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Ticker Exchange Name
SRCENAS1st Source Corp
C21XLON21st Century Technology PLC
22NXBER22nd Century Group Inc
XXIIASE22nd Century Group Inc
TSZXCNQ360 Capital Financial Services Group Inc
FOURQPINX4Licensing Corp
NTYTSX92 Resources Corp
R9G2XFRA92 Resources Corp
RGDCFPINX92 Resources Corp
ALDXTAEA L D Advanced Logistics Developments Ltd
0DJPXLONA.L.Prochoice Group Public Ltd
ATTXCNQAbattis Bioceuticals Corp
115XMUNAbattis Bioceuticals Corp
ATTBFPINXAbattis Bioceuticals Corp
ABUTSXAbenteuer Resources Corp
ADNICXADSAbu Dhabi National Insurance Co PJSC
APFXJSEAccelerate Property Fund Ltd
ACCPNASAccelerated Pharma Inc
0A3XFRAAcceleron Pharma Inc
XLRNNASAcceleron Pharma Inc
AO1BXFRAAccell Group NV
0P4CXLONAccell Group NV
ADP.HTSXAccend Capital Corp
AICIQPINXAcceptance Insurance Companies Inc
ACASXNASAccess Capital Community Investment A
ACCSXNASAccess Capital Community Investment I
ACCXLONAccess Intelligence PLC
ANCXNASAccess National Corp
ACCRPINXAccess Power Inc
LQGXBERaccesso Technology Group PLC
ACSOXLONaccesso Technology Group PLC
LOQPFPINXaccesso Technology Group PLC
8374XTAIAce Pillar Co Ltd
531525XBOMACE Software Exports Ltd
088800XKRXAce Technologies Corp
R5XXFRAAcelRx Pharmaceuticals Inc
ACRXNASAcelRx Pharmaceuticals Inc
ACLOFOTUSAcer Computec Latino America (ADR)
ACEFFOTUSAcer Computer International
PAZRIOXBOGAcerias Paz del Rio SA
ASPTSEAcerus Pharmaceuticals Corp
3TPXFRAAcerus Pharmaceuticals Corp
TRLPFPINXAcerus Pharmaceuticals Corp
5FWXSESAcesian Partners Ltd
ACEXPHSAcesite Phils Hotel Corp
ACY.HTSXAcme Resources Corp
ACTXLONActual Experience PLC
ADMGPINXAdamant DRI Processing and Minerals Group
CY3BXFRAAdamis Pharmaceuticals Corp
ADMPNASAdamis Pharmaceuticals Corp
PROTECCIONXBOGAdministradora de Fondos de Pensiones y Cesantia Proteccion SA
AWNXFRAAdvance Auto Parts Inc
AAPNYSEAdvance Auto Parts Inc
ADBNXNASAdvance Capital I Balanced Instl
ADBAXNASAdvance Capital I Balanced Retail
ADCNXNASAdvance Capital I Core Equity Inst
ADCEXNASAdvance Capital I Core Equity Retail
ADENXNASAdvance Capital I Equity Growth Instl
ADEGXNASAdvance Capital I Equity Growth Retail
ADRNXNASAdvance Capital I Retirement Inc Instl
ADRIXNASAdvance Capital I Retirement Inc Ret
AAXTSXAdvance Gold Corp
9148XKLSAdvance Packaging Technology (M) Bhd
506947XBOMAdvance Petrochemicals Ltd
8261XTAIAdvance Power Electronics Corp
531047XBOMAdvance Powerinfra Tech Ltd
3269XTKSAdvance Residence Investment Corp
ADZZFPINXAdvance Residence Investment Corp
6VAAXBERAdvanced Accelerator Applications SA
AAAPNASAdvanced Accelerator Applications SA
ACCXBKKAdvanced Connection Corp PCL
ACC-FXBKKAdvanced Connection Corp PCL
ACC-RXBKKAdvanced Connection Corp PCL
CEIFFPINXAdvanced Connection Corp PCL
ADTCPINXAdvanced Deposition Technologies Inc
054630XKRXAdvanced Digital Chips Inc
0AZXFRAAdvanced Disposal Services Inc
ADSWNYSEAdvanced Disposal Services Inc
AEPPPINXAdvanced Environmental Petroleum Producers Inc
ADEXFPINXAdvanced Explorations Inc
AISFXSTUAdvanced Info Service PCL
NVAAXMUNAdvanced Info Service PCL
ADVANC-RXBKKAdvanced Info Service PCL
ADVANCXBKKAdvanced Info Service PCL
ADVANC-FXBKKAdvanced Info Service PCL
AVIKFPINXAdvanced Info Service PCL
AVIVFPINXAdvanced Info Service PCL
AVIFYPINXAdvanced Info Service PCL
AIT-FXBKKAdvanced Information Technology PCL
AIT-RXBKKAdvanced Information Technology PCL
AITXBKKAdvanced Information Technology PCL
AXHXSESAdvanced Integrated Manufacturing Corp Ltd
ADMDPINXAdvanced Medical Isotope Corp
AQAXFRAAdvanced Medical Solutions Group PLC
AMSXLONAdvanced Medical Solutions Group PLC
ADGXSTUAdvanced Metallurgical Group NV
0LO9XLONAdvanced Metallurgical Group NV
AMGXAMSAdvanced Metallurgical Group NV
AMVMFPINXAdvanced Metallurgical Group NV
R3I1XBERAdvanced Oncotherapy PLC
AVOXLONAdvanced Oncotherapy PLC
AONCFPINXAdvanced Oncotherapy PLC
2330XSAUAdvanced Petrochemical Co
054620XKRXAdvanced Process Systems Corp
APTVOTUSAdvanced Promotion Technologies
APCTSXAdvanced Proteome Therapeutics Corp
0E8XFRAAdvanced Proteome Therapeutics Corp
APTCFPINXAdvanced Proteome Therapeutics Corp
S7QXBERAdvanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp Ltd
03355XHKGAdvanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp Ltd
AVGGPINXAdvanced Techno Grp Ltd
1ACXFRAAdvancePierre Foods Holdings Inc
APFHNYSEAdvancePierre Foods Holdings Inc
1442XTAIAdvancetek Enterprise Co Ltd
ASNBPINXAdvanSource Biomaterials Corp
ACYASEAeroCentury Corp
000901XSHEAerospace Hi-tech Holding Group Co Ltd
2634XTAIAerospace Industrial Development Corp
AFFLPINXAffiliated Resources Corp
AFFUPINXAffluence Corp
AAIXNSAAfrican Alliance Insurance PLC
AEAXJSEAfrican Eagle Resources PLC
AFRIKXNSAAfrik Pharmaceuticals PLC
ACTXJSEAfrocentric Investment Corp Ltd
 ---AGF Elements Balanced Portfolio
 ---AGF Elements Balanced Portfolio Cl Ser D
 ---AGF Elements Balanced Portfolio Cl Ser F
 ---AGF Elements Balanced Portfolio Cl Ser Q
 ---AGF Elements Balanced Portfolio Cl Sr T
 ---AGF Elements Balanced Portfolio Cl Sr V
 ---AGF Elements Balanced Portfolio Cl W
 ---AGF Elements Balanced Portfolio Class
 ---AGF Elements Balanced Portfolio Series D
 ---AGF Elements Balanced Portfolio Series F
 ---AGF Elements Balanced Portfolio Series J
 ---AGF Elements Balanced Portfolio Series Q
 ---AGF Elements Balanced Portfolio Series T
 ---AGF Elements Balanced Portfolio Series V
ATSGXBERAir Transport Services Group Inc
AW8XFRAAir Transport Services Group Inc
ATSGXMEXAir Transport Services Group Inc
ATSGNASAir Transport Services Group Inc
AIRSERVICEXNSAAirline Services and Logistics PLC
AFCXWARAkcept Finance SA
ALAINXADSAl Ain Ahlia Insurance Co PSC
DHAFRAXADSAl Dhafra Insurance Co PSC
AFNICXADSAl Fujairah National Insurance Co PSC
AWNICXADSAl Wathba National Insurance Co PJSC
AQGXASXAlacer Gold Corp
ASRTSEAlacer Gold Corp
TQL1XSTUAlacer Gold Corp
TQLXMUNAlacer Gold Corp
ALIAFPINXAlacer Gold Corp
ALACFPINXAlacer Gold Corp
9ABXSTUAlba Mineral Resources PLC
ALBAXLONAlba Mineral Resources PLC
ABDCNASAlcentra Capital Corp
AEFSXLONAlcentra European Floating Rate Income Fund Ltd
AXRTSEAlexco Resource Corp
J6WXMUNAlexco Resource Corp
AXUASEAlexco Resource Corp
AGBCFPINXAlgae Biosciences Corp
ALCTSEAlgoma Central Corp
AGMJFPINXAlgoma Central Corp
ALSC3XBSPAliansce Shopping Centers SA
ALCPFPINXAliansce Shopping Centers SA
AIXTSXAlix Resources Corp
37N2XBERAlix Resources Corp
ARXRFPINXAlix Resources Corp
AKICXADSAl-Khazna Insurance Co PSC
ABPAPINXAllegiance Bank Of Na Pa
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Cl J DSC
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Cl J NL
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Cl TJ DSC
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Cl TJ NL
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Class A
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Class B
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Class T DSC
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Class T NL
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Class TU
 ---Allegro Balanced Growth Port Class U
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class A
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class B
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class J DSC
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class J NL
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class T DSC
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class T NL
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class TJ DSC
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class TJ NL
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class TU
 ---Allegro Balanced Portfolio Class U
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Cl A
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Cl B
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Cl J DSC
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Cl J NL
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Cl TDSC
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Cl TJ DSC
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Cl TJ NL
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Cl TNL
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Cl TU
 ---Allegro Income Balanced Port Cl U
ALLMPINXAlliance Bioenergy Plus Inc
AKPNYSEAlliance CA Municipal Income
IG9BXFRAAlliance Creative Group Inc
ACGXPINXAlliance Creative Group Inc
LIDXFRAAlliance Data Systems Corp
ADSNYSEAlliance Data Systems Corp
ALDVXPARAlliance Developpement Capital SIIC
0QETXLONAlliance Developpement Capital SIIC
2488XKLSAlliance Financial Group Bhd
AGIXPHSAlliance Global Group Inc
ALGGYPINXAlliance Global Group Inc
ALGGFPINXAlliance Global Group Inc
ACGXCNQAlliance Growers Corp
1LAXBERAlliance Growers Corp
JZHXBERAlliance Holdings GP LP
AHGPNASAlliance Holdings GP LP
ALLIANCEXDFMAlliance Insurance PSC
ALMTSXAlliance Mining Corp
DVLXBERAlliance Pharma PLC
APHXLONAlliance Pharma PLC
ARVYPINXAlliance Recovery Corp
AR6XFRAAlliance Resource Partners LP
ARLPNASAlliance Resource Partners LP
ALSCPINXAlliance Semiconductor Corp
ATSTXLONAlliance Trust PLC
 ---AllianceBern Bond Inflation Prot
 ---AllianceBern Select US L/S Portfolio 1
 ---AllianceBern Select US L/S Portfolio 2
 ---AllianceBern US Large Cap Growth
 ---AllianceBern VPS Bal Wealth Strat A
 ---AllianceBern VPS Bal Wealth Strat B
 ---AllianceBern VPS Dynamic Asset Allc A
 ---AllianceBern VPS Dynamic Asset Allc B
 ---AllianceBern VPS Glbl Thematic Growth A
 ---AllianceBern VPS Glbl Thematic Growth B
 ---AllianceBern VPS Growth A
 ---AllianceBern VPS Growth and Inc A
 ---AllianceBern VPS Growth and Inc B
 ---AllianceBern VPS Growth B
 ---AllianceBern VPS Intermediate Bd A
 ---AllianceBern VPS Intermediate Bd B
 ---AllianceBern VPS Intl Growth A
 ---AllianceBern VPS Intl Growth B
 ---AllianceBern VPS Intl Value A
 ---AllianceBern VPS Intl Value B
 ---AllianceBern VPS Large Cap Growth A
 ---AllianceBern VPS Large Cap Growth B
 ---AllianceBern VPS Real Estate A
 ---AllianceBern VPS Real Estate B
 ---AllianceBern VPS Small Cap Growth A
 ---AllianceBern VPS Small Cap Growth B
 ---AllianceBern VPS Small/Mid Cp Val A
 ---AllianceBern VPS Small/Mid Cp Val B
 ---AllianceBern VPS Value A
 ---AllianceBern VPS Value B
ADMDXNASAllianceBernstein Dynmc All Mkt Pls 1
ADMEXNASAllianceBernstein Dynmc All Mkt Pls 2
ADMAXNASAllianceBernstein Dynmc All Mkt Pls A
ADMYXNASAllianceBernstein Dynmc All Mkt Pls Adv
ADMCXNASAllianceBernstein Dynmc All Mkt Pls C
ADMIXNASAllianceBernstein Dynmc All Mkt Pls I
ADMKXNASAllianceBernstein Dynmc All Mkt Pls K
ADMRXNASAllianceBernstein Dynmc All Mkt Pls R
W4MXFRAAllianceBernstein Holding LP
ABNYSEAllianceBernstein Holding LP
APATSXAlliancePharma Inc
APGPXNASAllianzGI Global Natural Resources P
8150XSAUAllied Cooperative Insurance Group
HMXAXNASAlphaCentric Hedged Market Opportunity A
HMXCXNASAlphaCentric Hedged Market Opportunity C
HMXIXNASAlphaCentric Hedged Market Opportunity I
IOFAXNASAlphaCentric Income Opportunities A
IOFCXNASAlphaCentric Income Opportunities C
IOFIXNASAlphaCentric Income Opportunities I
AFMTSXAlphamin Resources Corp
21LXFRAAlphamin Resources Corp
AAMCASEAltisource Asset Management Corp
95AXFRAAltisource Portfolio Solutions SA
ASPSNASAltisource Portfolio Solutions SA
41AXFRAAltisource Residential Corp
RESINYSEAltisource Residential Corp
 ---Alto Mthly Inc & Enhanced Gr Port A
 ---Alto Mthly Inc & Enhanced Gr Port B
 ---Alto Mthly Inc & Enhanced Gr Port C
 ---Alto Mthly Inc & Enhanced Gr Port J DSC
 ---Alto Mthly Inc & Enhanced Gr Port J NL
 ---Alto Mthly Inc & Enhanced Gr Port TJ DSC
 ---Alto Mthly Inc & Enhanced Gr Port TJ NL
 ---Alto Mthly Inc & Enhanced Gr Port TU
 ---Alto Mthly Inc & Enhanced Gr Port U
ABDRPINXAmbassador Food Services Corp
AMEDXLONAmedeo Resources PLC
ACMFXNASAmerican Century Adaptive All Cap Adv
ACMHXNASAmerican Century Adaptive All Cap Instl
ACMNXNASAmerican Century Adaptive All Cap Inv
ACMEXNASAmerican Century Adaptive All Cap R
ACMMXNASAmerican Century Adaptive All Cap R6
AVDMXNASAmerican Century Adaptive Equity A
AVDIXNASAmerican Century Adaptive Equity Instl
AMVIXNASAmerican Century Adaptive Equity Inv
AVDAXNASAmerican Century Adaptive Equity R
AVDRXNASAmerican Century Adaptive Equity R6
ACAQXNASAmerican Century All Cap Growth A
ACAHXNASAmerican Century All Cap Growth C
ACAJXNASAmerican Century All Cap Growth Instl
TWGTXNASAmerican Century All Cap Growth Inv
ACAWXNASAmerican Century All Cap Growth R
ACCVXNASAmerican Century Capital Val A
ACPIXNASAmerican Century Capital Val Instl
ACTIXNASAmerican Century Capital Val Inv
ACPQXNASAmerican Century Core Equity Plus A
 ---American Century Core Equity Plus B
ACPHXNASAmerican Century Core Equity Plus C
ACPKXNASAmerican Century Core Equity Plus Inst
ACPVXNASAmerican Century Core Equity Plus Inv
ACPWXNASAmerican Century Core Equity Plus R
ACCQXNASAmerican Century Core Plus A
ACCKXNASAmerican Century Core Plus C
ACCUXNASAmerican Century Core Plus Instl
ACCNXNASAmerican Century Core Plus Inv
ACCPXNASAmerican Century Core Plus R
 ---American Century Disciplined Gr Pls B
ADCVXNASAmerican Century Disciplined Growth A
ADCCXNASAmerican Century Disciplined Growth C
ADCIXNASAmerican Century Disciplined Growth I
ADSIXNASAmerican Century Disciplined Growth Inv
ADRRXNASAmerican Century Disciplined Growth R
ACDQXNASAmerican Century Discp Growth Plus A
ACDHXNASAmerican Century Discp Growth Plus C
ACDKXNASAmerican Century Discp Growth Plus Instl
ACDJXNASAmerican Century Discp Growth Plus Inv
ACDWXNASAmerican Century Discp Growth Plus R
AECLXNASAmerican Century Emerg Mkts Sm Cp A
AECHXNASAmerican Century Emerg Mkts Sm Cp C
AECSXNASAmerican Century Emerg Mkts Sm Cp Instl
AECVXNASAmerican Century Emerg Mkts Sm Cp Inv
AECMXNASAmerican Century Emerg Mkts Sm Cp R
AECTXNASAmerican Century Emerg Mkts Sm Cp R6
AEOLXNASAmerican Century Emrg Opps Ttl Ret A
 ---American Century Emrg Opps Ttl Ret C
AEOJXNASAmerican Century Emrg Opps Ttl Ret Instl
AEOVXNASAmerican Century Emrg Opps Ttl Ret Inv
AEORXNASAmerican Century Emrg Opps Ttl Ret R
AEODXNASAmerican Century Emrg Opps Ttl Ret R6
AGCLXNASAmerican Century Global Small Cap A
AGCHXNASAmerican Century Global Small Cap C
AGCSXNASAmerican Century Global Small Cap Instl
AGCVXNASAmerican Century Global Small Cap Inv
AGCWXNASAmerican Century Global Small Cap R
AGCTXNASAmerican Century Global Small Cap R6
AIVOXNASAmerican Century International Opps A
AIOCXNASAmerican Century International Opps C
AIOIXNASAmerican Century International Opps Inv
AIORXNASAmerican Century International Opps R
ACIOXNASAmerican Century Intl Opps Instl
ALPAXNASAmerican Century Large Company Val A
ALPCXNASAmerican Century Large Company Val C
ALVSXNASAmerican Century Large Company Val Instl
ALVIXNASAmerican Century Large Company Val Inv
ALVRXNASAmerican Century Large Company Val R
ALVDXNASAmerican Century Large Company Val R6
ACLAXNASAmerican Century Mid Cap Value A
ACCLXNASAmerican Century Mid Cap Value C
AVUAXNASAmerican Century Mid Cap Value Instl
ACMVXNASAmerican Century Mid Cap Value Inv
AMVRXNASAmerican Century Mid Cap Value R
AMDVXNASAmerican Century Mid Cap Value R6
TWNAXNASAmerican Century New Opps A
TWNCXNASAmerican Century New Opps C
TWNIXNASAmerican Century New Opps Instl
TWNOXNASAmerican Century New Opps Investor
TWNRXNASAmerican Century New Opps R
ACNKXNASAmerican Century NT Core Eq Pls Instl
ANDGXNASAmerican Century NT Disciplined Gr Instl
ANTDXNASAmerican Century NT Disciplined Gr Inv
ANTMXNASAmerican Century NT Intl Sm-Md Cp Instl
ANTSXNASAmerican Century NT Intl Sm-Md Cp Inv
ANTFXNASAmerican Century NT Intl Sm-Md Cp R6
ACLMXNASAmerican Century NT Mid Cap Value Instl
ACDSXNASAmerican Century NT Mid Cap Value R6
ACLOXNASAmerican Century NT Small Company Instl
 ---American Century NVIT Multi Cap Val I
 ---American Century NVIT Multi Cap Val II
 ---American Century NVIT Multi Cap Val Y
APOAXNASAmerican Century Short Dur Inf PrBd A
APOCXNASAmerican Century Short Dur Inf PrBd C
APISXNASAmerican Century Short Dur Inf PrBd Inst
APOIXNASAmerican Century Short Dur Inf PrBd Inv
APORXNASAmerican Century Short Dur Inf PrBd R
APODXNASAmerican Century Short Dur Inf PrBd R6
ANOAXNASAmerican Century Small Cap Growth A
ANOCXNASAmerican Century Small Cap Growth C
ANONXNASAmerican Century Small Cap Growth Instl
ANOIXNASAmerican Century Small Cap Growth Inv
ANORXNASAmerican Century Small Cap Growth R
ANODXNASAmerican Century Small Cap Growth R6
ACSCXNASAmerican Century Small Cap Value A
ASVNXNASAmerican Century Small Cap Value C
ACVIXNASAmerican Century Small Cap Value Instl
ASVIXNASAmerican Century Small Cap Value Inv
ASVRXNASAmerican Century Small Cap Value R
ASVDXNASAmerican Century Small Cap Value R6
ASQAXNASAmerican Century Small Company A
ASQCXNASAmerican Century Small Company C
ASCQXNASAmerican Century Small Company Inst
ASQIXNASAmerican Century Small Company Inv
ASCRXNASAmerican Century Small Company R
AVBIXNASAmerican Century VP Balanced I
AVCIXNASAmerican Century VP Capital Apprec I
AVCWXNASAmerican Century VP Capital Apprec II
 ---American Century VP Equity Inc I
 ---American Century VP Equity Inc II
 ---American Century VP Global Growth
AWRIXNASAmerican Century VP Growth I
AWREXNASAmerican Century VP Growth II
AVGIXNASAmerican Century VP Income & Growth I
AVPGXNASAmerican Century VP Income & Growth II
APTIXNASAmerican Century VP Inflation Prot I
AIPTXNASAmerican Century VP Inflation Prot II
AVIIXNASAmerican Century VP International I
ANVPXNASAmerican Century VP International II
AVVIXNASAmerican Century VP Large Company Val I
AVVTXNASAmerican Century VP Large Company Val II
AVIPXNASAmerican Century VP Mid Cap Value I
AVMTXNASAmerican Century VP Mid Cap Value II
AVPUXNASAmerican Century VP UltraŽ I
AVPSXNASAmerican Century VP UltraŽ II
AVPIXNASAmerican Century VP Value I
AVPVXNASAmerican Century VP Value II
ACTEXNASAmerican Century Zero Coupon 2020 Adv
BTTTXNASAmerican Century Zero Coupon 2020 Inv
ACTVXNASAmerican Century Zero Coupon 2025 Adv
BTTRXNASAmerican Century Zero Coupon 2025 Inv
CBAAXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio 529A
CBBBXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio 529B
CBPCXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio 529C
CBAEXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio 529E
CBAFXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio 529F1
BLPAXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio A
BLPBXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio B
BLPCXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio C
BLPFXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio F1
BLPEXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio F2
RBAAXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio R1
RBABXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio R2
RBBEXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio R2E
RBACXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio R3
RBAEXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio R4
RBAFXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio R5
RGPFXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio R5E
RBAGXNASAmerican Funds Balanced Portfolio R6
APRMPINXAmerican Pacific Rim Commerce Corp
ARSCPINXAmerican Security Resources Corp
ABGXMUNAmerisourceBergen Corp
AMBCXMEXAmerisourceBergen Corp
ABCNYSEAmerisourceBergen Corp
GGMXFRAAmerisur Resources PLC
AMERXLONAmerisur Resources PLC
ASUXFPINXAmerisur Resources PLC
MCFYXNASAMG Managers Cadence Capital App I
MPAFXNASAMG Managers Cadence Capital App N
MPCIXNASAMG Managers Cadence Capital App Z
MCMYXNASAMG Managers Cadence Mid Cap I
MCMAXNASAMG Managers Cadence Mid Cap N
MCMFXNASAMG Managers Cadence Mid Cap Z
MRLSXNASAMG Renaissance Large Cap Growth I
MRLTXNASAMG Renaissance Large Cap Growth N
MRLIXNASAMG Renaissance Large Cap Growth Z
TG1NXFRAAmpliphi Biosciences Corp
APHBASEAmpliphi Biosciences Corp
12X1XBERAnavex Life Sciences Corp
AVXLNASAnavex Life Sciences Corp
ARATSXAnconia Resources Corp
CIGCFPINXAnconia Resources Corp
300452XSHEAnhui Sunhere Pharmaceutical Excipients Co Ltd
600502XSHGAnhui Water Resources Development Co Ltd
7A6XFRAAntero Resources Corp
ARNYSEAntero Resources Corp
5AOXFRAAnton Oilfield Services Group
03337XHKGAnton Oilfield Services Group
ATONYPINXAnton Oilfield Services Group
ATONFPINXAnton Oilfield Services Group
3052XTAIApex Science & Engineering Corp
603020XSHGApple Flavor & Fragrance Group Co Ltd
APLDPINXApplied Science Products Inc
AQSGXLONAquila Services Group PLC
ARIGXDFMArab Insurance Group BSC
ORIENTXDFMArab Orient Insurance Co PSC
8160XSAUArabia Insurance Cooperative Co
ASCANAXDFMArabian Scandinavian Insurance Co PLC
8070XSAUArabian Shield Cooperative Insurance Company
ARCSPINXArcis Resources Corp
ARRTSXArco Resources Corp
MJ72XFRAArco Resources Corp
ARRXFPINXArco Resources Corp
ARCTSXArian Resources Corp
0GT1XFRAArian Resources Corp
GNHRFPINXArian Resources Corp
4A6XBERAriana Resources PLC
AAUXLONAriana Resources PLC
ARWDPINXArrow Resources Development Inc
ARTNBPINXArtesian Resources Corp
ARTNANASArtesian Resources Corp
GFY1XFRAAsa Resource Group PLC
ASAXLONAsa Resource Group PLC
AHRXFRAAscena Retail Group Inc
ASNANASAscena Retail Group Inc
AEQAXNASAscendant Deep Value Convertibles A
AEQCXNASAscendant Deep Value Convertibles C
AEQIXNASAscendant Deep Value Convertibles I
Q1PXSESAscendas Hospitality Trust
AHOSYPINXAscendas Hospitality Trust
ASHYFPINXAscendas Hospitality Trust
A71XBERAscendis Pharma A/S
ASNDNASAscendis Pharma A/S
AIAXJSEAscension Properties Ltd
28ZXFRAAscent Capital Group Inc
ASCMANASAscent Capital Group Inc
ASCMBPINXAscent Capital Group Inc
A2N1XFRAAscent Resources PLC
ASTXLONAscent Resources PLC
ACTPFPINXAscent Resources PLC
A04XSTUAscential PLC
ASHXASXAshley Services Group Ltd
4OJXFRAAsia Cement (China) Holdings Corp
00743XHKGAsia Cement (China) Holdings Corp
AACEYPINXAsia Cement (China) Holdings Corp
AMNTFPINXAsia Cement (China) Holdings Corp
ASCDXLONAsia Cement Corp
1102XTAIAsia Cement Corp
AACMZPINXAsia Cement Corp
3RAXBERAsia Investment Finance Group Ltd
00033XHKGAsia Investment Finance Group Ltd
NOW.HTSXAsia Now Resources Corp
AJDXASXAsia Pacific Data Centre Group
ASIMARXBKKAsian Marine Services PCL
ASIMAR-RXBKKAsian Marine Services PCL
ASIMAR-FXBKKAsian Marine Services PCL
APCO-RXBKKAsian Phytoceuticals PCL
APCOXBKKAsian Phytoceuticals PCL
0OM8XLONAsseco Central Europe AS
ACSXWARAsseco Central Europe AS
 ---Assumption Life Balanced Growth Port A
 ---Assumption Life Balanced Growth Port B
 ---Assumption Life Balanced Growth Port C
 ---Assumption Life Balanced Portfolio Ser A
 ---Assumption Life Balanced Portfolio Ser B
 ---Assumption Life Balanced Portfolio Ser C
ASAMPINXAssuranceAmerica Corp
 ---AST T. Rowe Price Growth Opps
 ---AST T. Rowe Price Large-Cap Growth
JAAXFRAAtlantic Alliance Partnership Corp
AAPCNASAtlantic Alliance Partnership Corp
ALCNPINXAtlantic Central Enterprises Ltd
0O7ZXLONAtlantic Insurance Company Public Ltd
ATLTSEAtlatsa Resources Corp
DH9XSTUAtlatsa Resources Corp
ATLRFPINXAtlatsa Resources Corp
ATLXJSEAtlatsa Resources Corp
ACPLXKARAttock Cement Pakistan Ltd
AUXTSXAuramex Resource Corp
AFGXASXAustralian Finance Group Ltd
AOFXASXAustralian Unity Office Property Fund
CPEXBERAV Concept Holdings Ltd
00595XHKGAV Concept Holdings Ltd
121600XKRXAvanced Nano Products Co Ltd
VVSXCNQAvapecia Life Sciences Corp
RODNPINXAvicenna Global Corp
AVMXLONAvocet Mining PLC
AVMXOSLAvocet Mining PLC
AVMoXSTOAvocet Mining PLC
ANDLPINXAvondale Resources Corp
AXAGCICXADSAXA Green Crescent Insurance Company PJSC
 ---Axiom Balanced Growth Portfolio
 ---Axiom Balanced Growth Portfolio Class F
 ---Axiom Balanced Growth Portfolio Class T4
 ---Axiom Balanced Growth Portfolio Class T6
 ---Axiom Balanced Growth Portfolio Class T8
 ---Axiom Balanced Growth Portfolio Elite
 ---Axiom Balanced Growth Portfolio Elite T4
 ---Axiom Balanced Growth Portfolio Elite T6
 ---Axiom Balanced Growth Portfolio Elite T8
 ---Axiom Balanced Growth Portfolio Sel T4
 ---Axiom Balanced Growth Portfolio Sel T6
 ---Axiom Balanced Growth Portfolio Sel T8
 ---Axiom Balanced Growth Portfolio Select
 ---Axiom Balanced Income Portfolio
 ---Axiom Balanced Income Portfolio Class F
 ---Axiom Balanced Income Portfolio Class T4
 ---Axiom Balanced Income Portfolio Class T6
 ---Axiom Balanced Income Portfolio Class T8
 ---Axiom Balanced Income Portfolio Elite
 ---Axiom Balanced Income Portfolio Elite T4
 ---Axiom Balanced Income Portfolio Elite T6
 ---Axiom Balanced Income Portfolio Elite T8
 ---Axiom Balanced Income Portfolio Sel T4
 ---Axiom Balanced Income Portfolio Sel T6
 ---Axiom Balanced Income Portfolio Sel T8
 ---Axiom Balanced Income Portfolio Select
 ---AZL T. Rowe Price Capital Apprec 2
 ---AZLŽ MVP T. Rowe Price Cptl Apprec
AZTKFOTUSAztek Resource Development
BHIAY---Bahia Sul Celulose (ADR) Preferred
BAFSXBKKBangkok Aviation Fuel Services PCL
BAFS-FXBKKBangkok Aviation Fuel Services PCL
BAFS-RXBKKBangkok Aviation Fuel Services PCL
BKAFFPINXBangkok Aviation Fuel Services PCL
6DM1XSTUBangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL
BDMS-RXBKKBangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL
BDMSXBKKBangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL
BDMS-FXBKKBangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL
BDUUYPINXBangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL
BDULFPINXBangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL
BDUUFPINXBangkok Dusit Medical Services PCL
BKI-FXBKKBangkok Insurance PCL
BKIXBKKBangkok Insurance PCL
BKI-RXBKKBangkok Insurance PCL
XBLAXFRABangkok Life Assurance PCL
BLA-FXBKKBangkok Life Assurance PCL
BLA-RXBKKBangkok Life Assurance PCL
BLAXBKKBangkok Life Assurance PCL
BUI-FXBKKBangkok Union Insurance PCL
BUI-RXBKKBangkok Union Insurance PCL
BUIXBKKBangkok Union Insurance PCL
BMIXSTCBao minh Insurance Corp
FEEUARCXBarclays ETN+ FI Enhanced Europe 50
 ---Barometer Tactical Balanced Pool
 ---Barometer Tactical Balanced Pool F
01035XHKGBBI Life Sciences Corp
P3PXSTUBCA Marketplace PLC
BTSXBCM Resources Corp
H1EXBERBCM Resources Corp
B5LPXSTUBeacon Hill Resources PLC
300485XSHEBeijing Science Sun Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
BEENPINXBetter Environment Concepts Inc
BN5XFRABezant Resources PLC
BZTXLONBezant Resources PLC
BICXSTCBIDV Insurance Corp
BCCXSTUBig C Supercenter PCL
BIGCXBKKBig C Supercenter PCL
BIGC-FXBKKBig C Supercenter PCL
BIGC-RXBKKBig C Supercenter PCL
BGCUYPINXBig C Supercenter PCL
BGCUFPINXBig C Supercenter PCL
B4SXFRABilling Services Group Ltd
BILLXLONBilling Services Group Ltd
B001XFRABiocept Inc
BIOCNASBiocept Inc
BDGRPINXBlack Dragon Resource Companies Inc
BITTSXBlack Isle Resources Corp
4NKBXBERBlack Isle Resources Corp
BLAIFPINXBlack Isle Resources Corp
BLRTSXBlackhawk Resource Corp
BLRZFPINXBlackhawk Resource Corp
BISXCNQBlackIce Enterprise Risk Management Inc
B2IXFRABlackIce Enterprise Risk Management Inc
 ---BlackRock Balanced Capital
MACPXNASBlackRock Balanced Capital Instl
MDCPXNASBlackRock Balanced Capital Inv A
MBCPXNASBlackRock Balanced Capital Inv B
MCCPXNASBlackRock Balanced Capital Inv C
MRBPXNASBlackRock Balanced Capital R
 ---BlackRock Balanced Portfolio A
 ---BlackRock Balanced Portfolio D
 ---BlackRock Balanced Portfolio F
 ---BlackRock Balanced Portfolio I
CIINYSEBlackRock Enhanced Cap & Inc
SHSSXNASBlackRock Health Sciences Opps Instl
SHSAXNASBlackRock Health Sciences Opps Inv A
SHSPXNASBlackRock Health Sciences Opps Inv B
SHSCXNASBlackRock Health Sciences Opps Inv C
SHSKXNASBlackRock Health Sciences Opps K
BHSRXNASBlackRock Health Sciences Opps R
SHISXNASBlackRock Health Sciences Opps Svc
BGSIXNASBlackRock Science & Technology Opp Instl
BGSAXNASBlackRock Science & Technology Opp Inv A
BGSCXNASBlackRock Science & Technology Opp Inv C
BGSRXNASBlackRock Science & Technology Opp R
BSTSXNASBlackRock Science & Technology Opp Svc
BNRXLONBlenheim Natural Resources PLC
 ---BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio A
 ---BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio Advisor
 ---BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio Class A
 ---BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio Class Advisor
 ---BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio Class F
 ---BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio Class T6
 ---BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio D
 ---BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio F
 ---BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio F6
 ---BMO Balanced ETF Portfolio T6
 ---BMO Balanced Yield Plus ETF Port A
 ---BMO Balanced Yield Plus ETF Port Advisor
 ---BMO Balanced Yield Plus ETF Port D
 ---BMO Balanced Yield Plus ETF Port F
 ---BMO Balanced Yield Plus ETF Port T6
 ---BMO FundSelect Balanced Portfolio A
 ---BMO FundSelect Balanced Portfolio NBA
 ---BMO MatchMaker Strategic Balanced Port
 ---BMO Retirement Balanced Portfolio A
 ---BMO Retirement Balanced Portfolio Adv
 ---BMO Retirement Balanced Portfolio D
 ---BMO Retirement Balanced Portfolio F
 ---BMO Retirement Balanced Portfolio F4
 ---BMO Retirement Balanced Portfolio F6
 ---BMO Retirement Balanced Portfolio T4
 ---BMO Retirement Balanced Portfolio T6
 ---BMO SelectClass Balanced Portfolio A
 ---BMO SelectClass Balanced Portfolio Adv
 ---BMO SelectClass Balanced Portfolio F
 ---BMO SelectClass Balanced Portfolio T5
 ---BMO SelectClass Balanced Portfolio T6
 ---BMO SelectClass Balanced Portfolio T8
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio A
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio Adv
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio C
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio ClscF
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio D
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio F
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio F6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio T5
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio T6
 ---BMO SelectTrust Balanced Portfolio T8
BOHOFPINXBoConcept Holding A/S
BODYPINXBody Central Corp
BOPHPINXBohai Pharmaceuticals Group Inc
BMSXLONBraemar Shipping Services PLC
BSEAFPINXBraemar Shipping Services PLC
BBAXBERBrainJuicer Group PLC
BJUXLONBrainJuicer Group PLC
GHDNXBERBrainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc
BCLINASBrainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc
BCTTSXBriaCell Therapeutics Corp
8BTXSTUBriaCell Therapeutics Corp
BCTXFPINXBriaCell Therapeutics Corp
600289XSHGBright Oceans Inter-Telecom Corp
BTIHFOTUSBrit Insurance Holdings Plc
BOX.UNTSEBrookfield Canada Office Properties
BOXCNYSEBrookfield Canada Office Properties
BPO.PR.CTSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BPS.PR.ATSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BPO.PR.UTSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BPO.PR.WTSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BPO.PR.JTSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BPO.PR.ATSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BPO.PR.PTSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BPS.PR.BTSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BPO.PR.STSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BPO.PR.NTSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BPO.PR.RTSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BPO.PR.XTSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BPS.PR.CTSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BPO.PR.YTSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BPO.PR.TTSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BPO.PR.KTSEBrookfield Office Properties Inc
BGDTSXBullion Gold Resources Corp
TTEXFPINXBullion Gold Resources Corp
0KVQXLONBulstrad Vienna Insurance Group AD
BUTSEBurcon NutraScience Corp
BNEXFRABurcon NutraScience Corp
BURNASBurcon NutraScience Corp
300166XSHEBusiness-intelligence of Oriental Nations Corp Ltd
UCM1XMUNBuzzi Unicem SpA
UCMXFRABuzzi Unicem SpA
0NVRXLONBuzzi Unicem SpA
0NVQXLONBuzzi Unicem SpA
BZUXMILBuzzi Unicem SpA
BZURXMILBuzzi Unicem SpA
CMXXSTCCa Mau Frozen Seafood Processing Import Export Corp
CSOCPINXCaduceus Software Systems Corp
1CLBXSTUCalifornia Resources Corp
CRCNYSECalifornia Resources Corp
WT5XBERCalifornia Water Service Group
CWTNYSECalifornia Water Service Group
CWSCPOTUSCalifornia Water Service Group Holding
CRGPPINXCalissio Resources Group Inc
CRUTSXCameo Resources Corp
SIDNFPINXCameo Resources Corp
 ---CAN Balanced (IVZ) 100/100 (PS1)
 ---CAN Balanced (IVZ) 75/100 (PS1)
 ---CAN Balanced (IVZ) 75/75 (PS1)
 ---CAN Balanced (Templeton) 100/100
 ---CAN Balanced (Templeton) 100/100 (PS1)
 ---CAN Balanced (Templeton) 75/100
 ---CAN Balanced (Templeton) 75/100 (PS1)
 ---CAN Balanced (Templeton) 75/75
 ---CAN Balanced (Templeton) 75/75 (PS1)
 ---CAN Cdn Resource (M) 100/100 (PS1)
 ---CAN Cdn Resource (M) 75/100 (PS1)
 ---CAN Cdn Resource (M) 75/75 (PS1)
 ---CAN Enhanced Div (LK) 100/100 (PS1)
 ---CAN Enhanced Div (LK) 75/100 (PS1)
 ---CAN Enhanced Div (LK) 75/75 (PS1)
 ---CAN Fid Balanced (PSG) 100/100
 ---CAN Fid Balanced (PSG) 100/100(PS1)
 ---CAN Fid Balanced (PSG) 75/100
 ---CAN Fid Balanced (PSG) 75/100 (PS1)
 ---CAN Fid Balanced (PSG) 75/75
 ---CAN Fid Balanced (PSG) 75/75 (PS1)
 ---CAN Glbl Balanced (M) 100/100 (PS1)
 ---CAN Glbl Balanced (M) 75/100 (PS1)
 ---CAN Glbl Balanced (M) 75/75 (PS1)
 ---CAN Mac Balanced (PSG) 100/100
 ---CAN Mac Balanced (PSG) 100/100(PS1)
 ---CAN Mac Balanced (PSG) 75/100
 ---CAN Mac Balanced (PSG) 75/100 (PS1)
 ---CAN Mac Balanced (PSG) 75/75
 ---CAN Mac Balanced (PSG) 75/75 (PS1)
CASGPINXCanadian Aerospace Group Inc
CEUTSECanadian Energy Services & Technology Corp
7C4XSTUCanadian Energy Services & Technology Corp
CESDFPINXCanadian Energy Services & Technology Corp
CSQTSXCanamex Resources Corp
CX61XSTUCanamex Resources Corp
CNMXFPINXCanamex Resources Corp
CCMTSECanarc Resources Corp
CANXFRACanarc Resources Corp
CRCUFXOTCCanarc Resources Corp
CNCLPINXCancer Capital Corp
ICETSECanlan Ice Sports Corp
CDATSXCanuc Resources Corp
C8SNXBERCanuc Resources Corp
CNUCFPINXCanuc Resources Corp
FRCTSECanyon Services Group Inc
C5YXSTUCanyon Services Group Inc
CYSVFPINXCanyon Services Group Inc
CCMBPINXCapital Commerce Bancorp Inc
CPTANASCapitala Finance Corp
CBRJPINXCarbon Race Corp
CDUTSXCardero Resource Corp
CR51XFRACardero Resource Corp
CDYCFPINXCardero Resource Corp
CRCTSXCaribbean Resources Corp
VGGGDPINXCaribbean Resources Corp
CFNBXSTUCASH Financial Services Group Ltd
00510XHKGCASH Financial Services Group Ltd
CFLSFPINXCASH Financial Services Group Ltd
CBOP11XBSPCastello Branco Office Park Fundo de Investimento Imobiliario - FII
 ---Catalyst/Princeton Credit Opportunity A
 ---Catalyst/Princeton Credit Opportunity C
 ---Catalyst/Princeton Credit Opportunity I
CATCXLONCATCo Reinsurance Opportunities Fund Ltd
900280XKRXCayman Golden Century Wheel Group Ltd
4CFXFRACB Central Cooperative Bank AD
0ICEXLONCB Central Cooperative Bank AD
 ---CC&L Balanced Growth Port Arbour Ser
 ---CC&L Balanced Growth Portfolio
 ---CC&L Balanced Growth Portfolio Sr F
 ---CC&L Balanced Growth Portfolio Sr I
 ---CC&L Balanced Growth Portfolio Sr O
CDRXMILCdr Advance Capital SpA
 ---CDSPI Balanced (PH&N)
 ---CDSPI Balanced Portfolio (CI)
CZOTSXCeapro Inc
385XFRACeapro Inc
CPVXPHSCebu Property Ventures and Development Corp
CPVBXPHSCebu Property Ventures and Development Corp
600764XSHGCEC Corecast Corp Ltd
300172XSHECEC Environmental Protection Co Ltd
000591XSHECECEP Solar Energy Co Ltd
601016XSHGCECEP Wind Power Corp
CECBPINXCecil Bancorp Inc
WCEXFRACECO Environmental Corp
CECENASCECO Environmental Corp
7CFXFRACedar Fair LP
CWPXASXCedar Woods Properties Ltd
0OLLXLONCee Prop Reit
531119XBOMCeenik Exports (India) Ltd
300062XSHECeepower Co Ltd
CEFO BXSATCefour Wine & Beverage Partihandel AB
EG9XSTUCegid Group SA
CG2XFRACeladon Group Inc
CGINYSECeladon Group Inc
DG3XMUNCelanese Corp
CENYSECelanese Corp
CVNRPINXCelestial Ventures Corp
CELXPINXCelexpress Inc
CLGN34XBSPCelgene Corp
CELGXSWXCelgene Corp
CG3XETRCelgene Corp
0QYAXLONCelgene Corp
CELGXMEXCelgene Corp
CELGNASCelgene Corp
CI BXSTOCell Impact AB
9CXXMUNCell MedX Corp
CTIXPINXCellceutix Corp
CCYGPINXCellCyte Genetics Corp
TCE1XMUNCelldex Therapeutics Inc
CLDXNASCelldex Therapeutics Inc
CLTXASXCellnet Group Ltd
CNVXFRACellnovo Group SA
CLNVXPARCellnovo Group SA
0RACXLONCellnovo Group SA
KNO.HTSXCellStop Systems Inc
KNOFFPINXCellStop Systems Inc
068760XKRXCelltrion Pharm Inc
1LXXFRACellular Biomedicine Group Inc
CBMGNASCellular Biomedicine Group Inc
CBOBXFRACelsion Corp
CLSNNASCelsion Corp
CVXTSXCematrix Corp
CMPXFRACematrix Corp
CTXXFPINXCematrix Corp
CCNNXNSACement Co Of Northern Nigeria PLC
TI7XBERCementir Holding SpA
0HY2XLONCementir Holding SpA
CEMXMILCementir Holding SpA
EPCAXBERCementos Pacasmayo SAA
CPACNYSECementos Pacasmayo SAA
PLZXFRACementos Portland Valderrivas SA
CPLXMCECementos Portland Valderrivas SA
0OL1XLONCementos Portland Valderrivas SA
MAPT3XBSPCemepe Investimentos SA
MAPT4XBSPCemepe Investimentos SA
CHPXPHSCemex Holdings Philippines Inc
9C1XFRACempra Inc
CCEXBERCenkos Securities PLC
CNKSXLONCenkos Securities PLC
CAUXLONCentaur Media PLC
CTYIPINXCentenary International Corp
QENXSTUCentene Corp
CNCNYSECentene Corp
CTTSXCentenera Mining Corp
16R1XFRACentenera Mining Corp
CTMIFPINXCentenera Mining Corp
CDEVNASCentennial Resource Development Inc
CHLEPINXCentennial Specialty Foods Corp
 ---Center Coast MLP & Infrastructure Common
CCCAXNASCenter Coast MLP Focus A
CCCCXNASCenter Coast MLP Focus C
CCCNXNASCenter Coast MLP Focus Instl
 ARCXCenter Coast MLP Fund Common
DBGXFRACenterenergo PJSC
HOUXFRACenterPoint Energy Inc
CNPNYSECenterPoint Energy Inc
CENPPINXCenterpointe Community Bank
CELP7XBSPCentrais Elet Do Para SA
CELP3XBSPCentrais Elet Do Para SA
CELP6XBSPCentrais Elet Do Para SA
CELP5XBSPCentrais Elet Do Para SA
SWSENOTUSCentral and South West (PN)
9C3XSTUCentral Asia Metals PLC
CAMLXLONCentral Asia Metals PLC
8117XTKSCentral Automotive Products Ltd
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