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Ticker Exchange Name
YCRXFRAAlmost Family Inc
AFAMNASAlmost Family Inc
FTXXFRAAmerica First Multifamily Investors LP
ATAXNASAmerica First Multifamily Investors LP
2B6XFRABAIOO Family Interactive Ltd
02100XHKGBAIOO Family Interactive Ltd
BAOOFPINXBAIOO Family Interactive Ltd
BHAXFRABright Horizons Family Solutions Inc
BFAMNYSEBright Horizons Family Solutions Inc
600503XSHGDeluxe Family Co Ltd
FAMIOTUSFamiglia Brands
8298XTKSFamily Inc
FAMTSXFamily Memorials Inc
FMYRPINXFamily Room Entertainment Corp
FZOXASXFamily Zone Cyber Safety Ltd
F04XFRAFamily Zone Cyber Safety Ltd
FMZNFPINXFamily Zone Cyber Safety Ltd
FYMXBERFamilyMart UNY Holdings Co Ltd
8028XNGOFamilyMart UNY Holdings Co Ltd
FYRTYPINXFamilyMart UNY Holdings Co Ltd
FYRTFPINXFamilyMart UNY Holdings Co Ltd
FFWXNZEFoley Family Wines Ltd
 ---James Alpha Family Office A
 ---James Alpha Family Office C
 ---James Alpha Family Office I
M0PXMUNMedica Pro Familia SA
 XBOGProductos Familia SA
RUF.UNTSXPure Multi-Family REIT LP
STUS.UTSXStarlight US Multi-Family (No 5) Core Fund
STUS.ATSXStarlight US Multi-Family (No 5) Core Fund
RTVXDUSYour Family Entertainment AG
ZEE1VXHELZeeland Family PLC
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