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Ticker Exchange Name
ARMXKARAllied Rental Modaraba
BRRXKARB R R Guardian Modaraba
20DXSTUCidara Therapeutics Inc
CDTXNASCidara Therapeutics Inc
CSMXKARCrescent Standard Modaraba
5036XKLSEdaran Bhd
FANMXKARFirst Al-Noor Modaraba
FECMXKARFirst Elite Capital Modaraba
FEMXKARFirst Equity Modaraba
FFLMXKARFirst Fidelity Leasing Modaraba
FHAMXKARFirst Habib Modaraba
FIMMXKARFirst Imrooz Modaraba
FNBMXKARFirst National Bank Modaraba
PAKMIXKARFirst Pak Modaraba
FPRMXKARFirst Paramount Modaraba
PMIXKARFirst Prudential Modaraba
FPJMXKARFirst Punjab Modaraba
FTSMXKARFirst Tri-Star Modaraba
FUDLMXKARFirst Udl Modaraba
IDAMPINXIdarado Mining Co
INSURE-RXBKKIndara Insurance PLC
INSURE-FXBKKIndara Insurance PLC
INSUREXBKKIndara Insurance PLC
2652XTKSMandarake Inc
MODAMXKARModaraba Al-Mali
T3AXMUNPT Bank Woori Saudara Indonesia 1906 Tbk
SDRAXIDXPT Bank Woori Saudara Indonesia 1906 Tbk
SINDMXKARSindh Modaraba Ltd
SCMXKARStandard Chartered Modaraba
SUNDRMBRAKXNSESundaram Brake Linings Ltd
590072XBOMSundaram Brake Linings Ltd
520056XBOMSundaram Clayton Ltd
SUNCLAYLTDXNSESundaram Clayton Ltd
500403XBOMSundaram Fasteners Ltd
SUNDRMFASTXNSESundaram Fasteners Ltd
SUNDARMFINXNSESundaram Finance Ltd
590071XBOMSundaram Finance Ltd
SNDMYPINXSundaram Finance Ltd
SUNDARAMXNSESundaram Multi Pap Ltd
533166XBOMSundaram Multi Pap Ltd
TRSMXKARTrust Modaraba
UCAPMXKARUnicap Modaraba
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