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Ticker Exchange Name
MATHARCXAdvisorShares Meidell Tacticl Advtge ETF
0QDQXLONBanca Popolare dell'Etruria e del Lazio
PELXMILBanca Popolare dell'Etruria e del Lazio
BDSBXSTUBanco de Sabadell S.A
SABXMCEBanco de Sabadell S.A
0H00XLONBanco de Sabadell S.A
SABENXMEXBanco de Sabadell S.A
BNDSYPINXBanco de Sabadell S.A
BNDSFPINXBanco de Sabadell S.A
BDLL4XBSPBardella SA Industrias Mecanicas
BDLL3XBSPBardella SA Industrias Mecanicas
BDRXASXBeadell Resources Ltd
3B7XSTUBeadell Resources Ltd
BDREFPINXBeadell Resources Ltd
BMMXPHSBogo Medellin Milling Co Inc
BOGMFPINXBogo Medellin Milling Co Inc
CMGTSEComputer Modelling Group Ltd
5TJXFRAComputer Modelling Group Ltd
CMDXFPINXComputer Modelling Group Ltd
 ---Della Parola Risk Optimized Equity A
 ---Della Parola Risk Optimized Equity Instl
12DXFRADell-VMWare Tracking Stock
DVMTXMEXDell-VMWare Tracking Stock
DVMTNYSEDell-VMWare Tracking Stock
DLYXBERLyondellBasell Industries NV
LYBNXMEXLyondellBasell Industries NV
LYBNYSELyondellBasell Industries NV
503772XBOMModella Woollens Ltd
MBRXMILModelleria Brambilla SpA
08093XHKGOdella Leather Holdings Ltd
UNACXNASWaddell & Reed Accumulative A
WAABXNASWaddell & Reed Accumulative B
WAACXNASWaddell & Reed Accumulative C
WAAYXNASWaddell & Reed Accumulative Y
WTEAXNASWaddell & Reed Advisors Tax Managed Eq A
WBTMXNASWaddell & Reed Advisors Tax Managed Eq B
WCTMXNASWaddell & Reed Advisors Tax Managed Eq C
WATMXNASWaddell & Reed Advisors Tax-Managed Eq Y
UNASXNASWaddell & Reed Asset Strategy A
WBASXNASWaddell & Reed Asset Strategy B
WCASXNASWaddell & Reed Asset Strategy C
WYASXNASWaddell & Reed Asset Strategy Y
UNBDXNASWaddell & Reed Bond A
WBABXNASWaddell & Reed Bond B
WCABXNASWaddell & Reed Bond C
WYABXNASWaddell & Reed Bond Y
UNCIXNASWaddell & Reed Continental Inc A
WACBXNASWaddell & Reed Continental Inc B
WACCXNASWaddell & Reed Continental Inc C
WACYXNASWaddell & Reed Continental Inc Y
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