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Ticker Exchange Name
CHCLXNASAB Discovery Growth A
CHCLX.LWNASAB Discovery Growth A Load Waived
CHCYXNASAB Discovery Growth Advisor
CHCBXNASAB Discovery Growth B
CHCCXNASAB Discovery Growth C
CHCIXNASAB Discovery Growth I
CHCKXNASAB Discovery Growth K
CHCRXNASAB Discovery Growth R
CHCZXNASAB Discovery Growth Z
ABASXNASAB Discovery Value A
ABASX.LWNASAB Discovery Value A Load Waived
ABYSXNASAB Discovery Value Advisor
ABBSXNASAB Discovery Value B
ABCSXNASAB Discovery Value C
ABSIXNASAB Discovery Value I
ABSKXNASAB Discovery Value K
ABSRXNASAB Discovery Value R
ABSZXNASAB Discovery Value Z
ADPANPINXAdelphia Recovery Trust
ADPAJPINXAdelphia Recovery Trust
ADPAKPINXAdelphia Recovery Trust
ARVYPINXAlliance Recovery Corp
ACIDXNASAmerican Century Intl Discovery A
ACIDX.LWNASAmerican Century Intl Discovery A LW
TWECXNASAmerican Century Intl Discovery C
TIDIXNASAmerican Century Intl Discovery Instl
TWEGXNASAmerican Century Intl Discovery Inv
TWERXNASAmerican Century Intl Discovery R
AMRRPINXAmerican Metals Recovery and Recycling Inc
ADYIXNASAriel Discovery Institutional
ARDFXNASAriel Discovery Investor
 ---AST New Discovery Asset Allc
 ---AZL Oppenheimer Discovery
BRSIPINXBallistic Recovery Systems Inc
BDYVYPINXBanco Daycoval S.A.
BDFIXNASBaron Discovery Institutional
BDFFXNASBaron Discovery Retail
ZWBXTSEBMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF
ZWAXTSEBMO Covered Call DJIA Hedged to CAD ETF
ZWUXTSEBMO Covered Call Utilities ETF
ZWEXTSEBMO Euro Hi Div Cov Call Hdgd to CAD ETF
ZWH.UXTSEBMO US High Div Covered Call ETF (USD)
ZWHXTSEBMO US High Dividend Covered Call ETF
2BVXSTUBrightcove Inc
BCOVNASBrightcove Inc
 ---British Columbia Discovery (VCC)
BUFTXNASBuffalo Discovery
C4XDXLONC4X Discovery Holdings PLC
CVRTSXCanadian Oil Recovery & Remediation Enterprises Ltd
CRVYFPINXCanadian Oil Recovery & Remediation Enterprises Ltd
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