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Ticker Exchange Name
3INXLON3i Infrastructure PLC
539620XBOMA Infrastructure Ltd
0AXXFRAA.M. Castle & Co
CASLPINXA.M. Castle & Co
503673XBOMAASTHA Broadcasting Network Ltd
AEFTSEAcasta Enterprises Inc
ACSTTSXAcasti Pharma Inc
A1PAXFRAAcasti Pharma Inc
ACSTNASAcasti Pharma Inc
ADAXWARAD Astra Executive Charter SA
2685XTKSAdastria Co Ltd
ADDCPINXAddmaster Corp
539189XBOMAdhbhut Infrastructure Ltd
AFTMPINXAfterMaster Inc
G7VXFRAAircastle Ltd
AYRNYSEAircastle Ltd
R71AXBERAktieb Fastator
ABFAST BXSTOAktieb Fastator
0OLEXLONAkumplast Dob
507933XBOMAlexcon Foamcast Ltd
531147XBOMAlicon Castalloy Ltd
ALICONXNSEAlicon Castalloy Ltd
ASTAKXATHAlpha Astika Akinita SA
AWWIPINXAlpha Wastewater Inc
AIAFXNASAlpine Global Infrastructure A
AIFRXNASAlpine Global Infrastructure Instl
 ---ALPS Alerian Plus MLP Infrastructure ETF
 ---ALPS/Alerian Energy Infrastructure I
ALEFXNASALPS/Alerian Energy Infrastructure III
085810XKRXAlticast Corp
4M2BXFRAAmasten Holding AB
AMASTXSTOAmasten Holding AB
526439XBOMAmbitious Plastomac Co Ltd
506248XBOMAmines & Plasticizers Ltd
29AXFRAAmphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc
AMPHNASAmphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc
2493XTAIAmpoc Far-East Co Ltd
600298XSHGAngel Yeast Co Ltd
AEPXLONAnglo-Eastern Plantations PLC
AEPLFPINXAnglo-Eastern Plantations PLC
000859XSHEAnhui Guofeng Plastic Industry Co Ltd
530799XBOMAnna Infrastructures Ltd
AAAXSTCAnphat Plastic & Green Environment JSC
500013XBOMAnsal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd
ANSALAPIXNSEAnsal Properties & Infrastructure Ltd
FG1XFRAAntofagasta PLC
70GDXLONAntofagasta PLC
538833XBOMAnubhav Infrastructure Ltd
APIFXNASAPI Master Allocation A
APMQXNASAPI Master Allocation C
APMAXNASAPI Master Allocation Institutional
APILXNASAPI Master Allocation L
532068XBOMAramusk Infrastructure Investments Ltd
533163XBOMARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd
ARSSINFRAXNSEARSS Infrastructure Projects Ltd
9405XTKSAsahi Broadcasting Corp
AHBCFPINXAsahi Broadcasting Corp
512535XBOMAsahi Infrastructure and Projects Ltd
530429XBOMAshish Polyplast Ltd
00711XHKGAsia Allied Infrastructure Holdings Ltd
1337XTAIAsia Plastic Recycling Holdings Ltd
AKAXBERAsiakastieto Group PLC
ATG1VXHELAsiakastieto Group PLC
0R6BXLONAsiakastieto Group PLC
533227XBOMAsian Hotels (East) Ltd
AHLEASTXNSEAsian Hotels (East) Ltd
APLIXIDXAsiaplast Industries Tbk
ASEXWARAsseco South Eastern Europe SA
 ---Assumption/Fidelity Far East Fund Ser A
 ---Assumption/Fidelity Far East Fund Ser B
 ---Assumption/Fidelity Far East Fund Ser C
 ---AST Academic Strategies Asset Allocation
 ---AST Advanced Strategies
 ---AST AQR Emerging Markets Equity
 ---AST AQR Large-Cap
 ---AST Balanced Asset Allocation
 ---AST BlackRock / Loomis Sayles Bond
 ---AST BlackRock Global Strats Portfolio
 ---AST BlackRock iShares ETF
 ---AST BlackRock Multi-Asset Income
 ---AST Bond 2017
 ---AST Bond 2018
 ---AST Bond 2019
 ---AST Bond 2020
 ---AST Bond 2021
 ---AST Bond 2022
 ---AST Bond 2023
 ---AST Bond 2024
 ---AST Bond 2025
 ---AST Bond 2026
 ---AST Boston Partners Large-Cap Value
 ---AST Capital Growth Asset Allocation
 ---AST Clearbridge Dividend Growth
 ---AST Cohen & Steers Realty
 ---AST Defensive Asset Allocation
 ---AST FI Pyramis® Quant Asset Allc Port
 ---AST FQ Absolute Return Currency
 ---AST Franklin Templeton K2 Glbl Ab Ret
 ---AST Global Real Estate
 ---AST Goldman Sachs Global Growth Allc
 ---AST Goldman Sachs Large Cap Value
 ---AST Goldman Sachs Mid Cap Growth
 ---AST Goldman Sachs Multi Asset
 ---AST Goldman Sachs Small Cap Value
 ---AST Goldman Sachs Strategic Income
 ---AST Herndon Large Cap Value Portfolio
 ---AST High Yield
 ---AST International Growth
 ---AST International Value
 ---AST Investment Grade Bond
 ---AST Jennison Global Infrastructure
 ---AST Jennison Large-Cap Growth Portfolio
 ---AST JP Morgan Global Thematic
 ---AST JPMorgan International Equity
 ---AST JPMorgan Strategic Opportunities
 ---AST Large Cap Value
 ---AST Legg Mason Diversified Growth I
 ---AST Loomis Sayles Large Cap Growth Port
 ---AST Lord Abbett Core Fixed Income
 ---AST Managed Equity
 ---AST Managed Fixed-Income
 ---AST MFS Global Equity
 ---AST MFS Growth
 ---AST MFS Large-Cap Value
 ---AST Mid-Cap Value
 ---AST Money Market
 ---AST Multi-Sector Fixed Income Portfolio
 ---AST Neuberger Berman / LSV Mid-Cap Value
 ---AST New Discovery Asset Allc
 ---AST Parametric Emerging Markets Equity
 ---AST PIMCO Limited Maturity Bond
 ---AST Preservation Asset Allocation
 ---AST Prudential Core Bond Portfolio
 ---AST Prudential Flexible Multi-Strategy
 ---AST Prudential Growth Allocation Port
 ---AST QMA Emerging Markets Equity
 ---AST QMA International Core Equity
 ---AST QMA Large-Cap
 ---AST QMA US Equity Alpha
 ---AST Quantitative Modeling Portfolio
 ---AST RCM World Trends
 ---AST Schroders Global Tactical
 ---AST Small Cap Growth
 ---AST Small Cap Growth Opportunities
 ---AST Small Cap Value
 ---AST T. Rowe Price Asset Allocation
 ---AST T. Rowe Price Diversified Real Gr
 ---AST T. Rowe Price Growth Opps
 ---AST T. Rowe Price Large-Cap Growth
 ---AST T. Rowe Price Natural Resources
 ---AST Templeton Global Bond Portfolio
 ---AST Wellington Management Hedged Equity
 ---AST Western Asset Core Plus Bond
 ---AST Western Asset Emerging Markets Debt
246720XKRXAsta Co Ltd
AF3XBERAsta Funding Inc
ASFINASAsta Funding Inc
42SXSESAstaka Holdings Ltd
TARTSXAstar Minerals Ltd
ATEAPINXAstea International Inc
AI2XFRAAstec Industries Inc
ASTENASAstec Industries Inc
533138XBOMAstec Lifesciences Ltd
ASTECXNSEAstec Lifesciences Ltd
YPHXMUNAstellas Pharma Inc
4503XTKSAstellas Pharma Inc
ALPMFPINXAstellas Pharma Inc
ALPMYPINXAstellas Pharma Inc
4ASXFRAAstellia SA
9XAXFRAAsterias Biotherapeutics Inc
ASTASEAsterias Biotherapeutics Inc
6899XTKSAsti Corp
575XSESAsti Holdings Ltd
ASKHPINXAstika Holdings Inc
7162XKLSAstino Bhd
0FJQXLONAstir Palace R
AIRXASXAstivita Ltd
 ---Aston Balanced I
BAYTSXAston Bay Holdings Ltd
6AYXFRAAston Bay Holdings Ltd
ATBHFPINXAston Bay Holdings Ltd
AOG.UNTSEAston Hill Advantage Oil & Gas Income Fund
BAOGFPINXAston Hill Advantage Oil & Gas Income Fund
 ---Aston Hill Canadian Total Return A
 ---Aston Hill Canadian Total Return F
 ---Aston Hill Canadian Total Return I
 ---Aston Hill Canadian Total Return Y
 ---Aston Hill Canadian Total Return Z
 ---Aston Hill Corporate Bond Ser A
 ---Aston Hill Corporate Bond Ser I
 ---Aston Hill Corporate Bond Series F
 ---Aston Hill Corporate Bond Series X
 ---Aston Hill Global Resource Ser A
 ---Aston Hill Global Resource Ser F
 ---Aston Hill Global Resource Ser I
 ---Aston Hill Global Resource Ser X
 ---Aston Hill Global Resource Ser Y
 ---Aston Hill High Income Class Series A
 ---Aston Hill High Income Class Series F
 ---Aston Hill High Income Class Series I
 ---Aston Hill High Income Class Series TA6
 ---Aston Hill High Income Class Series TF6
 ---Aston Hill High Income Series A
 ---Aston Hill High Income Series F
 ---Aston Hill High Income Series I
 ---Aston Hill Millennium Fund Ser A
 ---Aston Hill Millennium Fund Ser F
 ---Aston Hill Millennium Fund Ser I
 ---Aston Hill Opportunities Fund Sr A
 ---Aston Hill Opportunities Fund Sr F
 ---Aston Hill Opportunities Fund Sr Y
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Class Ser A
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Class Ser F
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Class Ser I
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Class Ser Y
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Ser A
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Ser F
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Ser I
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Ser UA
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Ser UF
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Ser X
 ---Aston Hill Strategic Yield Ser Y
 ---Aston Hill Total Return Class A
 ---Aston Hill Total Return Class F
 ---Aston Hill Total Return Class I
 ---Aston Hill Total Return Series A
 ---Aston Hill Total Return Series F
 ---Aston Hill Total Return Series I
 ---Aston Hill US Conservative Gr Cl A
 ---Aston Hill US Conservative Gr Cl I
 ---Aston Hill US Conservative Gr Cl TA6
 ---Aston Hill US Conservative Gr Cl TF6
 ---Aston Hill US Conservative Growth Ser A
 ---Aston Hill US Conservative Growth Ser F
 ---Aston Hill US Conservative Growth Ser I
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Eq Inc Cl Pre Ser A
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Eq Inc Cl Pre Ser F
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Equity Cl Pre Ser A
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Equity Cl Pre Ser F
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Equity Class Series A
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Equity Class Series F
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Equity Class Series I
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Equity Inc Cl Ser A
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Equity Inc Cl Ser F
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Equity Inc Cl Ser I
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Global Eq Cl Pr Ser A
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Global Eq Cl Pr Ser F
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Global Eq Cl Ser A
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Global Eq Cl Ser F
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Global Eq Cl Ser I
 ---Aston Hill Vantage High Yield Cl Ser A
 ---Aston Hill Vantage High Yield Cl Ser F
 ---Aston Hill Vantage High Yield Cl Ser I
 ---Aston Hill Vantage High Yl Cl Pre Ser A
 ---Aston Hill Vantage High Yl Cl Pre Ser F
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Short-Term In Cl Se A
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Short-Term In Cl Se F
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Short-Term In Cl Se I
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Sh-T In Cl Pr Se A
 ---Aston Hill Vantage Sh-T In Cl Pr Se F
VIP.UNTSEAston Hill VIP Income Fund
BVPIFPINXAston Hill VIP Income Fund
 ---Aston Hill Voya Floating Rt Inc Fd Ser A
 ---Aston Hill Voya Floating Rt Inc Fd Ser F
 ---Aston/ABN AMRO International N
 ---ASTON/Pictet Premium Brands I
 ---ASTON/Pictet Premium Brands N
 ---Aston/Singer Macro Allocation N
 ---Astor Active Income B
 ---Astor Active Income I
 ---Astor Active Income R
ASTLXNASAstor Dynamic Allocation A
 ---Astor Dynamic Allocation B
ASTZXNASAstor Dynamic Allocation C
ASTIXNASAstor Dynamic Allocation I
ASTRXNASAstor Dynamic Allocation R
ATORPINXAstor Explorations Corp
 ---Astor Long/Short ETF 1
 ---Astor Long/Short ETF 2
 ---Astor Macro Alternative A
 ---Astor Macro Alternative C
GBLMXNASAstor Macro Alternative I
ASPGXNASAstor Sector Allocation A
CSPGXNASAstor Sector Allocation C
STARXNASAstor Sector Allocation I
 ---Astor Style Preferred Growth ETF B
 ---Astor Style Preferred Growth ETF I
 ---Astor Style Preferred Growth ETF R
ORDXFRAAstoria Financial Corporation
AFPRCNYSEAstoria Financial Corporation
AFNYSEAstoria Financial Corporation
ARAXJSEAstoria Investments Ltd
ASQTSXAstorius Resources Ltd
47AXFRAAstorius Resources Ltd
ASXXSTUAstra Agro Lestari Tbk
AALIXIDXAstra Agro Lestari Tbk
AAGRYPINXAstra Agro Lestari Tbk
PTABFPINXAstra Agro Lestari Tbk
1212XSAUAstra Industrial Group
532493XBOMAstra Microwave Products Ltd
ASTRAMICROXNSEAstra Microwave Products Ltd
AUTOXIDXAstra Otoparts Tbk
ADYCOTUSAstradyne Computer
7054XKLSAstral Asia Bhd
A9UXSTUAstral Foods Ltd
ARLXJSEAstral Foods Ltd
 ---Astral Global A
532830XBOMAstral Poly Technik Ltd
ASTRALXNSEAstral Poly Technik Ltd
 ---Astral US A
APKPXJSEAstrapak Ltd
APKXJSEAstrapak Ltd
ASTRAZENXNSEAstraZeneca Pharma India Ltd
506820XBOMAstraZeneca Pharma India Ltd
ASTOPINXAstro Communications Inc
AJAXASXAstro Japan Property Group
ARPNFPINXAstro Japan Property Group
6399XKLSAstro Malaysia Holdings Bhd
AROXASXAstro Resources NL
ATRXASXAstron Corp Ltd
A0NCXSTUAstron Corp Ltd
AC1XBERAstronics Corp
ATRONASAstronics Corp
ATROBPINXAstronics Corp
ALOTNASAstroNova Inc
SP5AXFRAAstrotech Corp
ASTCNASAstrotech Corp
08333XHKGAstrum Financial Holdings Ltd
530479XBOMAtlanta Infrastructure & Finance Ltd
ACFCNASAtlantic Coast Financial Corp
AYZXASXAustralian Masters Yield Fund No 5 Ltd
539177XBOMAuthum Investment & Infrastucture Ltd
BFTLPINXBank Fincastle VA
BOAXMUNBank of East Asia Ltd
00023XHKGBank of East Asia Ltd
BKEAFPINXBank of East Asia Ltd
BKEAYPINXBank of East Asia Ltd
511210XBOMBasil Infrastructure Projects Ltd
BASCMXISTBastas Baskent Cimento Sanayi ve Ticaret AS
BSTXETRBastei Luebbe AG
BFKXBERBastfaserkontor AG
BLCXPARBastide Le Confort Medical SA
0IP1XLONBastide Le Confort Medical SA
524332XBOMBCL Industries & Infrastructures Ltd
BZSXBERBeasley Broadcast Group Inc
BBGINASBeasley Broadcast Group Inc
IJCXSTCBecamex Infrastructure Development JSC
603138XSHGBeijing Vastdata Technology Co Ltd
508664XBOMBest Eastern Hotels Ltd
504646XBOMBhagwati Autocast Ltd
501233XBOMBhagyodaya Infrastructure Development Ltd
BHARATIDILXNSEBharati Defence and Infrastructure Ltd
532609XBOMBharati Defence and Infrastructure Ltd
BMPXSTCBinh Minh Plastics JSC
1BTXFRABioblast Pharma Ltd
ORPNNASBioblast Pharma Ltd
531671XBOMBisil Plast Ltd
 ---BlackRock Master Basic Value LLC
 ---BlackRock Master Focus Growth LLC
 ---BlackRock Master International Index Ser
 ---BlackRock Master International Portfolio
 ---BlackRock Master Large Cap Core Port
 ---BlackRock Master Large Cap Growth Port
 ---BlackRock Master Large Cap Value Port
 ---BlackRock Master Small Cap Growth Port
 ---BlackRock Master Total Return Portfolio
 ---BlackRock Master Value Opportunities LLC
 ---BlackRock MIP Large Cap Index Master
 ---BlackRock MIP S&P 500 Index Master
 ---BlackRock MIP Total Intl exUS Idx Master
 ---BlackRock MIP US Total Bond Index Master
BLGAPINXBlastGard International Inc
BLUECOASTXNSEBlue Coast Hotels Ltd
531495XBOMBlue Coast Hotels Ltd
163704XLUXBlue Coast Properties PLC
 ---BMO Global Infrastructure A
 ---BMO Global Infrastructure Advisor
 ---BMO Global Infrastructure D
ZGIXTSEBMO Global Infrastructure ETF
 ---BMO Global Infrastructure F
BCLXKARBolan Castings Ltd
BOTI-LXTAEBonei Hatichon Civil Engineering & Infrastructures Ltd
BOSJOXSATBosjo Fastigheter AB
5015XTKSBP Castrol KK
5100XKLSBP Plastics Holding Bhd
535693XBOMBrahmaputra Infrastructure Ltd
0R94XLONBraster SA
BRIN BXSTOBrinova Fastigheter AB
BRISAXISTBrisa Bridgestone Sabanci Lastik San & Tic AS
BROADCASTXNSEBroadcast Initiatives Ltd
532816XBOMBroadcast Initiatives Ltd
BFLDPINXBroadcast Live Digital Corp
BDCMPINXBroadcast Marketing Group Inc
9408XTKSBroadcasting System Of Niigata Inc
BDCNFPINXBroadcasting System Of Niigata Inc
BGI.UNTSEBrookfield Global Infrastructure Securities Income Fund
BGLAXNASBrookfield Global Listed InfrastructureA
BGLCXNASBrookfield Global Listed InfrastructureC
BGLIXNASBrookfield Global Listed InfrastructureI
BGLYXNASBrookfield Global Listed InfrastructureY
BIP.PR.CTSEBrookfield Infrastructure Partners LP
BIP.PR.ATSEBrookfield Infrastructure Partners LP
BIP.PR.BTSEBrookfield Infrastructure Partners LP
BIP.PR.DTSEBrookfield Infrastructure Partners LP
BIP.UNTSEBrookfield Infrastructure Partners LP
B44XFRABrookfield Infrastructure Partners LP
BIPNYSEBrookfield Infrastructure Partners LP
601339XSHGBros Eastern Co Ltd
BSELINFRAXNSEBSEL Infrastructure Realty Ltd
532123XBOMBSEL Infrastructure Realty Ltd
AJA BXSTOByggmastare Anders J Ahlstrom Holding AB
 ---CAN Far East Eqty (CLI) 100/100
 ---CAN Far East Eqty (CLI) 75/100
 ---CAN Far East Eqty (CLI) 75/100(PS1)
 ---CAN Far East Eqty (CLI) 75/75
 ---CAN Far East Eqty (CLI) 75/75 (PS1)
 ---CAN Far East Eqty (CLI)100/100(PS1)
 ---CAN Global Infrastr Eq (LC) 100/100
 ---CAN Global Infrastr Eq (LC) 75/100
 ---CAN Global Infrastr Eq (LC) 75/75
 ---Canada Life Cdn Ast All (F) Gens
 ---Canada Life Cdn Ast All (F) Gens C
 ---Canada Life Cdn Ast All (F) Gens I
 ---Canada Life Cdn Ast All (F) GensII
 ---Canada Life Far East E (M) Gens
 ---Canada Life Far East E (M) Gens C
 ---Canada Life Far East E (M) Gens I
 ---Canada Life Far East E (M) GensII
 ---Canada Life Far East Eq (M) Flex
002108XSHECangzhou Mingzhu Plastic Co Ltd
CSE.PR.ATSECapstone Infrastructure Corp
536974XBOMCaptain Polyplast Ltd
WA3XFRACasella Waste Systems Inc
CWSTNASCasella Waste Systems Inc
CDGXMILCasta Diva Group SpA
071850XKRXCastec Korea Co Ltd
002222XSHECastech Inc
CBOP11XBSPCastello Branco Office Park Fundo de Investimento Imobiliario - FII
0GT1XLONCastellum AB
532282XBOMCastex Technologies Ltd
CASTEXTECHXNSECastex Technologies Ltd
CCZXASXCastillo Copper Ltd
9Z9XSTUCastings PLC
CASNXSWXCastle Alternative Invest AG
CASNEXSWXCastle Alternative Invest AG
0QL9XLONCastle Alternative Invest AG
0P6HXLONCastle Alternative Invest AG
C7ZXFRACastle Brands Inc
ROXASECastle Brands Inc
CTPTFOTUSCastle Capital
CASTXNASCastle Focus C
MOATXNASCastle Focus Investor
CAGUPINXCastle Group Inc
CHODPINXCastle Holding Corp
CDTXASXCastle Minerals Ltd
C2OXBERCastle Minerals Ltd
CPH-RXBKKCastle Peak Holdings PCL
CPHXBKKCastle Peak Holdings PCL
CAPTSXCastle Peak Mining Ltd
CPENEXSWXCastle Private Equity AG
0QK7XLONCastle Private Equity AG
CRIXCNQCastle Resources Inc
1CA2XFRACastle Resources Inc
CUNCDPINXCastle Resources Inc
CSRTSXCastle Silver Resources Inc
4T9BXFRACastle Silver Resources Inc
TAKRFPINXCastle Silver Resources Inc
CNEMXNASCastlemaine Emerging Markets Opps
CNEVXNASCastlemaine Event Driven
CNLSXNASCastlemaine Long/Short
CNMNXNASCastlemaine Market Neutral
CNMSXNASCastlemaine Multi-Strategy
EVNIXNASCastlerigg Event Driven and Arbtrg Inv
RD2DXBERCastleton Technology PLC
CTPXLONCastleton Technology PLC
109XSTUCastlight Health Inc
CSLTNYSECastlight Health Inc
CASTXTAECastro Model Ltd
500870XBOMCastrol India Ltd
CSLQYPINXCastrol India Ltd
506095XBOMCastron Technologies Ltd
MLXAXNASCatalyst MLP & Infrastructure A
MLXCXNASCatalyst MLP & Infrastructure C
MLXIXNASCatalyst MLP & Infrastructure I
600764XSHGCEC Corecast Corp Ltd
 ---Center Coast MLP & Infrastructure Common
CCCAXNASCenter Coast MLP Focus A
CCCCXNASCenter Coast MLP Focus C
CCCNXNASCenter Coast MLP Focus Instl
 ARCXCenter Coast MLP Fund Common
DHINXNASCentre Global Infrastructure Instl
DHIVXNASCentre Global Infrastructure Investor
CERPQPINXCereplast Inc
5C31XBERChangtian Plastic & Chemical Ltd
AXVXSESChangtian Plastic & Chemical Ltd
CHGTFPINXChangtian Plastic & Chemical Ltd
V1MXBERChemical Industries (Far East) Ltd
C05XSESChemical Industries (Far East) Ltd
CHHXMUNCheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd
01038XHKGCheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd
CKISFPINXCheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd
CKISYPINXCheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings Ltd
02349XHKGChina City Infrastructure Group Ltd
600115XSHGChina Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd
CIAHXFRAChina Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd
CIAXMUNChina Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd
00670XHKGChina Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd
K3CDXSESChina Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd
CHEAFPINXChina Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd
CEANYSEChina Eastern Airlines Corp Ltd
1305XTAIChina General Plastics Corp
CIWTPINXChina Industrial Waste Management Inc
CHNCPINXChina Infrastructure Construction Corp
00600XHKGChina Infrastructure Investment Ltd
06166XHKGChina VAST Industrial Urban Development Co Ltd
02YXSTUChina XD Plastics Co Ltd
CXDCNASChina XD Plastics Co Ltd
9402XNGOChubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co Ltd
CBUPFPINXChubu-Nippon Broadcasting Co Ltd
002477XSHEChuying Agro-Pastoral Group Co Ltd
519477XBOMCian Agro Industries & Infrastructure Ltd
CZKXWARCiasteczka z Krakowa SA
CMCXCNQCielo Waste Solutions Inc
C36XFRACielo Waste Solutions Inc
CITYXLONCityFibre Infrastructure Holdings PLC
CFHLFPINXCityFibre Infrastructure Holdings PLC
CWYXASXCleanaway Waste Management Ltd
TG9XMUNCleanaway Waste Management Ltd
TPAAYPINXCleanaway Waste Management Ltd
TSPCFPINXCleanaway Waste Management Ltd
CBCOPINXCoastal Banking Co Inc
CCAJPINXCoastal Capital Acquisition Corp
COCBFPINXCoastal Carribean Oil & Minerals Ltd
5071XKLSCoastal Contracts Bhd
501831XBOMCoastal Corp Ltd
CGRXSTUCoastal Greenland Ltd
01124XHKGCoastal Greenland Ltd
CPMCFPINXCoastal Pacific Mining Corp
520131XBOMCoastal Roadways Ltd
2936XTAICoaster International Co Ltd
CWAYNASCoastway Bancorp Inc
CSUAXNASCohen & Steers Global Infrastructure A
CSUCXNASCohen & Steers Global Infrastructure C
CSUIXNASCohen & Steers Global Infrastructure I
CSURXNASCohen & Steers Global Infrastructure R
CSUZXNASCohen & Steers Global Infrastructure Z
UTFNYSECohen & Steers Infrastructure
0QBOXLONColoplast A/S
0QBO NXMEXColoplast A/S
RRIAXNASColumbia Global Infrastructure A
RRIBXNASColumbia Global Infrastructure B
RRICXNASColumbia Global Infrastructure C
RRIYXNASColumbia Global Infrastructure K
RRIRXNASColumbia Global Infrastructure R
CRRIXNASColumbia Global Infrastructure R4
RRIZXNASColumbia Global Infrastructure R5
 ---Columbia Global Infrastructure Y
CRIZXNASColumbia Global Infrastructure Z
CMCSXBUEComcast Corp
CMCS34XBSPComcast Corp
CTP2XDUSComcast Corp
CMCS AXMEXComcast Corp
CCVNYSEComcast Corp
CMCSANASComcast Corp
CPTIEOTUSCompass Plastics & Technologies
CI6XBERConsolidated Infrastructure Group Ltd
CILXJSEConsolidated Infrastructure Group Ltd
YJEBXBERCorEnergy Infrastructure Trust Inc
CORRPRANYSECorEnergy Infrastructure Trust Inc
CORRNYSECorEnergy Infrastructure Trust Inc
538770XBOMCrane Infrastructure Ltd
539527XBOMCreative Castings Ltd
CWSSPINXCreative Waste Solutions Inc
03NXSTUCreta Plastics SA
0MSAXLONCreta Plastics SA
PLAKRXATHCreta Plastics SA
8CWXMUNCrown Castle International Corp
CCINYSECrown Castle International Corp
 ---Crystal Wealth Infrastructure Strategy
8125XKLSDaibochi Plastic & Packaging Industry Bhd
D3AXBERDaios Plastic SA
0ON5XLONDaios Plastic SA
300125XSHEDalian East New Energy Development Co Ltd
780006XBOMDekson Castings Ltd
512121XBOMDelma Infrastructure Ltd
 ---Desjardins Global Infrastructure
 ---Desjardins Global Infrastructure C
 ---Desjardins Global Infrastructure F
 ---Desjardins Global Infrastructure Ser R
 ---Desjardins Global Infrastructure Ser S
 ---Desjardins Global Infrastructure Ser T
TOLLXNASDeutsche Global Infrastructure A
TOLCXNASDeutsche Global Infrastructure C
TOLIXNASDeutsche Global Infrastructure Instl
TOLZXNASDeutsche Global Infrastructure R6
TOLSXNASDeutsche Global Infrastructure S
523666XBOMDev Fasterners Ltd
511393XBOMDFL Infrastructure Finance Ltd
508860XBOMDiamant Infrastructure Ltd
DIAPOWERXNSEDiamond Power Infrastructure Ltd
522163XBOMDiamond Power Infrastructure Ltd
0GTMXLONDios Fastigheter AB
DIOSXSTODios Fastigheter AB
 ---Direxion IndiaShares Infrastructure ETF
DUGTSXDistinct Infrastructure Group Inc
5DIXFRADistinct Infrastructure Group Inc
DSTFFPINXDistinct Infrastructure Group Inc
DAGXSTCDong A Plastic Group JSC
BILDXNASDoubleLine Infrastructure Income I
BILTXNASDoubleLine Infrastructure Income N
DGANXNASDreyfus Global Infrastructure A
DGCNXNASDreyfus Global Infrastructure C
DIGNXNASDreyfus Global Infrastructure I
DYGNXNASDreyfus Global Infrastructure Y
DMBNYSEDreyfus Muni Bond Infrastructure
 ---Dynamic Far East Value
 ---Dynamic Far East Value Series F
 ---Dynamic Far East Value Series I
 ---Dynamic Far East Value Series IP
 ---Dynamic Far East Value Series O
 ---Dynamic Far East Value Series OP
 ---Dynamic Glbl Ast Allc (Charitable) Ser O
 ---Dynamic Global Infrastructure
 ---Dynamic Global Infrastructure Class A
 ---Dynamic Global Infrastructure Class F
 ---Dynamic Global Infrastructure Class FT
 ---Dynamic Global Infrastructure Class T
 ---Dynamic Global Infrastructure Ser E
 ---Dynamic Global Infrastructure Ser F
 ---Dynamic Global Infrastructure Ser I
 ---Dynamic Global Infrastructure Series O
 ---Dynamic Global Infrastructure Series T
DYNAPINXDynastar Holdings Inc
2DC1XSTUDynasty Ceramic PCL
DCC-RXBKKDynasty Ceramic PCL
DCCXBKKDynasty Ceramic PCL
DCC-FXBKKDynasty Ceramic PCL
DYCZFPINXDynasty Ceramic PCL
DPKXMUNDynasty Fine Wines Group Ltd
00828XHKGDynasty Fine Wines Group Ltd
DYGTSXDynasty Gold Corp
D5GXFRADynasty Gold Corp
DMMTSEDynasty Metals & Mining Inc
D3SXSTUDynasty Metals & Mining Inc
DMMIFPINXDynasty Metals & Mining Inc
DMAXASXDynasty Resources Ltd
D4TXBERDynasty Resources Ltd
EAMTSXEast Africa Metals Inc
EA1XFRAEast Africa Metals Inc
EFRMFPINXEast Africa Metals Inc
900110XKRXEast Asia Holdings Investment Ltd
EASTSXEast Asia Minerals Corp
WG3NXSTUEast Asia Minerals Corp
507917XBOMEast Buildtech Ltd
002140XSHEEast China Engineering Science And Technology Co Ltd
ECDCPINXEast Coast Diversified Corp
ECFXBKKEast Coast Furnitech PCL
ECF-RXBKKEast Coast Furnitech PCL
ECF-FXBKKEast Coast Furnitech PCL
 ---East Coast Invest Grade II Fd Cla A USD
 ---East Coast Invest Grade II Fd Cla F USD
 ---East Coast Investment Grade II Fd Cla A
 ---East Coast Investment Grade II Fd Cla F
ECF.UNTSEEast Coast Investment Grade Income Fund
520081XBOMEast Coast Steel Ltd
ETCNOTUSEast County Bank
EERXASXEast Energy Resources Ltd
3HKXBEREast Energy Resources Ltd
300376XSHEEast Group Co Ltd
EJRXDUSEast Japan Railway Co
9020XTKSEast Japan Railway Co
EJPRYPINXEast Japan Railway Co
EJPRFPINXEast Japan Railway Co
ETKNUPINXEast Kansas Agri Energy LLC
EKGRUPINXEast Kansas Agri Energy LLC
EMELYOTUSEast Midlands Electricity (ADR)
300059XSHEEast Money Information Co Ltd
EMHIPINXEast Morgan Holdings Inc
EASRYOTUSEast Rand Gold and Uranium Company (ADR)
ESDFPINXEast Side Financial
EW2XBEREast West Bancorp Inc
EWBCNASEast West Bancorp Inc
EWXPHSEast West Banking Corp
EWEXASXEast West Energy Ltd
AQOXBEREast West Energy Ltd
EWICXKAREast West Insurance Co Ltd
EWLAXKAREast West Life Assurance Co Ltd
EWTSXEast West Petroleum Corp
37AXSTUEast West Petroleum Corp
EWPMFPINXEast West Petroleum Corp
EWCMOTUSEast/West Communications
ECX.HTSXEastCoal Inc
LYJ3XFRAEastCoal Inc
002017XSHEEastcompeace Technology Co Ltd
EACQUNASEasterly Acquisition Corp
EACQNASEasterly Acquisition Corp
DEANYSEEasterly Government Properties Inc
3417XKLSEastern & Oriental Bhd
EATRPINXEastern Asteria Inc
ESBHOTUSEastern Bancshares
ECL-RXBKKEastern Commercial Leasing PCL
ECL-FXBKKEastern Commercial Leasing PCL
ECLXBKKEastern Commercial Leasing PCL
900941XSHGEastern Communications Co Ltd
600776XSHGEastern Communications Co Ltd
590080XBOMEastern Gases Ltd
600086XSHGEastern Gold Jade Co Ltd
EGDDPINXEastern Goldfields Inc
EGSXASXEastern Goldfields Ltd
M6NXFRAEastern Goldfields Ltd
ESGFFPINXEastern Goldfields Ltd
BDGXSESEastern Holdings Ltd
EFEXASXEastern Iron Ltd
4LOXBEREastern Iron Ltd
ELCIPINXEastern Light Capital Inc
2614XTAIEastern Media International Corp
EFINPINXEastern Michigan Financial Corp
603377XSHGEastern Pioneer Driving School Co Ltd
ELRTSEEastern Platinum Ltd
E9P1XMUNEastern Platinum Ltd
ELRFFPINXEastern Platinum Ltd
EPSXJSEEastern Platinum Ltd
EPG-RXBKKEastern Polymer Group PCL
EPG-FXBKKEastern Polymer Group PCL
EPGXBKKEastern Polymer Group PCL
ESSTFPINXEastern Polymer Group PCL
EPCO-RXBKKEastern Printing PCL
EPCO-FXBKKEastern Printing PCL
EPCOXBKKEastern Printing PCL
EPHXSWXEastern Property Holdings Ltd
E6PXFRAEastern Property Holdings Ltd
0QKHXLONEastern Property Holdings Ltd
3080XSAUEastern Province Cement Co
ESRIPINXEastern Resources Inc
EASTPINXEastern Security & Protection Services Inc
EASTSILKXNSEEastern Silk Industries Ltd
590022XBOMEastern Silk Industries Ltd
NYVDXBEREastern Star Real Estate PCL
ESTAR-RXBKKEastern Star Real Estate PCL
ESTARXBKKEastern Star Real Estate PCL
ESTAR-FXBKKEastern Star Real Estate PCL
507528XBOMEastern Sugar & Industries Ltd
ETE-RXBKKEastern Technical Engineering PCL
ETE-FXBKKEastern Technical Engineering PCL
ETEXBKKEastern Technical Engineering PCL
5225XTAIEastern Technologies Holding Ltd
ETVLYOTUSEastern Transvaal Consolidated Mines (ADR)
531346XBOMEastern Treads Ltd
EVBXBEREastern Virginia Bankshares Inc
EVBSNASEastern Virginia Bankshares Inc
7ESXSTUEastern Water Resources Development and Management PCL
7ES1XSTUEastern Water Resources Development and Management PCL
EASTW-RXBKKEastern Water Resources Development and Management PCL
EASTWXBKKEastern Water Resources Development and Management PCL
EASTW-FXBKKEastern Water Resources Development and Management PCL
ETFTSXEastfield Resources Ltd
35EXFRAEastfield Resources Ltd
ETFLFPINXEastfield Resources Ltd
ETBIPINXEastgate Biotech Corp
EGOXFRAEastGroup Properties Inc
EGPNYSEEastGroup Properties Inc
2097XKLSEastLand Equity Bhd
ERTSEEastmain Resources Inc
EM5XFRAEastmain Resources Inc
EANRFPINXEastmain Resources Inc
EACXFRAEastman Chemical Co
EMNNYSEEastman Chemical Co
KODNXMUNEastman Kodak Co
KODKNYSEEastman Kodak Co
EASBPINXEaston Bancorp Inc
EASXASXEaston Investments Ltd
G4GXBEREaston Investments Ltd
EAPHPINXEaston Pharmaceuticals Inc
34E2XSTUEastpharma Ltd
3400XBEREastpharma Ltd
63PEXLONEastpharma Ltd
EASTXLONEastpharma Ltd
ESB.HTSXEastSiberian PLC
ESDIPINXEastside Distilling Inc
ESCXWAREastSideCapital SA
EBMTSXEastwood Bio-Medical Canada Inc
 ---Eaton Vance RichardBern Al Ast Str ETMF®
ELLAXLONEcclesiastical Insurance Office PLC
EGLXLONEcofin Global Utilities and Infrastructure Trust PLC
526703XBOMEcoplast Ltd
038110XKRXEcoplastic Corp
EPLASXISTEgeplast Ege Plastik Ticaret Ve Sanayi AS
INXXARCXEGShares India Infrastructure ETF
0R70XLONEik fasteignafelag hf
EIKXICEEik fasteignafelag hf
0P0DXLONElastron SA Steel Products
ELSTRXATHElastron SA Steel Products
500128XBOMElectrosteel Castings Ltd
ELECTCASTXNSEElectrosteel Castings Ltd
EMAMIINFRAXNSEEmami Infrastructure Ltd
533218XBOMEmami Infrastructure Ltd
ELIXPHSEmpire East Land Holdings Inc
ELECDAXSGOEmpresa Electrica de Antofagasta SA
EXXINASEnergy XXI Gulf Coast Inc
EIHCPINXEnvironmental Infrastructure Holdings Corp.
EWSTSXEnvironmental Waste International Inc
EW8XBEREnvironmental Waste International Inc
YEWTFPINXEnvironmental Waste International Inc
 ---Equitable Life Dynamic Far East Value
 ---Equitable Life Dynamic Far East Value B
531478XBOMETL Infrastructure Finance Ltd
EVSXBRUEVS Broadcast Equipment SA
50XSTUEVS Broadcast Equipment SA
5E1XBEREVS Broadcast Equipment SA
0N9ZXLONEVS Broadcast Equipment SA
EVSBYPINXEVS Broadcast Equipment SA
EWSIPINXE-Waste Systems Inc
526735XBOMExcel Castronics Ltd
530337XBOMExelon Infrastructure Ltd
FNTZFOTUSFantastic (Reg)
FETXFRAFar East Consortium International Ltd
00035XHKGFar East Consortium International Ltd
FRTCFPINXFar East Consortium International Ltd
00830XHKGFar East Global Group Ltd
5TJXSESFar East Group Ltd
5029XKLSFar East Holdings Bhd
FEH1XSTUFar East Holdings International Ltd
00036XHKGFar East Holdings International Ltd
F6HXFRAFar East Horizon Ltd
03360XHKGFar East Horizon Ltd
FEHZYPINXFar East Horizon Ltd
Q5TXSESFar East Hospitality Trust
FHOSYPINXFar East Hospitality Trust
00037XHKGFar East Hotels & Entertainment Ltd
O5PXFRAFar East Orchard Ltd
O10XSESFar East Orchard Ltd
600869XSHGFar East Smarter Energy Co Ltd
FEWPPINXFar East Wind Power Corp
2903XTAIFar Eastern Department Stores Ltd
US30733T10XLUXFar Eastern International Bank
US30733T20XLUXFar Eastern International Bank
2845XTAIFar Eastern International Bank
FETDXLONFar Eastern New Century Corp
36426XLUXFar Eastern New Century Corp
1402XTAIFar Eastern New Century Corp
FREYYPINXFar Eastern New Century Corp
FREWFPINXFar Eastern New Century Corp
FEUXPHSFar Eastern University Inc
FECXLONFar EasTone Telecommunications Co Ltd
77267XLUXFar EasTone Telecommunications Co Ltd
4904XTAIFar EasTone Telecommunications Co Ltd
FETLYPINXFar EasTone Telecommunications Co Ltd
FETLFPINXFar EasTone Telecommunications Co Ltd
FEDXCSEFast Ejendom Danmark A/S
0QIVXLONFast Ejendom Danmark A/S
FFIXWARFast Finance SA
FASTXIDXFast Food Indonesia Tbk
FFSPOTUSFast Food Systems
FR7HXSTUFast Retailing Co Ltd
FR7XFRAFast Retailing Co Ltd
06288XHKGFast Retailing Co Ltd
9983XTKSFast Retailing Co Ltd
FRCOFPINXFast Retailing Co Ltd
FRCOYPINXFast Retailing Co Ltd
532084XBOMFast Track Entertainment Ltd
FBRXASXFastbrick Robotics Ltd
FASXHAMFastenal Co
FASTNASFastenal Co
2338XTKSFasteps Co Ltd
FE8XASXFaster Enterprises Ltd
LYZ1XBERFastForward Innovations Ltd
FFWDXLONFastForward Innovations Ltd
FFFCPINXFastFunds Financial Corp
28FXSTUFastighets AB Balder
0H2ZXLONFastighets AB Balder
BALDER PREXSTOFastighets AB Balder
BALD BXSTOFastighets AB Balder
0QFEXLONFastPartner AB
0K6YXLONFastPartner AB
 XSTOFastPartner AB
 XCSEFastPassCorp A/S
FAXBOTUSFax Broadcasting Network
FEDCPINXFederal Casters Corp
526689XBOMFenoplast Ltd
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Class A
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Class B
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Class E1
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Class E2
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Class E3
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Class E4
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Class F
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Class P1
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Class P2
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Class P3
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Series A
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Series B
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Series E1
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Series E2
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Series E3
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Series E4
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Series F
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Series O
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Series P1
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Series P2
 ---Fidelity AsiaStar Series P3
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl A
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl B
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl E1
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl E2
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl E3
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl E4
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl F
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl F5
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl F8
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl P1
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl P2
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl P3
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl P4
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl S5
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl S8
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl T5
 ---Fidelity Far East Cl T8
 ---Fidelity Far East Series E1
 ---Fidelity Far East Series E2
 ---Fidelity Far East Series E3
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