megatrends P
AOYXFRAAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Ltd
AOSLNASAlpha & Omega Semiconductor Ltd
ELSAXNASAltegris Equity Long Short A
ELSAX.LWNASAltegris Equity Long Short A LW
ELSCXNASAltegris Equity Long Short C
ELSIXNASAltegris Equity Long Short I
ELSNXNASAltegris Equity Long Short N
 ---Altegris Equity Long Short Y
FXDAXNASAltegris Fixed Income Long Short A
 NASAltegris Fixed Income Long Short A LW
FXDCXNASAltegris Fixed Income Long Short C
FXDIXNASAltegris Fixed Income Long Short I
FXDNXNASAltegris Fixed Income Long Short N
EVOAXNASAltegris Futures Evolution Strategy A
EVOAX.LWNASAltegris Futures Evolution Strategy A LW
EVOCXNASAltegris Futures Evolution Strategy C
EVOIXNASAltegris Futures Evolution Strategy I
EVONXNASAltegris Futures Evolution Strategy N
 ---Altegris Futures Evolution Strategy Y
MCRAXNASAltegris Macro Strategy A
MCRAX.LWNASAltegris Macro Strategy A Load Waived
MCRCXNASAltegris Macro Strategy C
MCRIXNASAltegris Macro Strategy I
MCRNXNASAltegris Macro Strategy N
 ---Altegris Macro Strategy Y
MFTAXNASAltegris Managed Futures Strategy A
MFTAX.LWNASAltegris Managed Futures Strategy A LW
MFTCXNASAltegris Managed Futures Strategy C
MFTIXNASAltegris Managed Futures Strategy I
MFTOXNASAltegris Managed Futures Strategy O
 ---Altegris Managed Futures Strategy Y
MULAXNASAltegris Multi-Strategy Alternative A
MULAX.LWNASAltegris Multi-Strategy Alternative A LW
 ---Altegris Multi-Strategy Alternative C
MULIXNASAltegris Multi-Strategy Alternative I
MULNXNASAltegris Multi-Strategy Alternative N
RAAAX.LWNASAltegris/AACA Real Estate Long Shor A LW
RAAAXNASAltegris/AACA Real Estate Long Short A
RAACXNASAltegris/AACA Real Estate Long Short C
RAAIXNASAltegris/AACA Real Estate Long Short I
RAANXNASAltegris/AACA Real Estate Long Short N
 ---Alternative Strategies Mutual Fund C
 ---Alternative Strategies Port A
 ---Alternative Strategies Port I
AFIAX.LWNASAmericaFirst Quantitative Strategie A LW
AFIAXNASAmericaFirst Quantitative Strategies A
AFISXNASAmericaFirst Quantitative Strategies C
AFIIXNASAmericaFirst Quantitative Strategies I
ACFDXNASAmerican Century Legacy Foc Lg Cap Adv
ACFSXNASAmerican Century Legacy Foc Lg Cap Instl
ACFOXNASAmerican Century Legacy Foc Lg Cap Inv
ACFCXNASAmerican Century Legacy Foc Lg Cap R
ACGDXNASAmerican Century Legacy Lg Cap Adv
ACGHXNASAmerican Century Legacy Lg Cap Instl
ACGOXNASAmerican Century Legacy Lg Cap Inv
ACGEXNASAmerican Century Legacy Lg Cap R
ACMFXNASAmerican Century Legacy Multi Cap Adv
ACMHXNASAmerican Century Legacy Multi Cap Instl
ACMNXNASAmerican Century Legacy Multi Cap Inv
ACMEXNASAmerican Century Legacy Multi Cap R
ASIQXNASAmerican Century Strategic Income A
ASIQX.LWNASAmerican Century Strategic Income A LW
ASIHXNASAmerican Century Strategic Income C
ASIJXNASAmerican Century Strategic Income Instl
ASIEXNASAmerican Century Strategic Income Inv
ASIWXNASAmerican Century Strategic Income R
ASIPXNASAmerican Century Strategic Income R6
 ---American Fidelity Dual Strategy
CFFAXNASAmerican Funds College 2015 529-A
CFFAX.LWNASAmerican Funds College 2015 529-A LW
CFIBXNASAmerican Funds College 2015 529-B
CFFCXNASAmerican Funds College 2015 529-C
CFIEXNASAmerican Funds College 2015 529-E
CFIFXNASAmerican Funds College 2015 529F1
CNEAXNASAmerican Funds College 2018 529-A
CNEAX.LWNASAmerican Funds College 2018 529-A LW
CNEBXNASAmerican Funds College 2018 529-B
CNECXNASAmerican Funds College 2018 529-C
CNEEXNASAmerican Funds College 2018 529-E
CNEFXNASAmerican Funds College 2018 529F1
CTOAXNASAmerican Funds College 2021 529-A
CTOAX.LWNASAmerican Funds College 2021 529-A LW
CTOBXNASAmerican Funds College 2021 529-B
CTOCXNASAmerican Funds College 2021 529-C
CTOEXNASAmerican Funds College 2021 529-E
CTOFXNASAmerican Funds College 2021 529F1
CFTAXNASAmerican Funds College 2024 529-A
CFTAX.LWNASAmerican Funds College 2024 529-A LW
CCFBXNASAmerican Funds College 2024 529-B
CTFCXNASAmerican Funds College 2024 529-C
CTFEXNASAmerican Funds College 2024 529-E
CTFFXNASAmerican Funds College 2024 529F1
CSTAXNASAmerican Funds College 2027 529-A
CSTAX.LWNASAmerican Funds College 2027 529-A LW
CTSBXNASAmerican Funds College 2027 529-B
CTSCXNASAmerican Funds College 2027 529-C
CTSEXNASAmerican Funds College 2027 529-E
CTSFXNASAmerican Funds College 2027 529F1
CTHAXNASAmerican Funds College 2030 529-A
CTHAX.LWNASAmerican Funds College 2030 529-A LW
CTHBXNASAmerican Funds College 2030 529-B
CTYCXNASAmerican Funds College 2030 529-C
CTHEXNASAmerican Funds College 2030 529-E
CTHFXNASAmerican Funds College 2030 529F1
 ---American Funds College 2033 529-A
 ---American Funds College 2033 529-B
 ---American Funds College 2033 529-C
 ---American Funds College 2033 529-E
 ---American Funds College 2033 529F1
CENAX.LWNASAmerican Funds College Enrollment 529 LW
CENAXNASAmerican Funds College Enrollment 529-A
CENBXNASAmerican Funds College Enrollment 529-B
CENCXNASAmerican Funds College Enrollment 529-C
CENEXNASAmerican Funds College Enrollment 529-E
CENFXNASAmerican Funds College Enrollment 529-F-
NEFCXNASAmerican Indep NestEgg 2050 C
ATAFXNASAmerican Trust Allegiance
ANGLXNASAngel Oak Multi-Strategy Income A
ANGLX.LWNASAngel Oak Multi-Strategy Income A LW
ANGCXNASAngel Oak Multi-Strategy Income C
ANGIXNASAngel Oak Multi-Strategy Income Instl
QMHIXNASAQR Managed Futures Strategy HV I
QMHNXNASAQR Managed Futures Strategy HV N
QMHRXNASAQR Managed Futures Strategy HV R6
AQMIXNASAQR Managed Futures Strategy I
AQMNXNASAQR Managed Futures Strategy N
AQMRXNASAQR Managed Futures Strategy R6
ASAIXNASAQR Multi-Strategy Alternative I
ASANXNASAQR Multi-Strategy Alternative N
QSARXNASAQR Multi-Strategy Alternative R6
ARCIXNASAQR Risk-Balanced Commodities Strategy I
ARCNXNASAQR Risk-Balanced Commodities Strategy N
ORTFXNASAquila Tax-Free Trust of Oregon A
ORTFX.LWNASAquila Tax-Free Trust of Oregon A LW
ORTCXNASAquila Tax-Free Trust of Oregon C
ORTIXNASAquila Tax-Free Trust of Oregon I
ORTYXNASAquila Tax-Free Trust of Oregon Y
ARBULXISTArbul Entegre Tekstil Isletmeleri A.S.
 ---Arden Alternative Strategies A
 ---Arden Alternative Strategies C
ARDNXNASArden Alternative Strategies I
 ---Arden Alternative Strategies II A
ARDWXNASArden Alternative Strategies II Advisor
 ---Arden Alternative Strategies II C
IARDXNASArden Alternative Strategies II I
 ---Arden Alternative Strategies II R
 ---Arden Variable Alternative Strategies 1
 ---Arden Variable Alternative Strategies 2
 ---Arden Variable Alternative Strategies 3
 ---Ares Senior Credit Strategies Fund
ARSSXNASAristotle Strategic Credit
CSFFXNASArrow Commodity Strategy A
CSFFX.LWNASArrow Commodity Strategy A Load Waived
CSFTXNASArrow Commodity Strategy C
CSFNXNASArrow Commodity Strategy Institutional
MFTFXNASArrow Managed Futures Strategy A
MFTFX.LWNASArrow Managed Futures Strategy A LW
MFTTXNASArrow Managed Futures Strategy C
MFTNXNASArrow Managed Futures Strategy Instl
512642XBOMArtillegence Bio-Innovations Ltd
UKHXMUNAS Kurzemes atslega 1
0IXSXLONAS Kurzemes atslega 1
KA11RXRISAS Kurzemes atslega 1
ASEMACREDXSGOAseguradora Magallanes de Garantia y Credito SA
ASEMAGENXSGOAseguradora Magallanes SA
530413XBOMAsian Vegpro Industries Ltd
5RAXSESAsia-Pacific Strategic Investments Ltd
MFBPXNASAspen Managed Futures Strategy A
MFBPX.LWNASAspen Managed Futures Strategy A LW
MFBTXNASAspen Managed Futures Strategy I
 ---AST Academic Strategies Asset Allocation
 ---AST Advanced Strategies
 ---AST Goldman Sachs Strategic Income
 ---AST JPMorgan Strategic Opportunities
 ---AST Legg Mason Diversified Growth I
 ---AST Prudential Flexible Multi-Strategy
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Class Ser I
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Class Ser Y
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Corp Cl A
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Corp Cl F
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield II Class Sr A
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield II Class Sr F
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield II Class Sr I
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Ser A
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Ser F
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Ser I
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Ser X
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Ser Y
 ---Astra Aggressive Strategy
 ---Astra Balanced Strategy
 ---Astra Carnegie International Equity
 ---Astra Conservative Strategy
 ---Astra Growth Strategy
 ---Avant Gold Bullion Strategy A
 ---Avant Gold Bullion Strategy C
 ---Avant Gold Bullion Strategy I
 ---Avant Gold Bullion Strategy VP 1
 ---Avant Gold Coin Strategy A
 ---Avant Gold Coin Strategy C
 ---Avant Gold Coin Strategy I
ACSBXNASAvenue Credit Strategies Institutional
ACSAXNASAvenue Credit Strategies Investor
 ---Avenue Credit Strategies Platform Shares
ACPNYSEAvenue Income Credit Strategy
 ---AXA Aggressive Strategy IB
 ---AXA Aggressive Strategy K
 ---AXA Balanced Strategy IA
 ---AXA Balanced Strategy IB
 ---AXA Balanced Strategy K
 ---AXA Charter Income Strategies B
 ---AXA Conservative Growth Strategy IA
 ---AXA Conservative Growth Strategy IB
 ---AXA Conservative Growth Strategy K
 ---AXA Conservative Strategy IA
 ---AXA Conservative Strategy IB
 ---AXA Conservative Strategy K
 ---AXA Growth Strategy IA
 ---AXA Growth Strategy IB
 ---AXA Growth Strategy K
 ---AXA Moderate Growth Strategy IA
 ---AXA Moderate Growth Strategy IB
 ---AXA Moderate Growth Strategy K
 ---AZL Balanced Index Strategy
 ---AZL Growth Index Strategy
 ---AZL MVP Balanced Index Strategy
 ---AZL MVP Growth Index Strategy
BAGIXNASBaird Aggregate Bond Inst
BAGSXNASBaird Aggregate Bond Inv
BCHXSTUBanco di Sardegna
0NINXLONBanco di Sardegna
BSRPXMILBanco di Sardegna
BKE1XSTUBank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk
BBNIXIDXBank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk
PTBRYPINXBank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk
BSOROTUSBank of Southern Oregon
17BXFRABanregio Grupo Financiero SAB de CV
GFREGIO OXMEXBanregio Grupo Financiero SAB de CV
BBSE3XBSPBB Seguridade Participacoes SA
BBSEYPINXBB Seguridade Participacoes SA
BGAXASXBega Cheese Ltd
B6GXFRABega Cheese Ltd
BEGAFPINXBega Cheese Ltd
BEGXLONBegbies Traynor Group PLC
300075XSHEBeijing eGova Co Ltd
300399XSHEBeijing Tianli Mobile Service Integration Inc
BLINXSWXBFW Liegenschaften AG
0QOEXLONBFW Liegenschaften AG
BSRIXNASBishop Street Strategic Growth Instl
BICSXNASBlackRock Commodity Strategies Instl
BCSAXNASBlackRock Commodity Strategies Inv A
BCSAX.LWNASBlackRock Commodity Strategies Inv A LW
BCSCXNASBlackRock Commodity Strategies Inv C
DSUNYSEBlackRock Debt Strategies Fund
BPSASEBlackRock PA Strategic Muni
BPSASEBlackrock PA Strategic Municipal Tr
BSIIXNASBlackRock Strategic Income Opps Instl
BASIXNASBlackRock Strategic Income Opps Inv A
BASIX.LWNASBlackRock Strategic Income Opps Inv A LW
BSICXNASBlackRock Strategic Income Opps Inv C
BSDNYSEBlackRock Strategic Muni
MAMTXNASBlackRock Strategic Muni Opps Instl
MEMTXNASBlackRock Strategic Muni Opps Inv A
MEMTX.LWNASBlackRock Strategic Muni Opps Inv A LW
MDMTXNASBlackRock Strategic Muni Opps Inv A1
MDMTX.LWNASBlackRock Strategic Muni Opps Inv A1 LW
MFMTXNASBlackRock Strategic Muni Opps Inv C
BSTAX.LWNASBlackRock Strategic Risk Allocation I LW
BSTIXNASBlackRock Strategic Risk Allocation Inst
BSTAXNASBlackRock Strategic Risk Allocation InvA
BSTCXNASBlackRock Strategic Risk Allocation InvC
BXMDXNASBlackstone Alternative Multi-Strategy D
BXMIXNASBlackstone Alternative Multi-Strategy I
 ---Blackstone Alternative Multi-Strategy R
BXMYXNASBlackstone Alternative Multi-Strategy Y
BGBNYSEBlackstone/GSO Strategic Credit
BMATXNASBMO Alternative Strategies A
BMATX.LWNASBMO Alternative Strategies A LW
BMASXNASBMO Alternative Strategies I
 ---BMO Global Strategic Bd Adv Sr
 ---BMO Global Strategic Bd Sr F
 ---BMO Global Strategic Bond
 ---BMO Global Strategic Bond D
 ---BMO Global Strategic Bond ETF
 ---BMO Ins Cdn Income Strategy GIF
 ---BMO MatchMaker Agrsv Growth (V2 Non Reg)
 ---BMO MatchMaker Strategic Balanced Port
 ---BMO MatchMaker Strategic Growth Port
 ---BMO MatchMaker Strategic Income Port
BMHAXNASBMO Monegy High Yield Bond A
BMHAX.LWNASBMO Monegy High Yield Bond A LW
MHBNXNASBMO Monegy High Yield Bond I
MHBYXNASBMO Monegy High Yield Bond Y
MIMSXNASBNY Mellon Mid Cap Multi-Strategy Inv
MPMCXNASBNY Mellon Mid Cap Multi-Strategy M
MISCXNASBNY Mellon Small Cap Multi-Strategy Inv
MPSSXNASBNY Mellon Small Cap Multi-Strategy M
EMILIANAXSGOBodegas & Vinedos Santa Emiliana SA
BILXMCEBodegas Bilbainas SA
ESMEXBUEBodegas Esmeralda SA
ESME5XBUEBodegas Esmeralda SA
RIOXMCEBodegas Riojanas SA
0O82XLONBodegas Riojanas SA
BO4XSTUBorregaard ASA
0QB7XLONBorregaard ASA
CQBXBERBreedon Aggregates Ltd
BREEXLONBreedon Aggregates Ltd
BHY/UNXTSEBrookfield High Yield Strategi Ord
 ---Brown Advisory Multi-Strategy Advisor
BAFRXNASBrown Advisory Multi-Strategy Instl
 ---Brown Advisory Multi-Strategy Investor
BATBXNASBrown Advisory Strategic Bond Adv
 ---Brown Advisory Strategic Bond Instl
BIABXNASBrown Advisory Strategic Bond Investor
CAT31XPARCaisse Regionale de Credit Agricole Mutuel Toulouse 31
0MK6XLONCaisse Regionale de Credit Agricole Mutuel Toulouse 31
CDMSFPINXCaisse Regionale de Credit Agricole Mutuel Toulouse 31
CSQNASCalamos Strategic Total Return
 ---Caldwell ICM Market Strategy Trust
 ---Caldwell Strategic Investment Pooled
 ---Calvert Strategic Income A
 ---Calvert Strategic Income C
 ---Calvert Strategic Income Y
CJCTSXCanada Strategic Metals Inc
YXENXBERCanada Strategic Metals Inc
CJCFFPINXCanada Strategic Metals Inc
CDMAXNASCane Alternative Strategies A
CDMAX.LWNASCane Alternative Strategies A LW
CDMCXNASCane Alternative Strategies C
CDMIXNASCane Alternative Strategies I
 ---Canoe Strategic High Yield A
 ---Canoe Strategic High Yield Class A
 ---Canoe Strategic High Yield Class F
 ---Canoe Strategic High Yield F
CALXLONCapital & Regional PLC
CRPYFPINXCapital & Regional PLC
CPE.HTSXCapital Pro-Egaux Inc
CCHZPINXCareer College Holding Co Inc
CWEXASXCarnegie Wave Energy Ltd
CNMXFRACarnegie Wave Energy Ltd
CWGYFPINXCarnegie Wave Energy Ltd
HFXAXNASCatalyst Hedged Futures Strategy A
HFXAX.LWNASCatalyst Hedged Futures Strategy A LW
HFXCXNASCatalyst Hedged Futures Strategy C
HFXIXNASCatalyst Hedged Futures Strategy I
MCXAXNASCatalyst Macro Strategy A
MCXAX.LWNASCatalyst Macro Strategy A Load Waived
MCXCXNASCatalyst Macro Strategy C
MCXIXNASCatalyst Macro Strategy I
530XSESCedar Strategic Holdings Ltd
CGSHPINXCEFC Global Strategic Holdings Inc
EG9XBERCegid Group
CGDXPARCegid Group
0N7QXLONCegid Group
DKFTXIDXCentral Omega Resources Tbk
CDEXWARCentrum Doradztwa Ekonomicznego SA
00079XHKGCentury Legend holdings
CEREBRAINTXNSECerebra Integrated Technologies Ltd
532413XBOMCerebra Integrated Technologies Ltd
 ---CF Charles Stanley Regular Hi Income Inc
VCHXSWXCharles Voegele Ltd
VCHXSTUCharles Voegele Ltd
0QLFXLONCharles Voegele Ltd
0CGXFRAChegg Inc
CIKXASXChina Integrated Media Corp Ltd
BW5XBERChina Regenerative Medicine International Ltd
08158XHKGChina Regenerative Medicine International Ltd
CBMRFPINXChina Regenerative Medicine International Ltd
00235XHKGChina Strategic Holdings Ltd
CSGGFPINXChina Strategic Holdings Ltd
CSHYYPINXChina Strategic Holdings Ltd
PVENXMUNChinese Strategic Holdings Ltd
08089XHKGChinese Strategic Holdings Ltd
6915XTKSChiyoda Integre Co., Ltd.
 ---CI American Equity Seg I
 ---CI American Equity Seg II
 ---CI American Small Companies Segregate I
 ---CI American Small Companies Segregate II
 ---CI Cambridge US Dividend Registered A
 ---CI Cambridge US Dividend Registered E
 ---CI Cambridge US Dividend Registered F
 ---CI Cambridge US Dividend Registered I
 ---CI Cambridge US Dividend Registered O
 ---CI Global Seg I
 ---CI Global Seg II
 ---CI Global Segregated
 ---CI Global Value Seg
 ---CI Harbour Growth & Income Segregated
 ---CI Harbour Segregated
 ---CI International Seg I
 ---CI International Seg II
 ---CI Marret Strategic Yield A
 ---CI Marret Strategic Yield E
 ---CI Marret Strategic Yield F
 ---CI Marret Strategic Yield I
 ---CI Marret Strategic Yield O
 ---CI Money Market Segregated
 ---CI Money Market Segregated I
 ---CI Money Market Segregated II
 ---CI Signature Canadian Balanced Seg I
 ---CI Signature Canadian Balanced Seg II
 ---CI Signature Canadian Bond Segregated I
 ---CI Signature Canadian Bond Segregated II
 ---CI Signature Canadian Segregated I
 ---CI Signature Canadian Segregated II
 ---CI Signature Dividend Legacy I Seg
 ---CI Signature Dividend Legacy II Seg
 ---CI Signature High Income B Seg I
 ---CI Signature High Income B Seg II
 ---CI Signature High Income Segregated I
 ---CI Signature High Income Segregated II
 ---CI Signature Select Canadian Seg I
 ---CI Signature Select Canadian Seg II
 ---CI Synergy American Segregated
CEGR3XBSPCIA Distrib de Gas do Rio de Janeiro - CEG
CSAB4XBSPCIA Seguros Alianca Da Bahia
CSAB3XBSPCIA Seguros Alianca Da Bahia
JZZ.HTSXCleghorn Minerals Ltd
CCPLXNASCloud Capital Strategic All Cap A
CCILXNASCloud Capital Strategic All Cap Instl
CCPMXNASCloud Capital Strategic Mid Cap A
SCOTXNASCMG Tactical Futures Strategy A
SCOTX.LWNASCMG Tactical Futures Strategy A LW
SCOIXNASCMG Tactical Futures Strategy I
COLVPINXCoastal Integrated Services Inc
MARGARET'SXSGOColegio Britanico Saint Margaret'S MARGARET'S
COLCRAIG-BXSGOColegio Craighouse SA
COLINSEXSGOColegio Ingles Catolico de La Serena
CCSAXNASColumbia Commodity Strategy A
CCSAX.LWNASColumbia Commodity Strategy A LW
CCSCXNASColumbia Commodity Strategy C
CCIYXNASColumbia Commodity Strategy I
CCSRXNASColumbia Commodity Strategy R
CCOMXNASColumbia Commodity Strategy R4
CADLXNASColumbia Commodity Strategy R5
CCSWXNASColumbia Commodity Strategy W
CCFYXNASColumbia Commodity Strategy Y
CCSZXNASColumbia Commodity Strategy Z
NLGIXNASColumbia LifeGoal Growth A
NLGIX.LWNASColumbia LifeGoal Growth A Load Waived
NLGBXNASColumbia LifeGoal Growth B
NLGCXNASColumbia LifeGoal Growth C
CGRUXNASColumbia LifeGoal Growth K
CWPRXNASColumbia Lifegoal Growth Portfolio R4
CGPRXNASColumbia Lifegoal Growth Portfolio R5
CLGRXNASColumbia LifeGoal Growth R
NGPAXNASColumbia LifeGoal Growth Z
COSIXNASColumbia Strategic Income A
COSIX.LWNASColumbia Strategic Income A Load Waived
CLSBXNASColumbia Strategic Income B
CLSCXNASColumbia Strategic Income C
CSIVXNASColumbia Strategic Income K
CSNRXNASColumbia Strategic Income R
CMNRXNASColumbia Strategic Income R4
CTIVXNASColumbia Strategic Income R5
CTTWXNASColumbia Strategic Income W
CPHUXNASColumbia Strategic Income Y
LSIZXNASColumbia Strategic Income Z
 ---Columbia VP Commodity Strategy 1
 ---Columbia VP Commodity Strategy 2
 ---Columbia VP Multi-Strategy Alts 1
 ---Columbia VP Multi-Strategy Alts 2
 ---Columbia VP Strategic Income 1
 ---Columbia VP Strategic Income 2
CINXSTUCommercial International Bank (Egypt) SAE
41JBXLONCommercial International Bank (Egypt) SAE
CBKDXLONCommercial International Bank (Egypt) SAE
CIBEYPINXCommercial International Bank (Egypt) SAE
CMGGFPINXCommercial International Bank (Egypt) SAE
MLAAEXPARCompAGnie Aerienne Inter Regional Express
5CIXBERCompania de Distribucion Integral Logista Holdings SA
LOGXMCECompania de Distribucion Integral Logista Holdings SA
0QWAXLONCompania de Distribucion Integral Logista Holdings SA
 ---Compass EMP Alternative Strategies
CAIAXNASCompass EMP Alternative Strategies A
CAIAX.LWNASCompass EMP Alternative Strategies A LW
CAICXNASCompass EMP Alternative Strategies C
CAITXNASCompass EMP Alternative Strategies T
CHLAXNASCompass EMP Long/Short Strategies A
CHLAX.LWNASCompass EMP Long/Short Strategies A LW
CHLCXNASCompass EMP Long/Short Strategies C
CHLIXNASCompass EMP Long/Short Strategies I
CHLTXNASCompass EMP Long/Short Strategies T
 ---Compass EMP Multi-Asset Strategies I
CABXPHSConcrete Aggregates Corp
CAXPHSConcrete Aggregates Corp
CALTXNASContext Alternative Strategies Investor
CSSFXNASContravisory Strategic Equity Instl
CSEFXNASContravisory Strategic Equity Investor
COCOPINXCorinthian Colleges Inc
CLMASECornerstone Strategic Value
CLMASECornerstone Strategic Value Fund Inc
CVSAXNASCorverus Strategic Equity A
CVSAX.LWNASCorverus Strategic Equity A Load Waived
 ---Counsel Global Trend Strategy Series A
 ---Counsel Global Trend Strategy Series D
 ---Counsel Global Trend Strategy Series E
 ---Counsel Global Trend Strategy Series I
 ---Counsel Global Trend Strategy Series P
 ---Counsel Regular Pay Portfolio
 ---Counsel Regular Pay Portfolio Series B
 ---Counsel Regular Pay Portfolio Series D
 ---Counsel Regular Pay Portfolio Series DT
 ---Counsel Regular Pay Portfolio Series E
 ---Counsel Regular Pay Portfolio Series EB
 ---Counsel Regular Pay Portfolio Series ET
 ---Counsel Regular Pay Portfolio Series F
 ---Counsel Regular Pay Portfolio Series I
 ---Counsel Regular Pay Portfolio Series IT
 ---Counsel Regular Pay Portfolio Series T
 XTSECOXE Commodity Strategy Acc
CRAFPINXCraft College Inc
CSOAXNASCredit Suisse Strategic Income A
CSOAX.LWNASCredit Suisse Strategic Income A LW
CSOCXNASCredit Suisse Strategic Income C
CSOIXNASCredit Suisse Strategic Income I
VAEAXNASCredit Suisse Volaris US Strategies A
VAEAX.LWNASCredit Suisse Volaris US Strategies A LW
VAECXNASCredit Suisse Volaris US Strategies C
VAEIXNASCredit Suisse Volaris US Strategies I
GCAFXNASCrescent Strategic Income Advisor
GCSFXNASCrescent Strategic Income Institutional
CUXXASXCrossland Strategic Metals Ltd
CUTXMUNCrossland Strategic Metals Ltd
CSTFXNASCrystal Strategy Absolute Income A
CSTFX.LWNASCrystal Strategy Absolute Income A LW
CSTNXNASCrystal Strategy Absolute Income I
CSTTXNASCrystal Strategy Absolute Income R
CSRAXNASCrystal Strategy Absolute Return A
CSRAX.LWNASCrystal Strategy Absolute Return A LW
CSRNXNASCrystal Strategy Absolute Return I
CSLFX.LWNASCrystal Strategy Absolute Return Pl A LW
CSLFXNASCrystal Strategy Absolute Return Plus A
CSLNXNASCrystal Strategy Absolute Return Plus I
CSLTXNASCrystal Strategy Absolute Return Plus R
CSRTXNASCrystal Strategy Absolute Return R
 ---Crystal Wealth Strategic Yld Media
1D3AXFRAD Carnegie & Co AB
DCARXSTOD Carnegie & Co AB
DNSXWARDANKS -Europejskie Centrum Doradztwa Podatkowego SA
DEGAPINXDega Technology Inc
DGMAPINXDegama Software Solutions Inc
7119XKLSDegem Bhd
DGLXNZEDelegat Group Ltd
DTRLPINXDetroit Legal News
DSLAXNASDeutsche Strategic Equity Lg/Shrt A
DSLAX.LWNASDeutsche Strategic Equity Lg/Shrt A LW
DSLCXNASDeutsche Strategic Equity Lg/Shrt C
DSLIXNASDeutsche Strategic Equity Lg/Shrt Instl
DSLSXNASDeutsche Strategic Equity Lg/Shrt S
KUSAXNASDeutsche Strategic Government Secs A
KUSAX.LWNASDeutsche Strategic Government Secs A LW
KUSBXNASDeutsche Strategic Government Secs B
KUSCXNASDeutsche Strategic Government Secs C
KUSIXNASDeutsche Strategic Government Secs Instl
KUSMXNASDeutsche Strategic Government Secs S
NOTAXNASDeutsche Strategic High Yld Tx-Fr A
NOTAX.LWNASDeutsche Strategic High Yld Tx-Fr A LW
NOTBXNASDeutsche Strategic High Yld Tx-Fr B
NOTCXNASDeutsche Strategic High Yld Tx-Fr C
NOTIXNASDeutsche Strategic High Yld Tx-Fr Instl
SHYTXNASDeutsche Strategic High Yld Tx-Fr S
KSTNYSEDeutsche Strategic Income
KSMNYSEDeutsche Strategic Muni Income
UTLTARCXDeutsche X-trackers Regulated Utilities
DCMSXNASDFA Commodity Strategy I
DSIAXNASDiamond Hill Strategic Income A
DSIAX.LWNASDiamond Hill Strategic Income A LW
DSICXNASDiamond Hill Strategic Income C
DHSTXNASDiamond Hill Strategic Income I
DSIYXNASDiamond Hill Strategic Income Y
DIEGXBRUDiegem Kennedy/immolease Trust
TPMDDXOTCDiego Pellicer Worldwide Inc
 ---Direxion Daily Regional Bks Bear 3X ETF
 ---Direxion Daily Regional Bks Bull 3X ETF
DXCTXNASDirexion Indexed Cmdty Strategy A
DXCTX.LWNASDirexion Indexed Cmdty Strategy A LW
DXSCXNASDirexion Indexed Cmdty Strategy C
DXCIXNASDirexion Indexed Cmdty Strategy Instl
 ---Direxion Indexed Cmdty Strategy Svc
DXCBXNASDirexion Indexed CVT Strategy
 ---Direxion VP Indexed CVT Strategy
 ---Direxion VP Indexed CVT Strategy Bear
ALDOLXPARDolphin Integration SA
DGICBNASDonegal Group Inc
DGICANASDonegal Group Inc
 ---DoubleLine Strategic Commodity I
 ---DoubleLine Strategic Commodity N
DRW3XSWXDraegerwerk AG & Co KGaA
DRWNXMUNDraegerwerk AG & Co KGaA
DRW3XSTUDraegerwerk AG & Co KGaA
DRW7XDUSDraegerwerk AG & Co KGaA
DRW8XDUSDraegerwerk AG & Co KGaA
DRW5XDUSDraegerwerk AG & Co KGaA
DRW1XDUSDraegerwerk AG & Co KGaA
0K5EXLONDraegerwerk AG & Co KGaA
0MT8XLONDraegerwerk AG & Co KGaA
DRWKFPINXDraegerwerk AG & Co KGaA
DGWPFPINXDraegerwerk AG & Co KGaA
DHFNYSEDreyfus High Yield Strategies
DOFAX.LWNASDreyfus Strategic Beta Emerg Mkts E A LW
DOFAXNASDreyfus Strategic Beta Emerg Mkts Eq A
DOFCXNASDreyfus Strategic Beta Emerg Mkts Eq C
DOFIXNASDreyfus Strategic Beta Emerg Mkts Eq I
DOFYXNASDreyfus Strategic Beta Emerg Mkts Eq Y
DBGAX.LWNASDreyfus Strategic Beta Global Equit A LW
DBGAXNASDreyfus Strategic Beta Global Equity A
DBGCXNASDreyfus Strategic Beta Global Equity C
DBGIXNASDreyfus Strategic Beta Global Equity I
DBGYXNASDreyfus Strategic Beta Global Equity Y
DOUAXNASDreyfus Strategic Beta US Equity A
DOUAX.LWNASDreyfus Strategic Beta US Equity A LW
DOUCXNASDreyfus Strategic Beta US Equity C
DOUIXNASDreyfus Strategic Beta US Equity I
DOUYXNASDreyfus Strategic Beta US Equity Y
DSMNYSEDreyfus Strategic Muni Bond
LEONYSEDreyfus Strategic Municipals
DAGVXNASDreyfus Strategic Value A
DAGVX.LWNASDreyfus Strategic Value A Load Waived
DCGVXNASDreyfus Strategic Value C
DRGVXNASDreyfus Strategic Value I
DRGYXNASDreyfus Strategic Value Y
DABMXNASDreyfus Yield Enhancement Strategy A
DABMX.LWNASDreyfus Yield Enhancement Strategy A LW
DABLXNASDreyfus Yield Enhancement Strategy C
DABKXNASDreyfus Yield Enhancement Strategy I
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